Nail Art Tutorial: Fried Egg Nails

Egg Nails Tutorial, Pictures & SwatchesIf you follow Swatch And Learn on Twitter, you’ll know that a few days ago, I woke up in the morning with a strong craving for chili. Very unusual considering I like having eggs for breakfast.

Today, I decided to pay tribute to one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast…because sometimes I’m a bit of a goofball. Normally I like scrambled eggs, but I thought that a fried, sunny-side-up egg would look cuter and less like polish poo-poo. (Yes, I am also apparently very mature, which is why I said poo-poo. And which is why I also said it a second time.)

Hope you have fun looking at my silly Fried Egg Nails! It was really simple to do, and I’ve explained it all step-by-step alongside visual aids in case you’d like to try it, too.

If you try your hand at it, maybe you could also add some bacon! (With all the scented polishes out there, it’s too bad there isn’t a bacon-scented one…although I’m not sure if I would want to smell like bacon all the time. The neighborhood dogs might chase after me…)

Fried Egg Nail Art Pictures

All swatches have:

Egg Nails Tutorial, Pictures & Swatches


Fried Egg Nail Tutorial & Pictures


Fried Eggs Nail Art Tutorial & Pictures


Funky Nail Art Egg Tutorial

Natural Light

Fun Nail Art Tutorial & Pictures

Natural Light

Egg Nail Art Swatch & Tutorial


Sunny Side Up Eggs Nail Art Tutorial & Pictures

Natural Light

*~* Fried Eggs Nail Tutorial *~*

Egg Nail Art How-to Tutorial

What I Used:

  1. Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat
  2. China Glaze Sunshine
  3. OPI Need Sunglasses?
  4. OPI Brand New Skates
  5. OPI Alpine Snow
  6. Misa Sugar Daddy
  7. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
  8. Nail-art brush
  9. Piece of tin foil

Step 1: Get all your supplies ready

Unscrew the caps for all the bottles. The last thing you want to do is struggle to open up a bottle when your nails are wet.

Step 2: Paint your nails grey

This will be the base color for the frying pan, and it’ll also provide a good contrast against the bright egg.

Egg Manicure & Tutorial Using OPI Brand New Skates

Quickie OPI Brand New Skates Review

The first coat went on so sheer – it took 4 thick coats to build up the opacity to what you see in the above photo! If you plan to use this shade, I suggest layering it over black so you won’t have to use as many coats.

The end result, however, is exactly what I was going for – it reminds me of a non-stick frying pan. I love how the sparkles in Brand New Skates is gold and not just silver like most shimmery silver polishes. The gold adds a touch of warmth to silver, which is more of a cold color.

Step 3: Create your egg whites

Wait a few minutes to allow for the grey to dry before continuing.

This step was so easy, and the more you ‘mess up’, the better the egg whites look! All I did was use the nail-polish brush (from OPI Alpine Snow, not the nail-art brush) to blob on some irregular-shaped egg whites. I loaded up my brush with polish and then created the shapes with a dotting motion. Then I just connected the dots and rounded out the shape.

Tip: Don’t try to make them all symmetrical. The more ‘oozey’ it looks, the better the finished look. Also, if you make them more rounded like the one on my index and middle fingers and less like the one on my ring finger, it’ll look more like fried eggs and less like a sloppy flower.

Fried Egg Nail Tutorial

Step 4: Add the yolks

Wait a few minutes to allow the egg white to dry a bit before moving on.

Again, this step was a piece of cake. You can’t mess it up even if you tried. Just load up the brush from your bottle of yellow polish (I used OPI Need Sunglasses?) and place a yellow dot inside the white area. You don’t even have to center them. Heck…when you crack an egg, sometimes the yolk goes off to the side!

Egg Nail Art Swatches

Step 6: Highlight the egg white and yolks (Optional)

Add a few drops of your glittery white and glittery yellow polish in separate sections on your piece of tin foil.

Dip your nail-art brush into the white glitter (I used Misa Sugar Daddy) and put some onto your egg white. I only added it in one section and not all over.

Dip your nail-art brush into the yellow glitter (I used China Glaze Sunshine) and highlight a small section of the egg yolk.

When you’re done this, it seems to add more dimension to the overall look. But in my photos, it’s kinda hard to see the big difference it makes.

I think it looks great with or without, so it’s a personal preference. I just like it with glitter on mine since it plays off the shimmery ‘frying pan’.

Fried Egg Nail Tutorial & Pictures

Step 7: Add your top coat

After waiting a good 10-15 minutes to allow all that polish to dry a bit, apply your favorite top coat to seal in all your hard work. The top coat also serves another purpose – it smoothes out some areas that may have been lumpy.

Step 8: Appreciate your fried egg nails & vow to buy free-run eggs at your next trip to the supermarket

Eggs are yummy! The only eggs I buy are free-run. Even though it costs a little bit more than the regular factory eggs, I feel better thinking that the chickens are treated more humanely.

Okay, so this was some silly nail art! I had fun! Did you? What do you like to eat for breakfast? Are there any other food manicures that you’d like me to do? I’m not a professional, but I’d love to try and see what I can (hehe…or can’t) do!

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18 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial: Fried Egg Nails

    1. Mary Post author

      Haha, I’m glad you had that reaction. Actually, I wasn’t sure if people might think they look like sloppy daisies instead of fried eggs like what I intended. So I’m pleased that you ‘got it’! 😀

      When I was wearing it, throughout the day, I would crave eggs. It was a little weird. Oh, the power of nail polish! Haha…

      What do you like to eat for breakfast? Or if you don’t have breakfast, what do you like to snack on throughout the day? I’m trying to come up with another food-related manicure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Thanks! 😀 It was so easy to do – probably took just 40 minutes because most of design is just blobbing on nail polish in a messy manner! This is the kind of nail art that the messier you are, the better it turns out!

      Glad you liked it even if you don’t like real fried eggs…hehe. What do you usually have for breakfast?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ruthe!

      Awww…thanks so much! I like highlighting the design – it helps them stand out a bit better, and plus I wanted an excuse to add some glitter. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Katie!

      Thank you so much – glad you liked it!

      Hehe, someone probably did come out with a bacon-scented polish already. Anyway…something to look out for…hehe! 😛

  1. Marta

    LOL! Your sense of humour and good naturedness is soo detectable in through this post! Love the eggs on the nails… not sure if I would try this, would most likely result in a) me biting my fingers off or b) me eating everything in sight due to my appetite inducing nails 🙂
    ps. might I add that the ‘frying pan’ (how do I even write that without laughing) is the perfect colour

  2. Ashley

    These are great!! Fun and kooky! Ooo I could so go for eggs right now, it’s 2:04 am and now I am hungry. Late night breaky and brinner are the best!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ashley!

      Thanks! 😀 Glad you share the same sense of humour that I do. And, yes, breakfast anytime is the best. Mmm…just thinking about a nice big breakfast is making me hungry.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Mystie!

      Thank you so much – they’re very easy to do and haha, they made me hungry when I wore them.

      I actually did try doing the toast-and-butter nail art shortly after I did these fried egg nails. Haha, I got the butter to look okay, but the toast resembled more of a cardboard box! Haha, so I just never posted my manicure on here. Not even sure if I kept the photos I took of it!


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