Nail Vote on Twitter: Top Coat or Base Coat?

Hey everyone!

Today, I tweeted a quick poll because I’m curious to hear what fellow nail enthusiasts think.

If you could only choose one that is an essential when you polish your nails, would it be a top coat or a base coat?

Log into your Twitter account, and vote before the poll closes!

Thanks for your feedback, and stay tuned for more quick polls! 🙂 Also, be sure to come back to see the results of those who participated.


2 thoughts on “Nail Vote on Twitter: Top Coat or Base Coat?

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      It’s a tough call for me because a base coat is indeed important for protecting natural nails, but I also rely on my quick-drying top coat. It was interesting to see the results roll in for the poll. Thanks for participating and letting me know your thoughts!


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