OPI Coca-Cola Collection Press Release

OPI Coca-Cola CollectionA while ago, PR sent me the press release about the new OPI Coca-Cola Collection, but I waited to share the news with you until I received an update with images, since pictures say a thousand words! 😉

Woo hoo – yesterday, they sent me the names and images for the 9 colours that are in the OPI Coca-Cola Collection, so I knew that I had to whip together a post to share it with you!

The collection is set to be released in June, so it’s just around the corner!

Although I’m not an avid Coke drinker (I rarely drink pop in general), I’m still interested in this collection because I can’t think of too many collaborations like this where a leading nail-polish brand teamed up with a major beverage brand.

I’m still waiting for OPI to team up with a cupcake company! 😉 (Mmm, or maybe I’m just craving cupcakes recently.)

OPI Coca-Cola Collection

There are 9 colours in the OPI Coca-Cola Collection:

Below is the press release sent to me by PR:

OPI Products Inc. Partners with The Coca-Cola Company
On Nail Lacquer Launch

LOS ANGELES – Feb. 19, 2014 – OPI Products Inc., a subsidiary of COTY Inc (NYSE: COTY),
announced a collaboration today with The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s largest beverage
company and home to one of the world’s most iconic brands – Coca-Cola, whose mission is to
inspire moments of refreshment, optimism and happiness. Several of the Company’s most
recognized brands – including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke,
Sprite and Fanta – will be the inspiration for a line of OPI limited edition nail lacquers that will launch internationally in June 2014.

“We’re excited to partner with OPI, a preeminent nail polish brand with global reach and
influence among our core target teen audience,” said Kate Dwyer, Group Director Worldwide
Licensing, The Coca-Cola Company. “Coca-Cola has a long history of collaborations
with beauty and lifestyle brands to further connect with consumers and tastemakers in a way that is meaningful and relevant for them.”

“As the global leader in the professional nail industry, OPI is thrilled to partner with the world’s top beverage company, The Coca-Cola Company,” remarks Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder and Executive Vice President. “These two iconic brands truly deliver happiness in a bottle – whether it’s a refreshing, invigorating sip of Coke or a set of fingers and toes perfectly polished with OPI nail lacquer.”

These are the 9 shades in the collection. (I didn’t have any descriptions for any, so I’ll just post the names and the images.)

OPI Coca-Cola Red OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Coca-Cola Red

Click here to see my OPI Coca-Cola Red Swatches & Review!

OPI You're So Vain-illa OPI Coca-Cola Collection

You’re So Vain-illa

Click here to see my OPI You’re So Vain-illa Swatches & Review!

OPI Get Cherried Away OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Get Cherried Away

OPI My Signature Is DC OPI Coca-Cola Collection

My Signature Is “DC”

Click here to see my OPI My Signature Is “DC” Swatches & Review!

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Today I Accomplished Zero

Click here to see my OPI Today I Accomplished Zero Swatches & Review!

OPI Green on the Runway OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Green on the Runway

Click here to see my OPI Green on the Runway Swatches & Review!

OPI A Grape Affair OPI Coca-Cola Collection

A Grape Affair

OPI Orange You Fantastic OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Orange You Fantastic!

Click here to see my OPI Orange You Fantastic! Swatches & Review!

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Click here to see my OPI Sorry I’m FIzzy Today Swatches & Review!

Green on the Runway, I Accomplished Zero, and Orange You Fantastic are my top 3 picks based on the promo pictures. (Of course you know that I’m really excited about a green!) 😉

As usual, stay tuned because after I wear them, I’ll review them, so you can get a better look at them! (Also, be sure to follow me on social media because I often give sneak peeks there first before on the blog!)

Which ones are calling (or screaming) your name? Do you drink Coca-Cola? Is there a collaboration with a company or person that you’d love to see OPI do? (I would love to see OPI partner with Lana Del Rey!)


56 thoughts on “OPI Coca-Cola Collection Press Release

  1. Angelina

    I really want that Coca Cola red on my nails. I’m not a soda drinker either because I want my kidneys to last (I had an infection whenI was a kid and I’m too sensitive). But my weakness is Cherry Red which is a limited edition in Mexico and I drink it in every travel to the USA (every 4 or 5 years).
    I’m waiting for this collection to arrive in my country.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Angelina!

