OPI Neon Collection Swatches & Review

OPI Neon Collection SwatchesAs you may know, I’ve done separate in-depth reviews with tons of swatches of all 6 shades in the OPI Neon Collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a little ’round up’ post.

(If you’re interested in seeing the official press release or my Quick Look post on the collection, click on the respective links.)

I put together a collage of the OPI Neon Collection swatches, so you can see the colours together in natural light. (None have a white base. I wanted you to see what the polish was like by itself.)

If you’d like to see each individual review of a particular colour, click on the links or photos in this post.

Although bright, none of these are actually retina-burning like other neon nail polishes that I have worn. That being said, I’m still really happy with the colour selection and the fact that OPI has finally released their first full-size neons. It gives me hope for where they’ll go from here.

Also worth noting is that, like any neon, to get the most impact, you need to wear a shiny top coat. I don’t recommend wearing any of these solo because they tend to have a matte or satin finish that doesn’t look as lively as when you layer it with a shiny top coat.

Here, you can see the collage a little larger. The order of the polishes from left to right, top to bottom are: Life Gave Me Lemons, Juice Bar Hopping, Hotter Than You Pink, Push & Pur-Pull, You Are So Outta Lime! & Down to the Core-al.

OPI Neon Collection Swatches

The first one is OPI Life Gave Me Lemons, which is a bright yellow-based lime green.

OPI Life Gave Me Lemons Swatches

3 coats of OPI Life Gave Me Lemons

OPI Juice Bar Hopping is a ‘squishy’-looking bright orange that lives up to its name of being ‘juicy’.

Juice Bar Hopping OPI Neons Collection Swatches

3 coats of OPI Juice Bar Hopping

OPI Hotter Than You Pink has a subtle flash of blue shimmer, which you can’t see much in this natural-light photo, but click the image or link to see swatches of it where it does show up better.

OPI Hotter Than You Pink Swatches

3 coats of OPI Hotter Than You Pink

OPI Push & Pur-Pull is another ‘squishy’ colour, and the purple is very saturated.

OPI Push & Pur-Pull Review & Swatch

3 coats of OPI Push & Pur-Pull

OPI You Are So Outta Lime! is a fun, bright green.

OPI You Are So Outta Lime Swatch OPI Neon Swatches

2 coats of OPI You Are So Outta Lime!

OPI Down to the Core-al has fun pink shimmer peaking out through the hot coral.

OPI Down to the Core-al Swatch

3 coats of OPI Down to the Core-al

Which of the 6 shades in the OPI Neon Collection is your favourite? What are some colour combinations you would mix and match from this collection? 


8 thoughts on “OPI Neon Collection Swatches & Review

  1. Camilla S.

    I went for Hotter Than You Pink, but Down to the Core-al is my second favourite! 😀 I kinda regret not getting it…

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Me, too! Neons are a great way to put yourself in a good mood. You just look down, and BAM, such a happy colour never lets you down.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      You’re very welcome – it’s my pleasure! 🙂 Thanks for always taking the time to leave me a sweet comment!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Tamia!

      This collection should be available anywhere that OPI is sold, such as salons, spas, and some beauty-supply stores. Do you have an ULTA or Trade Secrets? They also sell them online at NailPolishCanada.com. I’ve heard that they sell OPI. (As far as I know, we don’t have an ULTA in Canada, so I can’t check to be sure.)


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