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No matter how self-conscious one is, there’s always a feature that’s a favorite. With me, my eyes are my favorite facial feature. Even still, I’ve always wanted longer, thicker eyelashes. I’m not about to drop $300 for lash extensions that take hours to do. So my next best solution is false eyelashes.

I have a few pairs by different brands – both full strips and individual ones. This review is on NYX Fabulous Lashes 116, which are full strips. They’re quite natural-looking, but if you’re not used to fake lashes, they definitely take some getting used to!

NYX Fabulous Lashes 116 Pictures & Photos

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116

Comparison of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL 116

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116 with Glue

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116 Glue

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116 Glue Consistency

Image of NYX Fabulous Lashes EL116 Instructions

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Key Notes

NYX Fabulous False Lashes 116 Review

Look & Feel

I was inaugurated into the Falsies Club with NYX Fabulous false Lashes 116. At first, I felt like my eyes were from an anime (since I have Asian eyes and my lashes were so fanned out… at least more than usual). But after a few hours, I’m sooo lovin’ them.

The lashes have a crisscross pattern, but they look slightly spread out. I much prefer this than full dramatic ones because I basically have no lashes. These blend in with my own lashes more naturally. I’ll definitely work up to the more dramatic ones once I get used to these.

After you apply them, these NYX fake lashes 116 feel natural as well. The lashes are bendable so you can curl them up even more.


While these NYX false lashes EL116 do look quite natural, you can definitely tell if you look closely since they’re so patterned. Not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you want fuller lashes and keep how you’re doing it a secret, you might want to try individual lashes instead.

That said, for a special night/occasion, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear these! They make my eyes appear much larger, which is something I struggle with. Also, I usually have a hard time winging my liner beyond the corner of my eye – I think it looks awkward since my short and sparse lashes don’t extend that far. These allow me to wing out my liner, which enlarges my eyes even more! Yayyy.


Application of my NYX false eye lashes EL116 is quite easy, not much more complicated than other fake ones. The band that holds the lashes together is quite flexible, but it’d be better if it were even more bendable.


NYX fake eye lashes EL 116 come with a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy tube of lash adhesive. You don’t get a whole lot, but you’re not supposed to wear these falsies too many times anyway for sanitary reasons.

The consistency of the adhesive is a bit thinner than I had expected, but it goes onto the band of the lashes easily. And it also spreads without clumps or chunks. It’s white in color, but it dries completely clear

The glue holds pretty well. I haven’t worn them for a sweat session at the gym, but the falsies didn’t come off (not even the ends) during regular wear. I think it’s mostly how you apply it that makes a difference.

The glue is fragranced. I know: weird, right? At first I thought it’s just how it naturally smells when all the ingredients came together, but then I realized it smells exactly like NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer. Maybe NYX added it to cover the chemical smell, but it’s just odd. I mean, why the heck do I need my eyelashes to smell good?


On the package, it says the lashes come right off by pulling the external edge. Um. Don’t do that. The glue sticks to both your skin and your own lashes – unless you want to rip those off, too, use makeup remover.

What I do is I soak a cotton pad with my makeup remover and run over the lash band a couple of times to melt the glue. Once the ends start to lift, then you can gently pull the band of lashes up. If it gets stuck, run your cotton pad over a few times again.


  • Affordable
  • Looks reasonably natural
  • Adds a bit drama & enlarges eyes
  • Reusable

  • Band can be a bit more flexible
  • Glue is fragranced

Final Verdict: 8.6/10

If you’re looking for super drama, these ain’t it. But if you’re like me and want to thicken the look of your lashes, then grab these definitely!

What do you think of these lashes? Do you have another brand’s falsies you swear by? Let me know!


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