      Oh, it’s so good that you don’t drink pop regularly, especially because of your kidney condition! I hope you’re healthy and happy! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Still not sure how Cole translates into nail polish colors, but I can’t wait to see these in person. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Icequeen81

    some colors are things I have seen before, but they are pretty anyway. Hope you are felling better about your pet.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      Thank you for touching base with me again. As each day passes, I’m feeling better about Pingu, although I still miss him dearly. Life must go on for the living, as my mom says.

  4. Tanya

    Hi! The best two out of this collection I think are Coca-Cola Red and You’re So Vain-illa. I agree with you about wanting to see OPI team up with Lana Del Rey. I can’t wait until her new album comes out next month I heard. Sorry to hear about your cat :(. I haven’t been commenting much on your blog lately because I’ve been going through some very personal things, but I’m glad your blog is still here for when I need a distraction from it all :).

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Tanya!

      I just got Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence album yesterday – LOVING IT! 🙂 Did you get your copy yet? Which songs are you loving?

      I hope that you’re doing alright. Sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time. I am, too, but always remember that we’ll come out stronger in the end because of the struggles we face.

      1. Tanya

        I did get my copy! So far my favorites are Ultraviolence, Brooklyn Baby, Pretty When You Cry and Sad Girl. Shades of Cool is also making it’s way to the top of my list. 🙂 This album came out at such a perfect time for me. Just like last month when I bought Mariah Carey’s latest CD, some of those songs described exactly how I was feeling. It’s funny how it sometimes feels like your favorite artists know exactly what you’re going through at the exact right time :).

        1. Mary S. Post author

          Yes, I know how you feel. Sometimes the right song just hits so close to home, and it becomes like emotional therapy, helping you get over the hard times or boosting your spirits about the good times.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Marga!

      I’ll be doing in-depth reviews on these! But, in the meantime, I’ve done some quick swatches of them. You can find them in my “Quick Look” post section.

  5. Niki T.

    Excited for You’re So Vain-illa and Sorry I’m Fizzy Today! Green on the Runway looks really odd to me. I’d like to see swatches of it before I decide to hate it or not. haha.

  6. alexandra-elisabet dorofte

    I’m not a soda drinker either because they aren’t healthy , i like these shades a lot : You’re So Vain-illa , Get Cherried Away and A Grape Affair

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Alexandra!

      For me, I don’t drink pop just because the carbonation makes me feel bloated. And when I was little, I could never finish a whole can! All my friends could drink two cans at a time, but I’d be sipping on mine and wouldn’t be able to finish even half! Guess that’s a good thing.

  7. Lauren W.

    Diet Coke is my favorite, but I’m so intrigued by Green on the Runway! Is it duo chrome or just murky green?! I need swatches!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lauren!

      It has a bit of a duochrome. Hope you liked my Quick Look post with swatches. Soon I’ll be doing in-depth reviews on these polishes.

  8. Tanyatopia

    I love Orange You Fantastic, I can tell already. And Green On the Runway has my name all over it.

  9. Nazish Akbar

    Wow they are all look so fantastic and so fresh especially these 2 shades are just Awesome 🙂
    Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
    My Signature Is DC

  10. Hannah

    I’m a HUGE fan of Coca Cola, so I am so ridiculously excited for this collection! All the colours look amazing. I have a feeling I’ll have to buy all nine. Oops. Haha.

  11. MsLinguini

    Unfortunately we have to wait much longer for every OPI Collection 🙁 I really hope, that I can get the red one and the pink one. With the other shades I’m not so sure 🙂 I really hope, that OPI might some day makes a blogger collection. Who else than all the nail polish addicts knows, what we like 😀
    MsLinguini recently posted: bruno banani | Absolute Man

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Ms Linguini!

      Yes, I also hope that there’ll be a blogger collection! When I met Suzi Weiss-Fischmann of OPI, I mentioned that to her. I thought it would be cool, but only time will tell if they decide to reach out to bloggers and do a cool collaboration like that!


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