Worldwide Giveaway: OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat

OPI Don't Speak 18K Gold Top Coat GiveawayEdit (October 26, 2014 at 5:30 pm EDT): Congratulations, Katherine! You’ve won! Please reply to the e-mail I sent you within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone for participating! (Stay tuned because really soon, I’m going to have another fun giveaway.)


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thought it was very fitting to have a surprise worldwide giveaway to remind my amazing blog readers of how much I appreciate you all.

From now until Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 pm EDT, you can enter for a chance to win the brand new OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat, which is a collaboration with Gwen Stefani! (You may remember me posting Instagram photos here and here.)

(OPI Don’t Speak features yellowish-gold flakes and iridescent glitter. The OPI Mariah Carey gold top coat has white gold flakes. The OPI Man with the Golden Gun gold top coat has yellowish-gold flakes. They’re all different.)

Blogging can be very challenging, especially when you’re going through personal or work issues and dealing with life’s obstacles. It can be hard to stay positive when you’re feeling crummy or having a bad day. But readers like you somehow manage to boost my spirits, and I take it to heart because it’s so amazing how people I’ve never met in person show me how much they genuinely care. It touches my heart!

The past week has been pretty insane after work, and you may have noticed that the posts weren’t as frequent as usual. (There’s always a lot going on, but that week was highly stressful and jam-packed.)

Thank you to my loyal readers who stayed and were patient and understanding! 🙂

I want to reciprocate all the love and support you give me, even though there’s no way I can match your sky-high level that you give me on a daily basis.

Check out the rest of this blog post to get the full details on how to enter my giveaway. (Please read it carefully so that your entry qualifies.)

P.S. I’ll be attending the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Toronto on Saturday November 22, 2014. So, if you’re also going and see me, don’t hesitate to say hi! 🙂 (The trade show is open to the public. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to attend. I’m not a makeup artist, but it’s fun to see the creativity and trends in the industry. Plus there are plenty of great shopping deals and seminars from which you can learn new tips and tricks from professionals!)

Giveaway Details

Starts: Now

Ends: Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 pm EDT

Who Can Enter: Everyone! (This is a worldwide giveaway!)

Prize: OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat (1 bottle in the box.)

A big thank you to OPI’s PR team for generously providing this prize for my amazing readers! 🙂

You Must Do BOTH Things Below to Enter My Giveaway:

  1. Fill out the below Rafflecopter form.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me about something you did that brought happiness to another person.

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Selecting the Winner:

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What Happens Next?

  • The winner will send me their mailing address. (If the winner is Canadian, I’ll forward your information to OPI’s PR, and they’ll send you the prize directly. If the winner isn’t Canadian, I’ll send you the prize.)

Important Note:

  • Please add swatchandlearn (at) gmail (dot) com to your Safe list so my e-mail doesn’t accidentally go to the Junk folder.

Good luck!

My readers are the best!

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179 thoughts on “Worldwide Giveaway: OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat

  1. Robbie

    Such a beautiful color to add to my collection and wear. But just this past Friday, a coworker headlight went out and she had no idea how to change it. She gave me a long story about the upcoming weekend and all the plans she had. I kept telling her no problem, it will be ok. I went to the auto part store on my lunch break. Came back to work and changed the headlight in about 10 minutes. She was so happy. Like it was Christmas. Must have been a very important date. ;-/ Oh well.

  2. Amber M

    Something I did that brought happiness to someone was gifting my best friend a nail polish starter kit! I included base and top coat, cuticle remover, an orange stick, cuticle balm, and a bunch of purged polish from my stash–she loved it!

