OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & Review

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & ReviewFrom the moment I saw the promo picture of the new OPI Touring America Collection, I had my heart set on OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that green nail polish is my preferred colour to sport. And when it’s a dusty, swampy kind of green, it’s true love!

Uh-oh Roll Down the Window is one of those ‘ugly pretty’ shades that I adore. It’s chic, it’s simple, it’s edgy, and it’s different from a lot of other greens.

Plus the name is hilarious, isn’t it? And it’s so fitting!

Hehe…when I visited my mom recently, I showed her my nails and asked her what she thought. (My mom is a very blunt woman who says what’s on her mind whether you like it or not.) Her response? “It looks like geese poop.”

Haha, she wasn’t trying to be funny, but I found it hilarious! And when I think about it, yes, this colour definitely looks like green geese poop. And y’know what? I love it on my nails, so there!

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Pictures

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatch, Review & Pictures

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Nail Polish

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches

All swatches have:

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & Review

Natural Light

Uh oh Roll Down the Window OPI Swatches & Review

Natural Light

OPI Uh oh Roll Down the Window Review & Swatch

Natural Light

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & Review & Pictures

Natural Light

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatch & Review

Natural Light

OPI Touring America Collection Swatches Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Review


Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Review & Swatches OPI



Olive green

Key Notes

  • Name: OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window
  • Collection: OPI Touring America Collection 2011
  • Colours in the OPI Touring America Collection: Uh-oh Roll Down the Window, Are We There Yet?, I Eat Mainely Lobster, My Address is “Hollywood”, Color to Diner For, Honk if You Love OPI, Road House Blues, Suzi Takes the Wheel, French Quarter for Your Thoughts, A-taupe the Space Needle, Get in the Expresso Lane & I Brake for Manicures
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $6.80 USD
  • Where to Buy: Trade Secrets, Nailsupplies.us & select salons & beauty-supply stores

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Review


Uh-oh Roll Down the Window by OPI is a dirty, swampy olive. It’s definitely green, but not cheery like a grass green or vampy like a hunter green. It’s really murky like ‘geese poop’ as my mom described it well.

It looks a touch yellower than in my photos. And, by the way, the photos in natural light are more accurate than the ones with flash. Also, unfortunately the day I took photos was a cloudy day, so the lighting wasn’t the best.

There’s something about these ugly-pretty colours that I find so chic on the nails. Now, you know that I don’t shy away from crazy bright polishes (Essie Funky Limelight, anyone?), but I think this really makes a sophisticated statement without being obnoxious.

I love how this green still looks green even in dim light, and it has a dusty quality that I adore.


Uh-oh Roll Down the Window is a creme polish. It dries fairly shiny on its own without a top coat, but of course, you should always use a top coat for better manicure mileage. A good top coat also enhances the colour.

Application & Formula

It flows onto the nail smoothly and perfectly. It’s soooo close to being a one-coater if you apply a medium-thick coat. I used two coats out of habit.


Unfortunately the sticker with the ingredients was removed from my bottle before I bought it, so I can’t show you them. However, OPI’s new polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

Comparison Swatches

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Polish Comparison Swatches

Left-Right: China Glaze Westside Warrior, Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War, OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window, Sephora by OPI Caught With My Khakis Down & OPI Stranger Tides

Okay, my lighting wasn’t the best, but I still wanted to show you some comparison swatches in case you were curious.

From the colours I compared it to, there are no dupes for OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window. But China Glaze Westside Warrior is the closest. Westside Warrior is darker, though.

I’ve already swatched and reviewed Sephora by OPI Caught With My Khakis Down and OPI Stranger Tides if you’re interested in a more thorough comparison.

Edit: The sun came out, so I included another photo of the above colours in the same order in direct sunlight.

Green Comparison Swatches


  • Intriguing swampy, dusty olive green
  • Has a funny name
  • Dries fairly shiny even without a top coat
  • Has a Pro-wide brush for faster polish application

  • Are there any cons? Haha!

Final Verdict: 10/10

I love, love, love this shade and can see myself wearing it several times. You don’t see greens like this too often, especially from OPI, so I applaud their guts to take the path less traveled.

Are you a green polish lover, too? Did you laugh at my mom’s ‘geese poop’ description? Do you have an all-time favourite OPI colour?


14 thoughts on “OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & Review

  1. Carmela

    I love how it’s such an unexpected color. 🙂 Not quite my cup of tea tho. That goose poop reference is too close to reality for my liking! 😉

    P.S. My hubby surprised me with Nubar Wildlife and Reclaim (among others) and I am in

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Yes, I really applaud OPI for taking the risk with this one.

      Haha, would ‘baby poop’ make it sound any better? 😛 Probably not. What can I say? I love the colour of geese poop. :S

      Oh wow! Your husband is a total sweetheart. Judging from those two colours alone, he has great taste! I think Reclaim is the best green linear holographic polish and Wildlife is so different from a lot of polishes out there. Hope you love wearing them!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey mellinail!

      You’re going to really enjoy wearing it. Good thing that it’s not scented to match.

      Sigh…my to-wear list keeps growing longer and longer. Not that I’m complaining!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amber!

      Woo hoo for another green-polish lover! *e-high-five*

      Haha, my mother certainly has a way with her descriptions, doesn’t she? 😛

  2. CiCi

    I actually love this color. I like strange and unexpected, and I feel like I’ve been seeing a few greens that I haven’t anticipated. Ha what a godawful name though! I didn’t buy this at first because of the name but then I just caved and added another olive/drab type green to the massive green stash 🙂
    2nded about your hubby, he sounds like he’s a sweetie, not to mention a stylin’ dude! (Or at least some of your fabulousness rubbed off, lol)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey CiCi!

      Haha, you didn’t like the name? The name made me laugh…and it really suits the colour…haha! But at least OPI’s name is better than My mom’s name for it: “Geese Poop”.

      Ohhh…you were talking about Carmela’s husband. Ahaha, when I first read it, for a second I thought you meant mine, and I don’t have one! 😛 Don’t worry – I’m on the same page now. Sometimes it takes me a while.

  3. Coleen

    This colour is gorgeous!!! I want to do camo nails, so I went to Sephora to get Caught with my Khakis down but it looked so pastel-y to me I skipped it. I was looking for a swatch of this one and you actually gave me a side by side of all three greens I was after!! (Khakis, Uh-oh and Stranger Tides) Thanks!!!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Coleen!

      On your nails, it’s note pastel-y – more like a swampy green. I think it would work really well for camouflage nail art!

      Hope you were able to find the colour you were looking for in the end. 🙂

      And, you’re very welcome. Glad you found the comparison swatches helpful!


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