OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches & Review

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches & ReviewWhen I got my polish paws on a mind-blowing number of OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes, one of the first colours I tried was OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise.

I actually forgot about this. I thought that OPI Infinite Shine Bee Mine Forever was first.

I think I ended up painting my nails with this and then decided to go with the yellow because I was in the mood for my nails to experience the Easter parade. 😉

(Since I managed to take these photos, I may as well share them with you and my thoughts on the colour and formula, in case you were interested.)

Initially, it reminded me a little of OPI What’s with the Cattitude, which is why I was really eager to see how it swatched. (I wore that shade in 2011. I should dig it up again one of these days.) That one’s more saturated than this. Not sure why I thought of it when wearing Eternally Turquoise. They’re pretty different!

Artificial light washes it out, and photos I took in natural light deepened it. It’s somewhere in between – beautiful blue with maybe a drop of green. The Snow Queen would approve, but thankfully she’s off-duty in the summer. Apparently, she can’t take the heat, so she not only got out of the kitchen, but also out of the season. (Between you and me, I don’t miss her. Shh!) 😉

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OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Pictures

OPI Eternally Turquoise Infinite Shine Review

Artificial Light

OPI Eternally Turquoise Infinite Shine Swatch

Natural Light

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches Swatch

Artificial Light

Eternally Turquoise by OPI Infinite Shine

Natural Light

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches

All swatches have:

Artificial Light Photos

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches & Review

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatch & Review

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatch

OPI Eternally Turquoise Infinite Shine Swatches

Natural Light Photos

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Review Swatch Swatches

Eternally Turquoise by OPI Infinite Shine Swatch

Eternally Turquoise OPI Infinite Shine Swatch Swatches

Infinite Shine OPI Eternally Turquoise


  • Pale green-hued blue (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise
  • Collection: OPI Infinite Shine Collection
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 oz)
  • Retail Price: $18 CAD
  • Disclosure: This was provided as a press sample by PR.
  • Where to Buy: Select professional salons & Hudson’s Bay

OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Review


Talk about a versatile polish, Eternally Turquoise by OPI is the type of pale blue that you can easily wear in spring, summer, and winter. (Heck, I never follow seasonal ‘rules’ for polish anyway! Shuck convention like an oyster! Actually, I’ve never eaten an oyster, believe it or not. I’m getting distracted now. Going back to polish – I firmly believe that you should wear any colour you want, regardless of the season. If you like brights in the winter, go for it! Dark shades in the summer? Enjoy! Life is too short for nail polish to become a boa constrictor. Yikes – I’m not a fan of snakes to begin with…)

The blue can appear icy, but it also has a freshness that makes me think of spring. Of course, it can also look like a cloudless summer sky. It’s one of those blues that you’ll find yourself reaching for often.

It’s not too pale that it looks washed out, but it’s not dark, either. The lighthearted personality is what attracts me to it. There’s something uplifting about these kinds of blues to me.


A lot of the OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes have a creme finish, and so does Eternally Turquoise. While it’s simple, I really enjoy it. (Years ago, I was drawn to glitter like a moth to a flame, but over the years, I’m appreciating cremes much more. Their simplicity allows the colour to be the star without any unnecessary distractions. Plus it’s easy to remove, which is always a plus. If there’s one thing I’m wary of is a polish that takes me 20 minutes of scrubbing to remove.)

Application & Formula

I only needed two coats to get the coverage you see in my photos. That’s impressive because a lot of pale blues tend to be a streaky mess and need three or more coats!

So far, the OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes have been impressing me with their outstanding formula and coverage.

It was so easy to paint with this polish – no issues whatsoever!


No review about the OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes is complete without a nod to the price tag. At $18 CAD, it’s significantly more expensive than the regular $9.95 CAD OPIs.

I’m trying to think of all the light blues from the regular OPIs that I’ve tried in the past. Sadly, only OPI What’s with the Cattitude comes to mind!

OPI has done an amazing job with Eternally Turquoise, and if you’re looking for a pale blue, this is an exceptional one to have in your stash. (Hehe, whenever I say stash or read that word, I always think of a moustache, which makes me laugh. Yeah, my mushball upstairs works in mysterious ways!)


  • Pale blue that suits nearly all seasons
  • Smooth formulation
  • Opaque in two coats


  • More expensive than regular OPIs

Final Verdict: 8/10

Eternally Turquoise by OPI is a gorgeous pale blue that creates a fresh manicure. If you don’t already have a shade like this, it’s worth the splurge because of the colour payoff and smooth formulation!

Do you miss the Snow Queen? As you’ve grown older, do you find that you’re appreciating certain nail polishes more? If you’ve tried any OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes, which are your favourites so far?


7 thoughts on “OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    I’m in love! What a gorgeous color! It’s so pretty. I think I might have to splurge and get this polish and the primer. I’m curious, does the polish work even if you don’t use the special primer? Can you use a base coat instead?

  2. Mary N

    Oh wow, that is so fresh and gorgeous! Along with deep, vampy reds, one of my other polish weaknesses is blue pastel shades. I’m going to Google if anyone has duped this with Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which is my go-to “dinner mint” shade. If it’s different enough to justify a purchase, I may have to get this one! 🙂

  3. Sandra

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I bought a number of shades at Sally’s Beauty and I returned them all. I bought them for their wearability. It’s advertised 7 to 10 days. It started chipping on me within a couple of days. The yellow was the worse for chipping. On a positIve note, the quality of the polish is a dream and the system feels so light on my fingers. I have come to the conclusion that this sytem did not workk with my nail chemistry. I have had longer wearability with the regular OPI line. This is not to discourage anyone from trying this line. There are so many beautiful shades, it makes me sad that it didn’t work for me.. This was my ticket to long lasting nail polishes and it didn’t work. I have tried another brand of gel like nail polish without the UV light and had the same results.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Sandra!

      Did you try the Infinite Shine polishes with different base coats, not just the one that was designed for the system? It’s possible that the interaction of the base coat and colour and/or top coat just didn’t jive. That’s disappointing! 🙁 Well, on a brighter note, hopefully you can now put that money toward polishes that work out better for you and that are less expensive, too! That would be a bonus.


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