  3. cecilia

    me and my brother teamed up and made dinner for my mum the other day, she was happy to come home to food already on the table instead of having to make it herself 🙂

  4. Joyce

    When I’m in public transportation (either bus, tram or train) and someone older or who just looks tired, I usually offer them my seat. It’s just a small thing and I can’t imagine it will make a big difference in other peoples life, but seeing the surprise and after that the smile on their face is more than enough to keep doing it. If they thank me, I usually tell them I hope they do the same thing for someone else who looks like he or she would love to be off their feet for a while 🙂
    Joyce recently posted: Rue & Margo skittlette

  5. Rachel

    Hey Mary,

    I never did something big to bring happiness to other people, but small things, which I don’t think are to special. But they seem to have a very postive resonance in other peoples lives.

    Like giving my parking credit to the next person which is going to park. Or holding the door open a little bit longer, when seeing people with heavy luggage more than five seconds away.
    I think it is not so much, what you are doing that makes them happy, but more the fact that you are recognising them in that particular moment out of the bulk of people and are gifting them your time.

    It sounds pretty weird to write it down, but it feels good.

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  6. Astrid

    Wow! This giveaway is amazing!
    I try to help at least one person every day and it makes these persons pretty happy every time.

  7. Neff815

    Thanks for another give away opportunity. I work in a Nursing Home. I have a lot of clients who’s families don’t come to visit. Little things like an extra cup of coffee at lunch or reading the News paper to them makes them happy and makes my day as well

  8. Riotbettyx

    My favourite co-worker shares my love of polish and nail art, but can’t really access the indie polishes she’s becoming interested in. For her birthday recently, I curated an indie sampler of sorts for her… a box of different holos, multichromes, glitter crellies, etc. from several different brands, as well as some other nail related goodies. She was so surprised and excited! It was awesome to be able to make my friend happy. 🙂

  9. Amy

    I recently attended a Spa Day get together for my best friend’s daughter. I brought lots of nail polish and gave manicures to about 30a little girls and quite a few moms too. The girls loved it and so did I.

  10. Danielle C

    I am not the Grand gesture type, however I am definitely the little things type. I will always help a friend with a listening ear and by just being there for them without judgement makes them feel appreciated and happy after they are able to unload whatever it is they are feeling.

  11. lovenailpolish

    I really appreciate you giving us an opportunity to win this. I can’t afford things like this regularly, so the chance to win is exciting!

    I like making people happy for sure! I like to think I make my husband happy when I make his dinner almost every night.

    I also like to encourage friends on twitter when they are down and make them smile. It brings me great joy to make others happy.

    I think you make many people happy Mary, I know you make me smile quite often! Have a great day and good luck everyone!

  12. Alisa

    Volunteering at the local help center is something that brings me as well as others happiness! Thank you and OPI for this opportunity to win!

  13. Charlotte

    I think Gwen Stefani is part goddess. Just putting it out there.
    And nailpolish+gold = yesss please!

    Examtime is back in my life, so I feel your stress. Keep your head up 🙂


  14. Charlotte

    Let me just try again where I don’t completely zone out on half of what you wrote:

    I sent some people pdfs that the teacher had for some reason removed, but which were part of the curriculum. He removed them about a month before the exam. Not the brightest fella.
    And I baked cake for a friend of mine last week on his birthday.

  15. Lorraine

    I brought my son coffee in a travel mug before he had to go to work this morning. Coffee in bed is a good way to wake up.

  16. Broush61

    I went to visit my daughter and son-in-law yesterday. We hadn’t seen each other in some time. It made us all happy to be together again. 🙂

  17. Alexandra-elisabet Dorofte

    Something I did that brought happiness to someone was gifting my best friend a dress that she wanted

  18. Laure

    I was my sister’s witness at her wedding and I helped her organise, so she wouldn’t have such a heavy load. I also did her make-up. That made her really happy 😀

  19. Maddy

    Something I did to bring happiness to someone was help an old lady get some groceries that were to high for her. she was really struggling and glad when I helped.

  20. Niki T.

    My friend was struggling with depression and for a year I mailed them a little note everyday (through the postal mail) with uplifting, inspirational quotes. They told me it really meant alot and helped them get through the tough times they were having. Thank you for having the giveaway!

