OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures Plus New Liquid Sand Shade

OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo PicturesThe Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie of all time, so when OPI’s PR sent me a press release about the upcoming limited-edition OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection, my heart was racing!

Sure, I’m excited about the movie, but I’m equally curious about the nail polishes. (Of course. The day when I’m no longer excited about lacquer, please check my wrist for a pulse.) 😉

The collection includes OPI Soft Shades plus a brand new Liquid Sand addition! (You know that I went nuts over the Liquid Sands, so seeing another colour is really cool!)

Edit: I’ve posted some actual bottle shots on Instagram. The glitters are really interesting!

OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

There are 6 shades in the OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection plus a new Liquid Sand polish:

OPI announces the launch of six limited edition nail lacquers and a new Liquid Sand™ shade, inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful.  With an all-star cast that includes James Franco and Michelle Williams, this highly-anticipated film opens in theaters on March 8, 2013. 

 “OPI is very excited to take this fantastical journey with Disney,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “Inspired by the magic of Oz The Great and Powerful, this SoftShades collection captures the whimsy seen in the film, from glittery shades packed with white, gold and silvery iridescent confetti – Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly! and Which is Witch? – to soft neutrals in white, beige and pink – Don’t Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda and I Theodora You.

“The new Liquid Sand nail lacquer – What Wizardry is This? – features OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle,” adds Weiss-Fischmann.  “This rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring.”

With a mix of soft crème and warm glitter shades, the line is ideal for layering to create rich, complex looks. In addition to the Liquid Sand nail lacquer in What Wizardry is This?, the promotion includes:

OPI Lights of Emerald City OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Lights of Emerald City

White confetti adds city girl flair and style to nails.

(Click here to see my OPI Lights of Emerald City Swatches & Review!)

OPI LDon't Burst My Bubble OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Don’t Burst My Bubble

Don’t wake me…I’m dreaming about puffy clouds of white.

(Click here to see my OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Swatches & Review!)

OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

When Monkeys Fly!

I’m simply bananas for this gold confetti.

OPI Glints of Glinda OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Glints of Glinda

Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic.

(Click here to see my OPI Glints of Glinda Swatches & Review!)

OPI Which is Witch OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Which is Witch?

Is this silver glitter with iridescent sparkle or the other way around?

OPI I Theodora You OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures 2

 I Theodora You

 This adorable, sheer pink is bewitching on you.

(Click here to see my OPI I Theodora You Swatches & Review!)

OPI What Wizardy is This OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

What Wizardry is This?

Rich taupe

(Click here to see my OPI What Wizardry Is This? Swatches & Review!)

As with all OPI nail lacquers, the shades inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application.

This limited edition promotion will be available beginning March 2013 at Professional Salons and Spas for $10.95 CAN suggested retail for each nail lacquer.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

I thought some of them looked especially cool, so I blew up the images to show you the details.

Below: OPI Lights of Emerald City

OPI Lights of Emerald City OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Below: OPI When Monkeys Fly

OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures 2

Below: OPI Which is Witch?

OPI Which is Witch OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Which shades are you most looking forward to? Are you a fan of The Wizard of oz movies and/or books? Are you excited about the new Liquid Sand shade?


38 thoughts on “OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures Plus New Liquid Sand Shade

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Haha, that’s okay. We don’t have to like the same thing. 😉 I just have very strong, positive associations with The Wizard of Oz since when I was a kid. That movie brings back lots of great childhood memories, so I find it comforting.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Caitlin!

      It’s funny, but you and I seem to be in the minority. Since this post went live, I’ve read a lot of people saying that they think this collection’s boring! I’m excited about it, mainly because of the glitters and the Liquid Sand!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Viktorija!

      I’m hoping that the layering that can be done with the glitters will show off the magic that’s inherent in the whole concept of Oz. A lot of times promotional photos don’t seem to do the polishes justice. I hope that’s the case with these! I’m such a fan of Oz that if this collection isn’t great, I’ll be really sad!

      I was surprised that the polish wasn’t green. But, it’ll probably look magical layered over another shade. I also like the square glitter!

