OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches & Review

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches & ReviewIt’s been a little while since I brought you in-depth reviews of OPI I’m Feeling Sashy and OPI This Gown Needs a Crown from the Miss Universe Collection.

And it just hit me the other day that, although I wore OPI Miss You-niverse and took photos, I hadn’t cropped any photos. It’s about time! 😉

At long last, I’m showing you this gorgeous polish that applies like a dream that involves David Beckham. Hehe! 😉

OPI Miss You-niverse Pictures

Miss You-niverse OPI Miss Universe Collection Swatches

Natural Light

OPI Miss You-niverse

Natural Light

Miss You-niverse by OPI Miss Universe


OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches & Review

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatch

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatch Miss Universe Collection

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches Miss Universe Collection

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatch & Review

Flash Photos

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatch

OPI Miss You-niverse

OPI Miss You-niverse Photos

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches & Pictures

OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches, Review & Photos


  • Deep black plum (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI Miss You-niverse Review


What I loved about Miss You-niverse by OPI is that the colour is so creamy-looking and deep, but it never looked like one of those near-blacks where you need to see it under a bright light to know that it’s not black.

With this, you can clearly see that it’s a purple-based plum with just a smidgeon of blue for good measure. It’s just a touch away from being called vampy.


A smooth, easy-to-apply creme is always a winner in my book, and you can add Miss You-niverse by OPI to that category!

I didn’t have to apply the polish carefully to get it to cover well or to show the colour. Even with a single coat, I got impressive coverage, but I continued with a 2nd coat out of habit.

Since it has a creme finish, it’s incredibly easy to remove, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t notice any staining, despite it being a dark shade.

(I was wearing OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener as a base coat, and I find that this really does a great job at preventing most stains in general! After trying a lot of base coats and even coming across some stellar formulas, I still have to say that this is my absolute new favourite!)

Application & Formula

OPI Miss You-niverse applies easily – it’s almost as though it paints itself! You’ll find it to be very smooth and creamy, so it flows onto the nail well and can be manipulated with the brush with no problem. Excellent formula!


  • Deep purple that doesn’t look black
  • Saturated pigmentation
  • Smooth, easy-to-use formula
  • Beautiful creme finish


  • Not the most wild or crazy colour (but not every polish has to be wild, right?)

Final Verdict: 9/10

I enjoyed wearing OPI Miss You-niverse because applying it was a cinch, and you know that I love me some purple polish! 😉

Which of the 3 OPI Miss Universe Collection shades is your favourite? Would you wear this polish solo or as a base for nail art?


8 thoughts on “OPI Miss You-niverse Swatches & Review

      1. Icequeen81

        It is a lovely shade I was just quoting you, for me is wild or not is a great shade , i would ad more shine that for sure

  1. Floria

    Hey Mary! I’ve been waiting so long for this review and it’s perfect, as usual! I was already determined to have this hue, but now I’m 100%. Love it!
    P.s. You inspired me to use nail envy as a base coat (the light blue box one – “for healty mainteinance”) and , I agree with you, It works great!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Floria!

      First of all, sorry that you had to wait a long time for me to fully review this. Haha, I’m going through a First World Problem because I have a lot of polishes, but just don’t have enough nails to wear them all. I don’t ‘swatch’ polishes (and wear them as full manicures), so it tends to take me longer to showcase a polish than some other bloggers. I really appreciate your patience with me! 🙂

      I’m soooo happy that you’re enjoying Nail Envy as a base coat, too! The original one I use now is really the best base coat – it has prevented stains from polishes that would still stain with my other base coats. And when I remove my polish, my nails just look healthier and not as dry from the remover! I’ll need to look into the blue one that you mentioned – I want to try the different versions to see which one is best! 🙂


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