  21. Katie

    A small thing I did recently was sketch a picture of my brother’s favorite childhood cartoon character and hide it in his coat pocket to surprise him later.

  22. Lily

    One of my coworkers was always admiring my stamped nails. I bought her a starting kit with nail plates, stamper, scratcher and stamping polish 🙂 Now she can her own nails too.

  23. Amanda

    I’d bought really good seating tickets for me and a friend to see Kylie Minogue in concert, but my ‘friend’ then ignored my texts and phone calls when I tried to arrange our transport and hotel stay etc.
    I use a wheelchair so didn’t want to sell the now useless-to-me tickets randomly in case someone who didn’t need the special seating got them, so i phoned a local charity and gave away my tickets to a young girl who had wanted to go to the concert but had missed out on getting tickets. She had a great time 🙂

  24. sarah jackson

    once in a while I buy a coffee for the guy who rides the bus all day , small thing really but it makes him smile

  25. Cara

    A homeless person asked me for money — I offered her a sandwich instead. She was glad to have it. Made my day/week/month! 🙂

  26. Lesley

    I do my friend’s nails every week. She can’t stand sitting around and doing her nails by herself, and isn’t the type to go pay for a manicure, but she loves to sit at my place for a social afternoon while I scold her about moisturizing her cuticles enough, and do nail art for her. She’s coming over this afternoon, in fact. I think I’m going to encourage her towards this pretty purple I just picked up.
    Lesley recently posted: Nail Art: October Pumpkins

  27. Diane M Gooding

    I recently won a gift certificate to an on-line nail polish shop. I contacted a young friend who was having a bad day and told her to pick what she wanted from the shop. It made her smile, but it made me smile even more!

  28. Lola

    I donated my hair to Locks of Love. I try to do this every other year since my hair growth has slowed down. I think of all the people who could benefit from the anonymous acts of donations such as the children who would wear a wig made from donated hair or those strengthened and saved from a blood donation.

  29. Jessica

    I sat up with a friend the other night to talk out her problems and I helped her figure out what to wear to our friend’s wedding. She had a pretty smile on her face when I left her house.

  30. Kim P

    We were at Disney World, and there was a family that was unable to get enough fast passes (back when they had the paper ones). We would go twice a year, so we could always catch the ride another time, so we gave away our passes to the family.

  31. Melissa

    I helped my friend tweak her idea for asking a guy out – they bonded over some Jim Carey movies and she was going to leave him a candy bar with a picture from The Mask on it and her phone # on the back, so I said “If you’re going with that movie, get a pic from the scene where he’s singing Cuban Pete and caption it ‘they call me Cuban Pete, but you can call me ANYTIME.'”

  32. Angelina

    I’m in… though this is a difficult one… happiness to others?, from me? Not sure.
    Well, I spent the summer of 2005 teaching girls (in a government-runned foster house) how to use the computer, I hope they were happy as I was.
    This foster house is usually where girls are living while their families go through trials or make time at jail, it’s final purpose is not adoption, it just gives a house to girls in a difficult situation for days or years.

  33. Amanda Lawson

    My dad has been in a good mood lately and loving that I am smiling and laughing (in front of him) more. I pointed out these amazing organic lollipops to my father who bought them for my daughter who was very happy esp since they are soooo yummyy! She’s 2. I’m helping out with house work alot more while my mom is over my grams(her MIL) helping her out and all. Not sure if anything else, lol. Thanks for the chance!

  34. Carolyn

    Well naturally I have to tell a story about making someone else happy with nail polish. I have a friend with two daughters and to brighten her day, during one of Zoya’s awesome promos, I bought her two bottles – Zoya Rory and Zoya Tru, because those are her daughter’s names (and where else are you going to find the name “Tru” on anything?) Always fun when you can find a personal no-particular-reason kinda gift. : )

  35. michaela

    Yesterday I bought two mini bundt cakes and took them to my grandma’s house. We watched the football game and spent some time together. I get so busy during the week with school and work so it was nice to spend some time with her! She usually comes over to our house for dinner but I know it made her happy to have someone come over to her house.

