OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & Pictures

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & PicturesHave you tried any of the OPI Avojuice lotions?

I have always seen them at Trade Secrets, but never bought any. I’m not sure why, since I do enjoy scents, and I’m trying to moisturize my hands more (since I tend to neglect them, even though I wash my hands often).

This is the very first OPI Avojuice hand and body lotion that I’ve reviewed on here, so I’m excited to get into it!

The OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion is one of two new scents added this year. It officially is set to launch in July. (You can read the press release about it here.)

I’ve never owned any lotion that smells of violet orchid, but let me tell you, I’m hooked on this one, and I’m not usually keen on florals in my beauty products!

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Pictures 

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & Pictures

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & Photos

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & Pics

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Pictures & Review

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Ingredients

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Ingredients & Review

Claims: MAYBE TRUSTED (see below), but Product: TRUSTED & HOLY GRAIL STATUS!

  • Violet orchid (Maybe) – I’ve never owned anything with this fragrant note, so I’m not really sure how accurate it is.

Key Notes

  • Name: OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion
  • Press Release: Click here to see the OPI Avojuice press release
  • Amount: 30 mL (1 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: Nothing! (This was provided by PR.)
  • Where to Buy: Trade Secrets & select beauty-supply stores, spas & salons

OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review


If this is what violet orchid smells like, I seriously need to hunt down other fragrances with it! It smells yummy – that’s right, yummy!

Since I don’t have a floral reference to draw upon, I’ll have to describe the scent in another way.

What I could discern was a sweet blackberry scent that wasn’t overly tart or overly candied. It was just right, like Baby Bear’s porridge in Goldilocks.

Since I do wear an eau de parfum pretty much daily, I don’t like any strong fragrances in my lotions that may clash. I am pleased to report that this lotion has a scent that you can enjoy more strongly when you first apply it, but then it fades down to something soft.

I really dig this fragrance potency because if I want to enjoy the scent again, I can bring my hand up to my nose and take a whiff of what lingers. (Hehe, I did this pretty often, and I’m sure at least one of my co-workers caught me sniffing my hands randomly. Not sure what she thought, but she didn’t say anything, so I was able to avoid an awkward moment. Sorta. Haha!)

A lot of floral scents give me a headache, but this one didn’t! I think it’s because there must be some kind of vanilla that smoothes out the scent and gives it a light, but creamy quality.

However, there’s still a bit of sharpness – not as strong as a tart blackberry. The vanilla does what sanding a sharp corner does. You get that accent, but it’s not too dramatic.


As you can see from the above photo, the consistency of the OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion doesn’t drip. But it’s not thick, either. It’s nice and light.

I should also mention that even though the lotion is tinted pastel lavender, when you rub it onto your skin, it’s transparent. Haha, you won’t get a purple tint and look like you belong to the martian movement. 😉


This is hands down the fastest-absorbing lotion that I’ve ever tried! I love it!

The problem I have with a lot of lotions is that you really have to rub them in for a long time to get them to absorb. Also, the light lotions tend to feel greasy, and because I am constantly on the keyboard, that’s no good!

This lotion is light, but it absorbs really fast and isn’t even slightly greasy! I was so surprised because when I first started rubbing it on, I could see a glossy sheen on my hands (which usually is a tell-tale sign something will be greasy). But, within literally a few seconds, the OPI Avojuice absorbed into my skin!


The OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion moisturized better than I thought it would! I thought the light consistency and the fact that it absorbed so quickly would mean that it would hardly do anything for dry skin. But, I’m glad I was wrong!

I saw immediate, noticeable improvement in the look and feel of my hands. And it didn’t leave a greasy-looking layer that sat on top of my skin like some lotions and creams do. (No wonder they call it Avojuice – it’s like your skin drinks the juice!)

This provided light (but effective) hydration. I wouldn’t reach for this if my hands were super chapped in the winter, but for the spring and summer when you don’t want something heavy-duty, this is excellent!

I’ve been keeping this tiny 30 mL trial size in my purse. When my hands look a little dry or when I want a quick pick-me-up scent, I bust this out!

How It Feels on Your Skin

It made my hands feel silky and soft, and I didn’t feel any greasiness. (To give you a reference, I’ve tried the lotions from Bath & Body Works, and although their formulations are thin and runny, they tend to feel greasy and I find myself having to spend a lot of time rubbing them into the skin. And, even then, I always feel like there’s a layer sitting on top of my skin. I think I found one that didn’t do this, but I forget now.)

The OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid lotion doesn’t leave an uncomfortable residue behind, and to me, this is a huge selling point.

A lot of times, I moisturize my hands at work or on the subway. I don’t want to be rubbing my hands for several minutes to get it to absorb, especially when I need to touch something soon. This lotion is perfect, and I’m thinking about purchasing a large bottle of this to use at work (which is when I tend to moisturize my hands the most).


