Nail Art Tutorial: Glitter Manicure…on a MAN!

Glitter Manicure on a ManPretty recently, I asked on Twitter if any of you had suggestions for nail-art designs to do on my friend.

I got a lot of great suggestions, but I settled on a simple gradient as well as dots.

Here’s the Glitter Manicure…on a MAN that I created!

Haha, originally, I was thinking about making this manicure more masculine, but as I started painting, it ended up being girly. 😉

Glitter Manicure…on a MAN Swatches

All swatches have:

Step 1: I used a makeup sponge to apply China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. (This was the first time I had ever used the sponging technique, and it was really fun!

Glitter Manicure on a Man 1

Step 2: Using the same sponge, I applied China Glaze For Audrey to the lower half.

Glitter Manicure on a Man 2

Step 3: Added random dots.

Glitter Manicure on a Man 3

Step 4: I wanted to add more dots, but in a different colour. So I asked him to pick the colour. He chose this green. Haha, I think it looks messy, but I had fun using the dotting tool.

Glitter Manicure on a Man 4

Step 5: Finally, I covered everything with some fun glitter before applying a top coat.

Glitter Manicure on a Man 5

Here’s another look at it:

And believe it or not, haha, he even asked me to take a photo of it without my camera’s flash and in artificial light, just to see how it would look. So, here’s that shot:

Glitter Manicure on a Man 7

As usual, I had a lot of fun painting his thumb nail. 😉 This time, it was more abstract, but next time, I think I may want to paint something like a piggy or other animal.

Do you have any suggestions for what I can paint on him next time?

Edit: Hey, check this out! Steve Winfield presented me with the National Association of Polished And Lacquered Men (NAPALM) Award! I’m 1 of 2 people who have been honoured with this. The other blogger is Scrangie, my favourite beauty/nail blogger! 🙂 So that’s a double honour!



19 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial: Glitter Manicure…on a MAN!

  1. Sarah

    That’s cute! I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to let me practice nail art on him, and he says no. Anyway, I find that when I do gradients, it’s really helpful to paint a base first – usually of the lighter color – then I take a spongey eyeshadow applicator and sponge the darker color on the tips. To even it out, I use the opposite side of the applicator in the first color I used, and just keep flipping and sponging until they’re perfectly blended. I’ve never tried using an actual sponge though, but I’ve seen it done with face-makeup sponges. Keep up the good work! (:
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    Shark tattoo done by Shaggy at House of Pain…

    1. Lizzy

      I never thought to use an eyeshadow applicator! That’s a great idea! I’ve been using cut off pieces from those sponge paint brushes. They came in a multi-pack and I just couldn’t throw them away. lol
      Lizzy recently posted: Color Club: Kismet

      1. Mary Post author

        Hey Lizzy!

        Yeah, isn’t it clever? And because those eye-shadow applicators are small, it means less chance of getting polish on your skin. SMART!

    2. Mary Post author

      Hey Sarah!

      Oh, I never even thought to paint the base first and THEN do the gradient! That’s a really great tip. Thank you! I’ll need to remember that the next time I try a gradient.

      And, how clever that you’d use an eye-shadow applicator! Another wonderful tip!

  2. Maddy

    Great pics! What a supportive friend, he understands how every girl just wants to paint a guy’s nails. You should try zebra or leopard print next. Or dolphins – they’re my favorite animal.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maddy!

      Haha, yeah, I’m actually surprised by how many times he’s let me paint his nails. 😉 But, of course I’m not complaining!

      Yes, I want to do a leopard print on him because…well, I’m a bit obsessed with it lately. The dolphin idea sounds cool, too. I wonder if I can do it. There’s only one way to find out, right? 😉

  3. Lizzy

    That is so awesome!! hehehe There may be something contagious going around. The guy who worked on my car the other day complimented my polish and then last night my hubby saw the Zoya promo for the free bottle of Sharon and said I had to get it because it’s limited. o_O?
    Lizzy recently posted: Color Club: Kismet

  4. Julia

    Haha, this is great! I’m really amused every time you do one of these. 😀 I’ve been trying to coerce my guy friends into letting me do something similar, but so far have been rejected every time…I guess they just aren’t as fun-loving as this man here!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Julia!

      Haha, I’m always amazed that he lets me do it to him every time. 😉 But he’s a professional artist, so maybe he’s got a soft spot for me expressing myself creatively.

      Have you asked your friends to just paint one nail? I’ve found that starting with just the thumb nail puts them at ease. Hehe, then when they get comfortable with that, ask to paint the rest of the nails! 😉

  5. Jessie

    I gotta say, I really love these posts. 😀 I know there are a few guy nail bloggers out there, but for some reason I still love your “on a man” posts extra. Now that we’ve seen glitter and a great pastel gradient, you could try something a little bolder. I like the idea of sports team colors, like you did on your own nails for the Super Bowl. I keep imagining red and white because that’s my favorite baseball team colors. 😉 But any bright combo would be fun to see!

    I hope your guy friend keeps letting you experiment on his nails, these posts are just so delightful!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jessie!

      Aww, thank you for saying that and encouraging me so much! I have TONS of fun painting guys’ nails for fun because it’s different than painting my own nails. (I don’t get the opportunity often to paint someone else’s nails.)

      Red and white is definitely a combination I could do sometime in the future. Haha, it’s Canada’s colours, so maybe on Canada Day, I’ll try to do something. We’ll see! 😀

      Hehe, yeah, I also hope that my friend continues to let me paint his nails. I keep telling them how my readers have reacted to photos of his nails. Haha, he usually gets embarrassed when I tell him, which is so cute!

  6. Tanyatopia

    Any man confident enough to wear pink or glitter is my kinda man! My boyfriend lets me paint his nails sometimes, mostly he just likes the pampering. Usually I have to pick “guy” colors but every now and then he lets me do pink, LOVE.


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