  36. Tanyatopia

    Today at work a Latina abuelita came in frustrated that she was being ignored and sent from department to department and no one could understand her. We cobbled together enough words for me to figure out what she needed, I tracked down a Spanish speaker and a helpful staff member person and we got her on the right track. While she waited I offered her a glass of water and retrieved it for her. She thanked me and as she left told my boss “pretty lady help.” Made my day.

  37. Jenni

    It’s silly and it may not always bring happiness to someone, but it always brings a smile. Anywho, every day I try to give a sincere compliment to a female I’ve never met. Love your purse, I die for your boots, your outfit is amazing, etc. I just feel that a compliment from someone you know is great, but to get one from someone you don’t can mean a little extra especially on some days. Silly, but it always makes that person smile and occasionally I see them walk a little taller.
    Jenni recently posted: Lace Nail Art

  38. Stella (Ex Libris)

    When we moved into our new apartment I made cookies we shared with our neighbours when we went to introduce ourselves. They were all so surprised and smiling when we handed them the treats 😀

    Thanks so much for making it international!!

  39. Melissa

    I swapped weekends at work with a co-worker so she could go on vacation with her family (their first in 5 years).

  40. Dunja

    yesterday (i volunteer in a couple of organisations) my group kids with down syndrome had a party and my heart was so warm watching them and knowing i am doing something good for them

  41. samantha crowe

    My polish friend had a car accident so I started saving her Hello Kitty nail polish and trinkets to send to her.

  42. Johanne

    I’m on Fall vacation, but my boyfriend still has class everyday, so I’m going with him to make him feel less sad about not having any time off 🙂

  43. Dora Trani

    Wow! This giveaway is amazing!
    I try to help at least one person every day and it makes these persons pretty happy every time.

  44. Rashmi

    I recently stood by my friend financially as she was having some problems due to her ill health. But when she recovered, she had a radiant smile which doubled on seeing me. I hope it stays forever like that !!

  45. Lori Duncan

    My husband and I live across the street from his 83-year old widowed mom. She’s on 24/7 oxygen, has congestive heart failure, and a host of other ailments. I’m her only caregiver (so I can’t work outside the home) plus I take her to all her doctor appointments, prepare her meds, shopping and I cook for her, etc. I pray my presence and what I can offer her in her last years make a difference in her life. I hope what I do and my attitude brightens her day even with all her discomfort.

  46. MichelleH

    I went to my mom’s work and gave her a hug and a pumpkin spice latte. Simple, yes, but she said it made her day.

  47. Desiree

    I searched out and gave a co-worker the perfect shade of lime green polish that she had been looking for. She was very happy!

  48. Dana Stargazer Truitt

    I donated 1500$ to a religious shule in my neighborhood of Park Heights MD. This made it possible for so many religious boys from the yeshivah students to learn in the name of so many others.

  49. Sara Foster

    I took this last weekend off to go and visit my college roommate and stay with her for the weekend. That was really fun, and it made her really happy!

  50. Marcia B

    I prayed for my friend and gave him words of encourage to get through a troubling time. I also made a dessert and gave my friend some

  51. Susan T.

    I watched my friend’s baby while she was in a dentist appointment. Two days in a row! I am an animal person not a kid person so it was a big deal to be alone with a baby!

  52. Gaby

    My friend was feeling down so i suprise her with a visite at her place and tell her to come with me outside we did some jogging and she was feeling much better after

  53. Craftynail

    sweet giveaway thank you!
    At work i try to spend extra time with people I help (i’m a college counselor) because I know financial aid is very confusing. I hate how nowadays no one ever REALLY helps you, they just blow you off and tell you to go online. So I try to make a little extra effort to not be one of those people. ha !
    Craftynail recently posted: Tutorial guest post at

  54. Ashley Nicks

    Today is my mom’s birthday and I’ve taken her to a spa day! She’s very happy hehehe. My rafflecopter name is Ashley Nicks. Thanx!