My little bottle is a trial size. It has a flip-up cap, and the body is a squeeze bottle.

If you get this lotion, I recommend that you purchase the large bottles with a pump instead.

I didn’t like the trial bottle because the bottle is made of a hard plastic. The first time I squeezed it, I was surprised by the large amount of Avojuice that squirted out suddenly.

Subsequent times, I had to carefully and slowly squeeze the bottle so that only a little bit would come out. (I don’t want to waste any of this precious lotion!)

However, for the convenience of keeping it in my purse, I still like this small, portable size.


  • Smells like creamy blackberry without being overly tart
  • Available in small to large sizes
  • Non-greasy
  • Absorbs lightning fast
  • Mild scent won’t compete with your perfume, but you can still smell the lingering scent when you bring your hand up to your nose
  • Provides light hydration
  • Leaves hands looking and feeling silky smooth

  • Small trial-size bottle may dispense too much product if you aren’t really careful (Haha, it can literally shoot out and startle you! No, I’m not a wimp. I didn’t get a heart attack from a lotion.)

Final Verdict: 10/10

I’ve found my Holy Grail hand lotion! *Clouds part and angels play harps*

While I love the creamy, fruity scent, that’s not what I love the most about it. It’s the fact that it absorbs insanely fast and there’s zero greasiness! Those two points are usually where other lotions I’ve tried disappoint me.

Now I’m excited to try more scents in the OPI Avojuice line, and I must buy the big bottle with a pump to put on my desk at work. I will no doubt be using it a lot!

Have you tried any OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotions before? Have you smelled a violet orchid? What’s your Holy Grail hand and/or body lotion?


12 thoughts on “OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid Hand & Body Lotion Review & Pictures

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Paint Those Piggies!

      You’ll definitely become a fan of the Avojuice lotions then. They’re not greasy in the slightest, and they absorb so quickly. I can’t wait to try some of the other available scents!

  1. Cindi

    I love this lotion, and got a trial size free with a purchase and I fell in love with this stuff. But then I went to buy a full sized bottle and got sticker shock and came home empty handed. Maybe after I see the price tag a few more times I will be okay with it. Like with OPI polish or Essie, I refused to pay $7 a bottle as it was then and I stuck to my .89 and 1.99 polishes and dollar store hauls, but after falling for my first or second OPI, I can grab 3 of those babies up and plunk down a twenty bill and not even blink. So…it’s just a matter of time to get used to that price point. For now I still have a couple of the coconut avojuice lotions left to get me by. Not my fav, but will do until they are gone and then I will buy the Jasmine I think it was that I had. It was a lavendar color and smelled nice and flirty but not like food.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Cindi!

      I really think that even if something is a bit more expensive, it’s worth it if you will truly enjoy it and use it often. After all, you could pay less for something, but if you don’t really like it or don’t use it much, the value isn’t actually that great. That’s my philosophy. I will definitely splurge on things that I use often, like a high-end sunscreen.

  2. Emily

    I recently tried the Coconut Melon Avojuice (my 1st experience with any AJ, for that matter), and although I really couldn’t detect any melon, that was fine because I have a serious love affair with anything coconut! And MAN, the Avojuice has quite possibly the best coconut scent I’ve ever smelled! 😀 The qualities were just as you described: light, airy, easily absorbed but high impact moisture + the toned down, lingering scent. LOVE Avojuice!!! 😀 I want like a gallon of it!

  3. 10NiceNails

    I saw a lot of “talk” on Instagram last summer about these lotions so I got some…coconut melon and cran & berry. Both smell lovely, but sometimes strong scents like that really give me a migraine. If they had a low fragrance one. And these are incredibly moisturizing!

    My favorite lotion, though, is L’Occitane Shea!!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey 10NiceNails!

      Yes, they should make a fragrance-free one, actually, just so that people who have sensitive skin or sensitive noses can enjoy the amazing Avojuice formula, too!

      I’ve never tried anything by L’Occitane. Aside from the lotion, are there any other L’Occitane products you’d recommend?

  4. Tanya

    I can’t tell you how many times I walked past OPI Avojuice at the store and thought to myself I should probably check that out, only to get distracted by something else. Next time I WILL make a point to take a closer look. Especially now that I know there is a coconut melon scent :).

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Tanya!

      Definitely take a look, and if they have testers, give them a sniff. I bet you’ll find some great fragrances! I can’t wait to try more!

  5. Bunny

    This lotion made me loose softness in my skin and made my hand look like a scaley fish. I am so displeased, I love the smell I’ll give you that but it was like a reverse to a lotion. Instead of moisturizing, it demoisturized my skin.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Bunny!

      Wow! That sounds horrible. Definitely don’t use it, if you’re having such a bad reaction to it.

      For me, this worked really well (better than a lot of other hand lotions I’ve tried), and it never made my skin look scaley or dry. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you, but I hope that you found something that agrees better with your skin.


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