      1. Maria Cristina Gianni

        Also this is not a “Wizard of Oz” themed nail polish collection… if you look into China Glaze’s Wizard of Oz collection you will see the colors I think most of us associate with The Wizard of Oz. That being said, this collection is based off of Oz the Great and Powerful which if you have seen the previews you would know its a dark prequel with very earthy tones as opposed to the original movie. So I think that the colors in relation to OTGAP is almost spot on.
        Maria Cristina Gianni recently posted: fingernailsaregood:

        OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble topped with Which…

  1. Sophie

    Sorry, but I don’t get it, either. The Emerald City should have an emerald polish at the very least. Nothing here talks to me.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sophie!

      Haha, no need to be sorry! 🙂 We don’t have to like the same polishes. It’s good that some people don’t like them. It’ll make it easier to get hold of for those of us who love it. 🙂 And it’s good that you can save some money for colours you prefer instead.

  2. Vesna

    I saw this and I’m actually kind-of maybe upset. I’ve seen the trailer for the movie and the colours are crazy and saturated. They could’ve gone absolutely nuts with this collection but they gave us pastels instead. 🙁 This was totally the time to pull out crazy intense shimmers and glitters and flakies or whatever colours they’ve been holding on to waiting for the right theme. Those glitters up top better be awesome, OPI.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Vesna!

      I think the reason why they went with pastels is because of the Soft Shades theme. Who knows? Maybe these will be ethereal shades that capture a different side of Oz. I really need to see them in person. Totally agree with you – the glitters need to be amazing to make up for the lack of crazy colours.

  3. Camille

    I’m actually very excited for this collection! I spend most of the year buying polish colors that are more vibrant or super saturated with color and rarely buy softer, more muted shades. I love the Wizard of Oz. Yes, there are lots of bright, vibrant colors but I also think there’s a very dreamy qusality to the Wizard of Oz and I think this collection really captures that dreamy, almost ethereal vibe I get. I know I’m waaaaay in the minority as it seems most people are pretty cheesed about this collection but, really, I don’t need another emerald green or ruby red polish. That would just be too…cliche. I’m kinda digging a fresh interpretation.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Camille!

      I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one who’s excited about this collection! I realize that a lot of people wanted pow-bam-in-your-face-shades, but sometimes it’s nice to have something soft and sweet, especially since this is going to be released in March. Maybe later on, people will be feeling the pale shades.

      That’s a great point you raise about the dreamy quality of The Wizard of Oz. It’s another side of the magical tale, and I’m curious to see how they translate that into their polishes.

      Hehe, When Monkeys Fly not only is a quirky name, but the colour looks like it’ll be wild! 🙂

  4. Lisa

    I’m not a huge fan of Oz or pastel colors, but I’m super excited for the Liquid Sand and the gold glitter. I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of the first Liquid Sands, but I’m really digging this one. Can’t wait to find them at my ULTA!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lisa!

      GASP! You weren’t impressed by any of the Liquid Sands? Oh my goodness! Haha, I can’t believe it because Get Your Number blew me away! 🙂 But that’s what makes the nail community great – unique opinions. If we all liked the same things, heck, it would be really tough to find polishes. We’d be elbowing each other. 😉

      Hope you like the new Liquid Sand and the cool gold glitter!

  5. Maddy

    I love The Wizard of Oz! These polishes are so pretty and I love all the glitters but how come Lights of Emerald City isn’t green?

  6. Dionne

    I love the “Wizard of Oz”! I’ve only seen it like a thousand times, but I agree with everyone else…how can there not be a green? Especially with the color of the year being emerald. I was looking forward to this but expecting really bright colors. In the movie when it goes from black & white drab Kansas to all the Technicolor glory of Oz, somehow pastels and neutrals don’t come to mind. I am looking forward to the glitters and the liquid sand though.
    Dionne recently posted: Day 9: Rainbow, R31DC

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Dionne!