  55. Ally

    I woke up three hours early today to make breakfast for my boo! I know he doesn’t always make time for himself in the mornings and sometimes you just need an excuse to! So I think I gave him a really good excuse to slow down, enjoy the morning, and get a yummy breakfast (instead of blah granola at work!) and coffee while exchanging loving glances across the table 🙂

  56. Caro

    Well, I’m kind of with those who try to do little things everyday (as well as the big things when possible). So, today I saw someone on a blog I follow who was bothered by some really unhelpful, random, comments. I sent a message of support and a comment in their first language, because I hoped it would make them smile and feel a bit better. They said it helped and I was glad I tried. 🙂

  57. Doreen

    I bought food for a family that was hungry. I do this once a month. Because that’s all I can afford, being on Social Security myself.

  58. Allison

    As a teacher in a lower-income urban area, a see a lot of kids with tough home lives. One of my students was dealing with two parents who were arguing. She was feeling really down about herself. I picked her up a coloring book I thought she’d like since she really enjoyed coloring. She was happy and I hope it was a reminder to her that other people care for her and can be a support system when home isn’t great.

  59. Angelique

    I told no one this except my husband because I think when you do good for someone else no reward or recognition should be expected but I have been on the search for a gold polish for ages and when I saw this I had to enter and tell what I did to make another person happy with hopes of winning this polish.
    I was shopping in my local supermarket and a woman I had never met came in talking on her cell phone. This woman was saying how very depressed she was and truly didn’t know how she was going to make it. She couldn’t sleep, eat, and had not been having trouble leaving the house. She kept saying the words depressed and not able to go on over and over. Something just came over me and I went to her and apologized for somewhat ease dropping on her conversation and gave her a hug. She put the person on hold and hug me back and we stood in the supermarket hugging for a good while. After the hug with tear in her eyes she told me that her only son had been shot and killed because of mistaken identity and the service was that day. I consoled her a bit more and told her that even though her heart was heavy right now, God will see her through this and give her the strength to go on day by day. She smiled and thanked me for being so caring and thoughtful and we went our separate ways. I realized that if we just stop, look and listen we may get back to being caring human beings again and get back to helping on another even if it’s just a kind word or a simple hug.

  60. Serena

    Something I did that brought happiness to someone was gifting my boyfriend a new Gaming keyboard and a mouse for his Computer!
    Thank u for this giveaway!

  61. aleyda m

    So, something I do to bring other people happiness. These past couple of weekends my mom and I have cooked a huge meal for my brother and very pregnant sister in law. They both love it, as do we 🙂

  62. Mandy

    I bought my friend an Adventure Time themed cup. She was so surprised at the random gift, that she was really happy about it! 🙂

  63. Tricia Graf McBroom

    My dad was feeling down in the dumps, so we made him his favorite dinner and desserts. When we told him we just wanted him to know he was loved, he held back tears.

  64. Rosemarie

    Thank you for the giveaway! As a huge Gwen fan, I would love to win this!

    The first thing was came to mind when I saw your entry question was something I did for my Mom a few years ago. She was talking about an actress whose TV sitcom she had loved as a child growing up in the 1950s–even though she was only 7 or 8 at the time she still remembered various jokes and plots from this show. I decided to try and find out what the actress, Gale Storm, was up to currently and, via an Internet search, found a fansite run by another fan of hers. I left a message describing my mom’s adoration for Ms. Storm on the site’s comment section, along with my e-mail and phone number. I was hoping to at best to receive an e-mail or quick phone call from the site’s webmaster saying that he had given Ms. Storm my message. Imagine my surprise a few days later when the phone rang and Ms. Storm herself was on the other end! My Mom was in such disbelief that she almost hung up the phone! Once the initial shock wore off, my Mom was thrilled to chat with her childhood idol– they talked several times after that, commiserating on everything from memories of Ms. Storm’s old TV shows and their shared health issues. Ms. Storm passed away a couple of years ago, so I was glad to have made my Mom happy by helping her have the chance to connect with her.

