OPI Hey Baby Swatches & Review

OPI Hey Baby Swatches & Review“Hey baby! Hey baby! HEY!”

Today’s post is on OPI Hey Baby, which is part of the OPI Gwen Stefani Collection coming to stores officially in January 2014.

You may remember me posting a photo on Instagram showing it. Also, I did a Quick Look post at 6 of 7 shades.

When I wore it as a full manicure, Old Man Winter didn’t cut me any slack. On all the days I was wearing OPI Hey Baby, the only chances I had to photograph it were gloomy, overcast days.

(I don’t have any studio lighting setup, so it’s always more of a challenge in the winter capturing the natural light before I head out for work in the mornings or sometime on the weekends. Sure, I could buy daylight bulbs, but you know what? I just don’t want to. I’d rather rely on Mother Nature, since she has the best lighting. Hehe! And, thankfully, even though I live in Canada, it’s not forever winter!)

However, I think you’ll be able to get a good idea of the colour, since I shared photos of OPI Hey Baby in natural light and with my camera’s flash.

OPI Hey Baby Pictures

OPI Hey Baby Swatches

Natural Light

OPI Hey Baby Gwen Stefani by OPI Collection


OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby Swatch

Natural Light

OPI Hey Baby Gwen Stefani Collection


OPI Hey Baby Swatch & Review

OPI Hey Baby Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

OPI Hey Baby Swatches & Review

Hey Baby OPI Gwen Stefani Swatches

OPI Gwen Stefani OPI Hey Baby Swatch

OPI Hey Baby Swatch OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Swatches

OPI Hey Baby Swatches OPI Gwen Stefani Swatch

OPI Hey Baby Swatch

Flash Photos

OPI Hey Baby Swatch, Review & Pictures

Hey Baby OPI Gwen Stefani Collection

OPI Hey Baby Swatches, Review & Pictures

Hey Baby by OPI Swatches Gwen Stefani Collection


  • Glossy creme finish (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI Hey Baby Review


While pink isn’t a shade that I gravitate toward a lot, when I do wear it, it’s fun!

Years ago, I avoided pinks because I had trouble finding the shades that suited my skin tone. However, after blogging for a while and trying out more pinks, I’ve warmed up to them and enjoy them a lot more than I ever did. (But I’m still definitely a greeeeeen fieeeeend all the way!)

Hey Baby by OPI is a medium pink with a totally girly, bubblegum appearance that’s carefree, cheerful, and bright.

It’s loud enough to make your nails stand out, but not enough so all eyes will be on them, like how a neon would put them in the limelight.

I think that a lot of people who like pinks will enjoy this shade because it’s traditional and stays within the mainstream comfort level. (I can see everyone from little girls all the way up to older ladies liking this hue.)


The glossy creme finish of Hey Baby by OPI is simple, but is the reason why the colour is able to stand out. (It isn’t covered up by any shimmer or glitter, so you get the true colour coming out with guns blazing!)

Application & Formula

Since it’s a creme, application is a breeze! It glides onto the nails smoothly and evenly, plus the pigmentation is great – just 2 coats to get full, opaque coverage.

Also, because of the finish, it’s a cinch to remove – no need to scrub your nails.


  • Pretty pink
  • Glossy creme finish is easy to apply & remove
  • Bright & fun, yet not too loud
  • Colour will appeal to all ages


  • Traditional pink (Nothing really crazy, but not all nail polish must be bonkers, right? Hehe!)

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

If you’re a fan of pinks, you’ll absolutely love this, but I’m a green lover, so while I really enjoyed wearing this, it wasn’t a shade that made my pulse race and pupils dilate. Hehe!

Aside from her signature red lips, when I think of Gwen Stefani, I think about the time when she used to sport bright pink hair. So I can see why she chose this pink in her collection, although I imaged that it would be more of a fluorescent pink.

Would you be pretty in pink and wear OPI Hey Baby? Did you like Gwen when she sported pink hair? Have you ever dyed your hair pink or any other playful colour?


6 thoughts on “OPI Hey Baby Swatches & Review

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lorraine!

      For sure! Other than the summer, my other favourite time to wear bright shades is in the winter. It really pops, and it takes your mind off the gloomy weather.

      Aww, thanks for the encouragement. It was challenging this time to get decent photos with the dim natural lighting.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Cosmetics Aficionado!

      Pinks aren’t usually the first polishes that I gravitate toward, either, but this one’s saturated and has a great formula, so it’s a nice option for those who want a no-fuss polish. 🙂


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