OPI My Pal Joey Swatches & Review

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches Review

Akin to a statement lipstick that announces your arrival with a flourish of trumpets, OPI My Pal Joey from the Hello Kitty Collection adds a splash of colour – a boisterous blue! 

If ever your nails feel sleepy from soft shades, slap this sucker on, and wake them up. Wearing OPI My Pal Joey is so satisfying like hitting a gong, and it’s ideal for adding a pop of colour to any neutral outfit.

With today’s post, I’m pleased to tell you I’ve finished publishing separate reviews on all 12 colours in the OPI Hello Kitty Collection!

If you’d like to see all the swatches and individual reviews on hues from the collection, you can find links to them in the ‘Key Notes’ section on each shade’s page, as well as on the collection post (linked above)!

OPI My Pal Joey Pictures

OPI My Pal Joey Review OPI Hello Kitty Collection

Artificial Light

OPI My Pal Joey Swatch OPI Hello Kitty Collection Swatches

Natural Light

OPI My Pal Joey

Artificial Light

OPI My Pal Joey OPI Hello Kitty Collection

Natural Light

My Pal Joey by OPI

All the nail polishes in the OPI Hello Kitty Collection have a cute printed design on the handle’s wrapper!

OPI Hello Kitty Collection Nail Polishes

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches

All swatches have:

    • OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener – Maintenance version (Used as a base coat)
    • 2 coats of OPI My Pal Joey
    • Rica Glossy Glam Top Coat

Artificial Light Photos

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches Review

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches

OPI My Pal Joey Swatch Review

OPI My Pal Joey Swatch

Natural Light Photos

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches Swatch

OPI My Pal Joey Swatches OPI Hello Kitty Collection Swatch

OPI My Pal Joey Swatch Swatches

My Pal Joey OPI Hello Kitty Collection Swatches


  • True blue (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI My Pal Joey Review


My Pal Joey by OPI is crisp like the cold morning air in February, but its bold, medium, oceanic blue would warm any nail-polish enthusiast’s heart.

As advertised, it’s certainly a ‘true blue,’ and it reminds me of the first blue crayon that I ever used on my first day in kindergarten…which was yesterday. 😉

Finish & Removal

The colour sings its solo to a standing ovation, thanks to the creme finish that doesn’t muffle its performance by bringing in a marching band and baton twirler.

While the finish makes this polish easy to remove, you may notice that some of the blue transfers onto your cuticles. But – don’t worry! In my experience with this polish (I’ve worn it twice already), it didn’t stain my nails. Granted, I used a great base coat, which is what you should always wear whenever you polish your nails. Protecting your natural nails is very important!

Just use your polish remover to get as much of the blue off as you can. Then, use a good soap to lather your hands up. Rinse. Repeat. Most, if not all, of the blue should come off.

Application & Formula

My Pal Joey by OPI has a smooth formula with a great consistency that’s not watery, but not thick, either. It’s just right, Baby Bear!

One coat by itself had great pigmentation, but I used two coats to ensure even coverage. I didn’t feel a need to apply another coat.


  • Statement blue
  • Smooth, creme finish
  • Doesn’t stain nails
  • The wrapper on the handle features a cute Hello Kitty print


  • Transfers onto your cuticles during the removal process (but it doesn’t stain, if you use a good base coat, which is good)

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Ooooohhh! True blue, baby, I love you! 😉

OPI My Pal Joey made me (and my nails) swoon with little hearts for pupils. It’s bright, but not neon, and bold, but not too flashy (hehe, at least for me).

If you are a fan of blue nail polish, give this one a go. It’s great for creating a statement manicure!

Which of the 12 shades in the OPI Hello Kitty Collection is your favourite? Are you in love with this blue as much as I am? What colour do you wear to ‘wake up’ your nails?


6 thoughts on “OPI My Pal Joey Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    I had passed over this one, but now I’m having second thoughts. The more I see it, the more I like it. I think this one is going on my wish list. It’s too pretty and too bright to pass up. Thanks for sharing with us. As always, it looks great on you.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      I saved it especially for the very last Hello Kitty nail polish to try because I heard that many other nail enthusiasts were excited about this one. (Sometimes I like to hold off on wearing one of the stars of a collection because the anticipation is exciting.) It was worth the wait! Really recommend this beautiful blue!

  2. Rachel

    Hi Mary,

    thanks for swatching them all. I want some colours of the collection. But I’m not sure, if I’ll get all that I want. That’s the mean thing with limited editions, you’ll have to be quick about it. ^^
    I love My Pal Joey and think I’ll get it soon. I already have Kitty White and Spoken From The Heart. And am thinking of getting Starry Eyed For My Dear Daniel and Never Have Too Mani Friends.
    Why do I love Nail Polish that much? ^^

    Have a nice day

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Rachel!

      It was my pleasure! Swatching them all quickly and wearing each of them as full manicures was fun because these colours are cute and bold. Plus I’m a fan of Hello Kitty, which added the cherry on top!

      Oh man – I hear you about limited editions. There’s not as much leeway for an internal debate. Sometimes you have to leap forward and grab it before it’s too late. Hehe, so hard on the wallet at times! (The struggle is real!)

      Haha, why do you love nail polish that much? Because you love expressing yourself with colour, and it’s a fun ‘accessory!’ 🙂 I can totally understand. 😉 Oh, all too well!


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