  65. Dorene Ramirez

    Made a huge surprise gift basket for my mom to cheer her up when she was feeling down and my husband and brother contributed. It was really wonderful and she loved it, it really brought her spirits up and she felt very loved.

  66. mntrinemo

    Opps. My coworkers always comment on how nice and professional my polish looks. To encourage them to use base coat and top coat I gave all of them minis.

  67. Christine S

    I donated a huge basket of perfumes to a struggling animal shelter so they could raffle it off and make some much needed money.

  68. Kathryn Howard

    I babysat my baby cousin part of the day Saturday so my aunt could enjoy the Pumpkin Festival kid free. She is teething right now so she was really happy to let me babysit.

  69. Norma

    Something I did that brought happiness to another person? My best friend has a child but she has no family support and is hard pressed to get a babysitter. I babysat for her (even though I’m definitely not a ‘kid person’ 🙂 ) so she and her husband could enjoy a date night.

  70. Laura Paluoja

    I helped my mom to prepare for my sister’s seventh birthday, she was the happiest to see what we had done with the room 🙂

  71. Ebony Wright-Gilliard

    Last year, about a week before Christmas, I’d been shopping in Wal-Mart and was basically EXHAUSTED! I’d been ripping and running all day and all I wanted to do was go home and relax. Only to find out halfway from my home that I’d left my purse IN MY SHOPPING CART! So I haul a** back to the store, jump out of my car, totally frantic, because all of my C.C’s and cash were in my wallet, along with my meds and other essentials. I’m almost at the doors and a smiling cart wrangler walks up to me with my purse in hand and said “Forget something?” I was so happy and grateful, I gave him all the cash in my wallet, which came to 125.00- I insisted he keep it. Not just for being honest in a world that isn’t a lot of the time, but also for knowing an exhausted Mom when he saw one and looking out for her!

  72. Wendy Hatton

    My daughter had decided to establish a vegetable garden in her yard so I took along a collection of cuttings from my garden and a selection of interesting plants from the garden shop and spent the day helping her get her garden established. We shared the blisters (from digging)!

  73. ilana

    something that brings happiness to another person is when i make my boyfriend a coffee in the morning to surprise him

  74. sherry butcher

    I hand made a card for a friend that just lost her best friend Missy a 6 year old dog that was her only companion. I had several other friends of her’s sign the card and took it to her. I was told she loved the card and never expected it. I’ll do it again for any friends.

  75. Beth Fralix

    I try to do something for someone else everyday. My hubby is one of the sweetest men to ever walk this earth & I try to make sure that I rub his neck & back to his falls asleep every night because he works so very hard. We also just gave him a surprise 50th birthday party with all the people he loves & he didn’t have a clue! It was great!

  76. Amanda Petrik

    I am a mental health therapist so hopefully I am doing this on a daily basis as I treat depression, anxiety, etc 🙂

  77. Dimana Dyakova

    My hubby returned from a long business trip and I cooked him his favorite meal 😛 You should’ve seen his happy face :))

  78. KeeKalena

    Hey Mary…it’s been a REALLY REALLY long time since we’ve last been in contact with each other! I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as life has been such a whirlwind! I’ve been married for 2 yrs now and have a 10 month old daughter!

    I see that you’re going to IMATS…I am too!!! I hope I get to meet you there!

    Just thought about you so I wanted to visit your blog and say hi, hope you still remember me lol. Hope everything is going well for you!!


  79. Shanna Beam

    A friend of mine & her boyfriend were struggling financially, and had little to no food in their house. I had to go grocery shopping for my family, so I picked up a few essentials for my friend & took it to her. She was so thankful, that she hugged me tight with tears in her eyes. I’ve had people help me when I needed it most, so it felt good to be able to pay it forward. 🙂

  80. Heather

    I have been mentoring a friend at church to take study and take her coding exam. I had the priviledge of gifting her the association memebership and the fee for a study camp for the exam. She’s a single mom working 2 jobs and a great friend.

