Reader Request: OPI Unfrost My Heart & OPI My Signature Is “DC” Comparison Swatch

OPI My Signature Is DC Unfrost My Heart Comparison SwatchesEver since I blogged about OPI Unfrost my Heart (from the Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection) and posted a photo on Instagram, readers have been asking me to compare it with OPI My Signature Is “DC” (from the Coca-Cola Collection).

Once I got home from work yesterday, I went straight for the polishes and my camera because I was pretty curious as well!

Today is a brief blog post showing you OPI My Signature Is “DC” vs. OPI Unfrost My Heart. 🙂

Without peeking at the labels, can you guess which one is which?

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OPI My Signature Is “DC” (Left) & OPI Unfrost My Heart (Right) Picture

OPI My Signature Is DC Unfrost My Heart Comparison Swatches

OPI My Signature Is “DC” (Left) & OPI Unfrost My Heart (Right) Swatches

All swatches have:

    • 2 coats of nail polish
    • No top coat!

Note: Both nail polishes were provided by PR.

Flash Photo

OPI My Signature Is DC & OPI Unfrost My Heart Comparison Swatches

*~* My Observations *~*


Both are the same cool-toned silver that’s clean and sharp.


I inspected the bottles up close, and while they were extremely similar, OPI My Signature Is “DC” appeared slightly more sparkly.

When I painted the nail wheel, though, both seemed to be on equal playing grounds, and I couldn’t detect any major difference between either. (Note: I do wear prescription glasses!) 😉

I looked at the swatches in all the different lighting conditions in my home, and I couldn’t notice any noticeable difference in the swatches.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home from work to take the swatch photos, it was nearly pitch black outside. That’s why I only have flash photos for you. (I’ll make a mental note to add a photograph here of them in natural light, just in case some of you are still curious.)

Formula & Opacity

If you’ve read my in-depth reviews on OPI My Signature Is “DC” and/or OPI Unfrost My Heart, you know that I’m a big fan of both because they’re very flashy, and the formulas are pigmented, smooth, and easy to work with.

The minute differences in the bottles didn’t translate onto the nails, so I consider these to be dupes. It’s great news for those who missed out on the OPI Coca-Cola Collection.

Now, when it comes to the formula, I noticed a little difference. OPI My Signature Is “DC” went on slightly more opaque and more silvery with the initial coat, compared to OPI Unfrost My Heart.

They are both nice and opaque at two coats, and it’s not like OPI Unfrost My Heart was sheer at one coat by any means.

Final Verdict: Dupes!

Considering how close they are and the fact that I couldn’t tell them apart unless I looked at the labels, I’m calling them close enough dupes.

You can justify owning one or the other. (Hehe, but as nailphiles, I’m pretty sure that there will be plenty out there who will welcome both with open arms!) 😉

Do you own either or both? Can you see any noticeable difference between the two? (Maybe it’s just bespectacled me who can’t see any major differences!)


14 thoughts on “Reader Request: OPI Unfrost My Heart & OPI My Signature Is “DC” Comparison Swatch

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      You’re very welcome! 🙂

      Hehe, wowza, that list has a long-but-cool name! (Hopefully you can squeeze the polish in – it’s so fun to wear!)

  1. Angelina

    I knew it, when I saw your first swatch of Unfrost My Heart I knew I had that same colour (well, I have the international version of My Signature is DC, different name, same colour).
    I have Anti-bleak by OPI and it’s an exact dupe of Get Cherried Away from the Coca Cola collection.
    Angelina recently posted: Reto Puntos: Espiral

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Angelina!

      Interesting how OPI dupes their own colours. But I guess that’s to be expected from many nail-polish companies. All of the polishes can’t be 100% original all the time. When there are hits, it makes marketing sense that a company would bring them back! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    They look identical to me. I like to avoid buying dupes because it saves space and money. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Louise

    I notice no difference either in the bottle or on nails. Wish I’d seen your blog before I bought “DC.” I love Unfrost my heart and have two of them. Oh well, it isn’t as IF any of them will be wasted.


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