Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Swatches & Review

Nicole-by-OPI-Hit-the-Lights-Swatches-ReviewNicole by OPI Hit the Lights from the upcoming Selena Gomez Collection due out in January 2013 is the first colour that caught my eye. Naturally, that meant I had to wear it first!

Yellows are notorious for being difficult. They’re usually streaky. So I was curious if this would be a miraculous one-coater or a dream to apply.

Even though green is my ‘comfort-polish’ colour to sport, I really like yellow, even though finding a flattering one can be tricky.

If it’s too pale or too orange, it makes my fingers look sickly or like I have jaundice. The easiest yellows for me to wear are neons, but that’s because neons look good on everyone.

Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Pictures

Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Selena Gomez Collection 2013

Natural Light

Hit the Lights Nicole by OPI


Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection Hit the Lights Review

Natural Light




Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos








Haha, I had to photograph it against the mustard beanie I made a while ago. πŸ™‚


Flash Photos



Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Hit the Light Swatch




√ Not-so-mellow yellow

Key Notes

Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Review


While this yellow isn’t as mellow as Orly Spark, it’s a soft yellow that isn’t harsh. But it still has enough ‘bite’ to it that it doesn’t make your fingers look sickly.

It’s a cheerful kind of yellow that’s fresh because it doesn’t have a lot of orange in it like some egg-yolk yellows do. I found this particular yellow easy to wear.

You’ll remember in my blog post about having dinner with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann that she said yellow and blue would be very trendy in the coming year. So that explains why this one will be part of a winter collection. (Normally when I see this type of yellow, I think of spring and summer.)

When I was having dinner with a friend, I wore this, and he said, “Don’t take this the wrong way (because usually I compliment you on it) but this time, your nail polish really stands out.”

That. Was. The. Point. πŸ˜‰

I was wearing a black-and-grey leopard-print cardigan and jeans, so my yellow nail polish really popped against my clothes. Haha, guys don’t always ‘get it’, right?

It’s funny how he thought that he was offending me when I actually took it as a compliment since that’s the effect I was going for. Sometimes you want your nail colour to stand out and get attention, so you mute the colour palette on what you’re wearing. πŸ™‚


Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights has a creme finish, which is simple and straight-forward. (It’s also very easy to remove.)

Application & Formula

Okay, so this wasn’t a one-coater like I was hoping. It’s streaky, so I recommend that you use 3 coats to cover any visible nail line. For me, it needed all 3 coats. At 2 coats, you could still see areas that were unevenly coated.

Yellows seem to stain my nails, so this time, I doubled up on base coat prior to wearing it. When I removed it, my nails weren’t stained.


  • Cheerful yellow is fresh-looking

  • Streaky, but you can achieve full opacity with 3 coats

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

Despite the formula being streaky and requiring 3 coats, I still gave it a high score because the shade itself was very fun to wear. It’s not stale-looking, and I think when yellows have too much orange or too much white, that’s when people have a lot of trouble pulling off a yellow. This one isn’t too pale, and it’s not too ‘egg-yolk’y, so I think more people should be able to wear this. YAY!

Have you ever found a streak-free or one-coat yellow? What colour do you find the most challenging to wear? Which colours from the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection would you like me to review next?


22 thoughts on “Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights Swatches & Review

  1. lawren

    Yay! I was waiting ever so patiently to see this color up and close. It looks amazing! Definitely something I would get my hands on πŸ˜€ I just wish everything wasn’t so expensive at Shoppers haha

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Stephanie!

      Can’t wait to show more. I’ve already reviewed Selena (the peachy pink), but I’ll be wearing some more in the near future, I’m sure.

      Is there a specific shade that you’d be interested in seeing first? If so, I can try to wear that and review it sooner.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Shannon!

      Yup – still on the hunt for the perfect yellow. I wonder what it is about yellows that makes them so prone to streakiness…

  2. beachgal

    I pretty much have stopped even trying yellow polishes – they all look horrible on me and yet I love a yellow T-shirt and always have been one who can wear yellows and golds in clothing. I did find I ‘almost’ could carry off the OPI yellow that is part of the So So Skullious set for Halloween this yr. But I think it was the skittles I did with the yellow and the stickers there that made it just OK on me! Nice you got to come home with some samples of the new collections to come. Hope to get to see more if you got anymore that is.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey beachgal!

      Are you sure? Have you tried tons of yellows from really pale to really dark? There MUST be one that works for you. What about a neon? Neons look great on everyone! πŸ˜€

      If you can sport yellow in your clothing, maybe try to match the polish to your clothes?

      At the dinner with Suzi, PR put together gift bags with the entire Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collection, so I have all of them, but haven’t worn them all yet. Hehe, it’s going to take some time because I like to enjoy my manicures and wear them instead of swatching. Swatching isn’t my thing…haha, funny isn’t it considering the blog has “Swatch” in the title. πŸ˜›

  3. Charlotte

    I like it, but it seems a little like one I already have. Which is also streaky, by the way πŸ˜‰

    I’m looking forward to seeing the glitters the most (especially Heavenly Angel and… nevermind. All the glitters), otherwise Love Song. Purples are nice, and it’s coincidentally the only of her songs I’ve heard that I like πŸ˜‰

    By the way – I do the clothes/nail-thing too. It’s the best excuse ever to wear blacks/greys AND to wear flashy nailpolish πŸ˜€
    Charlotte recently posted: Nails: Little Hearts

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Charlotte!

      Soooo hard to find a yellow that isn’t streaky, isn’t it?

      I need to think about what to layer under the glitters because I don’t think I’ll be wearing them solo.

      YES – finally someone who understands my ‘nail-polish/clothing logic’…hehe! πŸ˜‰

      1. Charlotte

        I hadn’t heard about the yellows’ rep when I bought mine, so I was really surprised with its streakiness. Definitely helps when you put on a second layer, but that sure is a color that is not going to be a one-coater.

        Do you think Heavenly Angel would be good over a black, or would it end up as a grey-ish mush?

        Haha, wooo!
        Charlotte recently posted: Nails: Little Hearts

        1. Mary Post author

          Some people layer yellows over white to increase their opacity. But a lot of times, I won’t bother doing that layering.

          Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel does have a cloudy base, so it’ll probably turn your black polish grey. (When I get around to wearing it, I’ll have to also try it on a nail wheel to see what that layering combination looks like. And then I’ll have to review it and include that in the post.)

          1. Charlotte

            I should try that, I guess. Just need to get myself a white polish now, then… Haha.

            I’m really excited to see that! I always think it’s interesting to see how different a glitter can look depending on the base.

            I posted my blog including my mother’s craziness, haha.
            Interesting part is at the bottom πŸ˜‰
            Charlotte recently posted: My Spanish Haul (Apparently) of Shame!

  4. Anne

    I’ve been lusting after yellows lately and wonder how this compares to OPI The It Color. Any chance you can do a comparison? =) Thanks


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