  81. Megan Glazer

    I love to surprise my family with small gifts, even if they do not ask for anything. Just something to show how much I appreciate them!

  82. Raquel

    I showed up at my moms doorstep for mothers day to surprise her. I live in a different state and had made arrangements to fly back home for a few days without her knowing. It was really special.

  83. Mindy Glazer

    I helped my parent’s friend’s who are elderly. The man was my dad’s best friend of over 60 years, and when my mom told me that her friend was having trouble sorting her husband’s pills I was happy to help. I used to be a nurse, so this was not difficult for me. My dad passed away a little over a year ago, and I knew he would love for me to help his old buddy out. I know I brought some happiness to this elderly couple who would never have been able to do this themselves. I’m so happy I went over there every Saturday and spent some time AND helped them, because my dad’s friend passed away a few days ago.

  84. Caitlin S.

    Instead of buying new shoes, I bought my partner a model making kit because it used to be his solace in his abusive household

  85. Maly Naine (@malynaine)

    I helped my classmate clean our room even though it was not my turn to clean, so that she can go home early because she needs to do something important.

  86. Dawn Zhang

    I bought an air ticket to London to visit my sister whose working there for 2 years.And she really surprised to see me at her working place

  87. Venn Ned

    Once, me and my boyfriend we went to the cinema to see Ice Age ( I don`t remember which part). In the cinema there was on of those machines where you out money and you can try to take out a toy. My boyfriend is very good at picking up toys and since I really liked the squirrel form Ice age and the machine was full of squirrels he decided to try and get me one. He succeeded on the first try. Next to us there was a small girl with her parents and when she saw the toy she begged her father to try to get her one too. Her father was not so good with the machine, he trued 5 times but nothing. The girl was a little bit upset but she did not behave bad. I decided to give her my toy. She was the happiest kid ever…and as it turns out it was her birthday!
    Venn Ned recently posted: About Giveaways: Win a Three Items Born Pretty Lucky Bag – Open WW – Ends Nov 6

  88. Meena R

    Something that I did was to cook for a local fundraiser. I volunteered to bake cookies, cakes, pastries etc. for the fundraiser and it brought a smile to a lot of the kids’ (and adults) faces. I have to admit, I was smiling too!

  89. Maureen

    I loved reading all the comments above. Lately I’ve been teaching a coworker to knit. I give her a lesson for a few minutes after her shift is over. She is really enjoying it and she sent me a picture of what she was working on late last night. 🙂

  90. chunkiecheekz

    Surprise shopping and home delivery to a friend who moved pretty far away, just to let her know that though we may be far apart… she’s still always thought of 🙂

  91. angela

    The past week been watching my niece and nephew. Well yesterday my nephew was a terror… I even got kicked in the eye.. accidentally but it still happened.

  92. Laura

    sometimes if someone repeatedly compliments me on a nail polish I will go out and get the them same one. It’s funny how one small bottle of nail polish can bring such a huge smile to someone’s face 😀

  93. Lissette

    I took care of my sister after she had oral surgery. And her face was so swollen so she pretty much was stuck at home for two days.

  94. april

    Something I did to make another person happy was one year me and my three young kids went around giving toys out to kids less fortunate for Christmas the smiles from these kids will last me a lifetime and it also showed my kids how one toy could bring so much happiness to a child that wasn’t use to getting anything for Christmas my kids learned a lot that year I wanted them to see how ungreatfuk they were and this hit the bullseye 😉

  95. Annette

    I won a gift certificate for classroom supplies and gave it to my cousin who’s a single mother. She was so excited and her classroom decor was the talk of the school. It made her feel good and it made me feel even better.

  96. Kelly S

    I took care of some neighbors pets for them last week when they went out of town. They were unable to find a kennel on short notice and I was glad to drop my plans to help 🙂


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