      As a green lover, I would very much have liked to see a green. 😉 But I’m open to seeing their fresh take on Oz. Maybe the glitters will have a green tint? Or maybe they’ll be so amazing that we forget that there’s no green? 😉

  7. Mara

    I’m among the few who like the collection LOL! Maybe not the bar glitter and the liquid sand… And yes, I Know, ANOTHER sheer pink, but it’s the soft shades collection after all! I hope the other colors are opaque and the square glitter is not a dupe of DL Stairways to heaven!
    Mara recently posted: Cirque Colors Cape Liz and XX

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Mara!

      Same – I hope that these are very opaque, but if they’re sheer, I hope they’ll be jellies at least. I think the only time I really forgive a polish for being really sheer is when it’s super shiny like a jelly…or when it’s meant to be layered over something else.

      Actually, I don’t mind if it’ll be a dupe to Stairways to Heaven…I really like the way that polish looks, but I don’t own it yet!

  8. Meredith

    You know, I love the look of this. It’s the Soft Shades collection, so of course I wasn’t expecting emeralds or rubies (and I think we have enough of those, anyway). That being said, this is much more exciting than a typical Soft Shades collection, with so many glitters and a liquid sand. I think they do have a kind of hazy, magical look to them and I can’t wait to see what they look like in real life. Loving When Monkeys Fly, Lights of Emerald City and the liquid sand especially.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Meredith!

      I agree with you! Most Soft Shades collections are a lot tamer. This one has glitter and even a Liquid Sand! Well, we’ll see how they look in person. I do have high expectations because the polishes are inspired by Oz!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maria!

      I don’t have an exact date, but OPI has officially said that they’ll be available in March.

      However, like with a lot of OPI collections, I’ve found that they tend to drop slightly earlier than reported, so you might even see these at the end of February at some stores.

  9. nieta

    Just my humble opinion but, I really like this collection. Just saw it in Duane Read yesterday and I purchased “Glints of Glinda” and “Emerald City Lights.” Still thinking of getting “When Monkey’s Fly” and “What Wizardry is This” as well as “Which is Witch.”

    I think the’d make for great layering polishes. Perhaps “Emerald City Lights” over “What Wizardry This” may look more “Ozish.” Like when Dorothy was heading towards the Emerald City upon being awakened by Glinda’s magical snow. “Which is Witch” may also work well in that respect.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nieta!

      Definitely they’re wonderful for layering over. 🙂 I had fun with the glitters, especially, and the soft shades were interesting to wear because I don’t normally wear delicate colours like those.

      Hands down, my favourite from this collection is What Wizardry Is This. Awesome Liquid Sand finish and colour!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nieta!

      WOO HOO! Enjoy your new polishes! And please let me know which one you like the most after you’ve tried them out. I’m curious to hear what you think!

  10. Nieta

    I’ve done “Glints of Glinda” (3 coats) with “Emerald City Lights” down the center and a clear coat over all. Looks lovely – like a fawn’s back!” I did it only my ring fingers w/ the “ECL” overlay so that it wasn’t too over the top.

    Am now sporting “What Wizardry is This” and I added “When Monkey’s Fly” over my ring fingers and berry fingers (i.e. thumbs). Really fun! I didn’t think I’d like the sandy texture but the combo surprised me. An extra coat of clear over “When Monkey’s Fly” is advisable as the larger hexagon glitters have a tendancy to curl up. Still manageable though.

    Will try to keep you posted as I play with more combos.

    1. nieta

      BTW, for those who were missing the green in this collection, “What Wizardry is This” is green and looks AMAZING with “When Monkey’s Fly” over it!!

      “Emerald City Lights” can also be layered over it as well as over any other color.

      “The sheerer shades definitely benefit from having a nail foundation under them. Butter London puts one out but you can accomplish the same by putting 1 coat of a beige/tan/taupe polish under each of the shades and then add 2 or 3 coats of the actual color over that depending on your preference for opacity.


    2. Mary Post author

      Hey Nieta!

      The combination you did sounds really pretty. I’ll have to try Glints of Glinda over Lights of Emerald City!

      Yes, it’s too bad that the hexagons in When Monkeys Fly curls up. 🙁 But at least you’re making it work, as Tim Gunn would say. 😉


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