OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? Swatches & Review

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatches & ReviewEverything’s peachy when you straighten up your act with OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked?, which is from the Hawaii Collection that’s officially set to be released on February 4th! (Check out my OPI Hawaii Collection Media Launch recap post here.)

Years ago, I avoided peach nail polishes because I thought that they wouldn’t look good. But ever since I found the right one, I’ve been trying all the peachy-toned lacquers I could get my hands on!

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? is a fun-loving orange-sorbet shade with enough saturation to keep it from looking anemic.

I especially love wearing these kind of peaches in the summer, although clearly I have no problem sporting this any time of year, whenever the heck I want. (Nail polish is all about having fun! Throw those rules out the window. Just make sure that they don’t accidentally land on someone’s head.)

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? Pictures

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatch Hawaii Collection Swatches

Natural Light

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatch Swatches


Is Mai Tai Crooked OPI Hawaii Collection

Natural Light

Is Mai Tai Crooked by OPI Hawaii Collection


OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked OPI Hawaii Collection

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatches & Review

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatch & Review

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatch

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatches

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Review & Swatch

Flash Photos

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Hawaii Collection 2015

Is Mai Tai Crooked by OPI

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked Swatches OPI Hawaii Collection Swatch

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked OPI Hawaii Swatches


  • Orange creme (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? Review


Think of a paler version of an orange Popsicle or a Creamsicle. That’s what I think of when I look at Is Mai Tai Crooked? by OPI!

(Okay, I also think, “Delicious!” But don’t worry – I have never been tempted to taste nail polish. *Shivers* Have you seen the woman featured on My Strange Addiction who drinks nail polish? I saw it on YouTube, and as gross and sad as it was to see, the nailphile in me was thinking, “I hope you didn’t drink any limited-edition, hard-to-find polishes!”)

This is the kind of peachy polish that will bring to mind those mild spring days filled with sunshine. It’s such a happy colour, so it’s great to wear when you need a pick-me-up.

But it’s not a pale peach that it looks like you need to give it mouth-to-mouth to breathe life back into it. And that’s exactly why I like it. It offers a touch more oomph than a regular pastel.


This is another creme nail polish in the OPI Hawaii Collection. It’s simple, but classic. There’s nothing crazy going on, which means the colour gets the spotlight. Fully deserved!

Another thing you’ll love about cremes is that they’re so easy to remove. (In fact, when I wear any creme by OPI, I just use a single cotton ball soaked in nail-polish remover, and I can take off the lacquer from all 10 nails. Easy peasy!)

Application & Formula

Creamy and smooth, I had no trouble painting with Is Mai Tai Crooked? by OPI, however, I was probably overly excited about the colour, which is why my application was so messy! 😉 Oops!

(Hey, I keep it real! Manicures don’t have to look perfect to be enjoyed. I wore it out like this, and was very happy with the way it looked. Imperfection isn’t enough to rain on my parade, and I encourage you to appreciate your manicures and pedicures with the same rosy lens.)

To get full coverage to the point where I was comfortable, I needed to use three coats. It’s possible that you could get away with two coats, but I liked the way it looked better with that extra coat.


  • Pretty peachy polish
  • Creamy & smooth


  • Needs 3 coats to achieve full coverage without any streaks

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

I really enjoy peachy polishes because they always make me think of warm weather. Hehe, considering that the weather has taken a drastic dip, I really appreciate lacquers like this. It brings my spirits up and helps me look past the cold and toward spring and summer.

Sure, I was born in Canada and haven’t lived anywhere else, but my body would rather be somewhere hot. (I can take the heat more than the cold.)

You’ll really enjoy this polish, and I feel that not too many people try peaches. If they did, they might be surprised how flattering it is! 🙂

What’s your favourite peach nail polish? Is there a certain colour that makes you immediately think of spring or summer? What are you wearing on your nails now?


13 thoughts on “OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? Swatches & Review

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      It’s a really happy shade, and anything that reminds me of warm weather now is greatly appreciated! (Hehe, today was a chilly one.)

  1. Michaela

    First of all, I love the name! Mai Tais are definitely my jam. Also I don’t know why but I’ve really been in to peachy/orangey shades. How does this one compare to Where Did Suzi’s Man-go from the Brazil collection?

      1. Akima

        I’d love a comparison.

        (I also love this colour . But although I also tend to wear polishes for fun and mostly don’t care if it suits my skincolour, they shouldn’t look too strange on my hands. Or else they’ll never be used again and no polish deserves that.)

        Have a nice day

        1. Mary S. Post author

          Okay, I’ll try to find my bottle, and I’ll put together a post for next week or do a photo to share on social media. 🙂

          Hope that you also have a wonderful day!

  2. Joyce

    Nice!!! I can totally see me wearing this at a luxurious resort, relaxing on a lounge chair next to a pool and a hunky waiter bringing me my pineapple-with-umbrella drink… 🙂
    (and looking like a freaky ghost as I’m slathered head to toe in sun block because I don’t tan, I just look like an overcooked lobster but those are just details)
    Joyce recently posted: Limited Edition “VISIONairy” by CATRICE

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      Nice description! I can close my eyes and picture everything you mentioned…especially the hunky waiter! HUBBA HUBBA! Hehehehe! 😉

  3. Maureen

    This totally reminds me of Flintstones orange push-up sherbet pops I used to eat when I was a kid. Don’t know if they had those in Canada or if it was just a US thing. I’m interested to see how it compares to In My Back Pocket or A Roll in the Hague (I have the former but not the latter). In My Back Pocket is pretty much Halloween or nail art-only for me because it’s so not flattering. But I think the softer Mai Tai might be easier to wear… I need to stop looking at your Hawaii swatches – you are making me want a bunch that I thought I’d pass on. 🙂

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Maureen!

      Hehe, I love your description! It’s spot on! Totally like a Flintstone orange! I remember seeing those popsicles in the grocery store when I was little, but my parents never bought them. Always thought they looked yummy and fun.


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