Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Swatches & Review

Sunlight Milani Gold One Coat Glitter Review & SwatchesWhen a blingy glitter polish claims to be a one-coater, I’m itching to put it to the test. A lot of times you either need tons of coats, or the polish is more suitable for layering.

The Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz was a prime candidate in the running. Would it win the majority of the votes, or would a huge scandal break out and force it to step out of the election?

I’ve heard a lot about the One Coat Glitter polishes from Milani, but this was the first one that I ever tried. So you can imagine how it piqued my curiosity.

Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Pictures

Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Swatches & Review

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Milani Gold Glitz Review & Swatches

One Coat Glitter Milani Gold Glitz Ingredients

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Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Swatches

All swatches have:

  • Nubar Foundation Base Coat
  • 1 coat of Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz (*Gasp* Yes, one!) – (This was provided by Milani.)
  • Milani Top Coat (This was provided by Milani.)
Sunlight Milani Gold One Coat Glitter Review & Swatches


Sunlight Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Swatch & Review


Sunlight Milani Gold Glitz One Coat Glitter Review & Swatch


Sunlight Milani Gold Glitz Glitter One Coat Swatches & Review


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    Full coverage glitter

Key Notes

  • Name: Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz
  • Amount: 13.2 mL (0.45 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: Nothing! (This was kindly sent to me by Milani.)
  • Where to Buy: Milani website, Cherry Culture, select Loblaw’s chain stores & select Lawton’s Drug Stores (Also, you can find Milani products on, although I didn’t see Gold Glitz currently for sale.)

Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Review


This is more interesting than a standard glitter polish because not only does it have gold glitter, but it also has orange glitter. The overall result is a warm gold. When you look closely, you can see the orange speckling, which I think makes it nice for the fall and holiday season.

While I think this colour is nice, I don’t think it flatters my skin tone. I can see this looking like a million bucks on people with richer or lighter skin tones than mine.

After wearing this for just a day, inspiration hit me between the eyes. (Oww! Hehe) I ended up doing some really silly nail art on top to make it more wearable for me. (I like wearing weird designs on my nails.) Hehe, I can’t wait to show you the original design I came up with. Check back sometime this week. (I’ll try to get the tutorial for it up in tomorrow’s post, but we’ll see…) 😉


Gold Glitz by Milani has a dense glitter finish. It’s rough, so it requires a top coat to smooth it out. However, even if you don’t use a top coat, this baby still sparkles quite a bit. I do, however, recommend a top coat because it makes it a bit more lively.

The glitter eats top coat – i.e. after a few minutes of applying your top coat, you’ll notice that the grittiness resurfaces. To keep it smooth for good, I suggest using a regular top coat (i.e. not fast-drying), followed by a thicker fast-drying top coat.

Its finish is so sparkly that it goes crazy even in low light (not just sunlight), which makes it truly live up to its name since it’s certainly glitzy.

Application & Formula

I wasn’t expecting Gold Glitz by Milani to be a true one-coater, but it was! I only applied a single coat, but I loaded up my brush first. I found that the glitter was densely packed and highly pigmented. It was very easy to put the glitter exactly where I wanted it – great formula for a glitter polish that wasn’t thick or goopey.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it dried super fast! If you actually wanted to do a second coat, you wouldn’t have to wait to paint the thumb on your first hand after painting the last finger on your second hand. You could immediately paint on your second coat, which means you’ll save a lot of time.


  • Very blingy dense glitter
  • A one-coater if you load up your brush
  • Dries fast
  • Easy-to-work-with formula
  • Has both gold & orange glitter, which makes it interesting

  • Has a gritty finish that needs a top coat to smooth it out

Final Verdict: 7/10

Milani did a great job on this one in terms of density, glitz, and dry time. The only reason I deducted several points was because I didn’t think the colour was all that flattering on my skin tone. It’s a nice polish, but I think it would look much better on someone else.

Do you wear gold polishes? What’s your trick for finding a gold polish that complements your skin tone? Have you used any other one-coat glitters from Milani or other brands?


36 thoughts on “Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Rainbowify Me!

      Me neither. I was really skeptical. Also, I read other people’s reviews on the other One Coat Glitters from Milani, and they said that it took them more than one coat. So when I tried this, I loaded up my brush to give it a generous first coat. It worked way better than I thought, so I’m really happy about that! 🙂

  1. Allyson

    Maybe you have covered this but…is there a special polish remover for glitter?!!?! I have such a hard time getting it off my girl’s toes…..I use acetone based….thanks 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Allyson!

      I only have one nail-polish remover, so I don’t have a special type just for glitter. I’ve read that to remove glitter the best, you should use 100% pure acetone, but I’m too chicken to do that because that stuff is strong! I use acetone-based remover (the pink kind from Sally Beauty Supply), and it works okay, but I still have to work pretty hard to remove chunky glitter.

      In my OPI Rainbow Connection post (, if you scroll to the bottom, I have a few tips on how to remove glitter polish more easily, but even if you use those methods, you have to put in more work to remove the glitter than for creme polishes.

      That being said, it wasn’t as difficult to remove this Milani glitter polish as I thought it would be. I think it has to do with the fact that I also only used a single coat of it. The more layers you do, the harder it is to remove.

      1. Allyson

        Thanks!!! I got them rainbow connection…and another muppet color as a present for the holidays 🙂 The top coat one is going to be one I will try 🙂

        1. Mary Post author

          You’re very welcome! 🙂 YAY for getting Rainbow Connection and another colour!

          Let me know how the top-coat-glitter-removal technique works for you after you’ve tried it. 🙂 Make sure that you work finger by finger with that method so the top coat doesn’t actually harden before you get to it!

  2. Jennifer

    Wow, one coat?! That’s amazing! I think I’ve never come across a one coat nail polish yet!

    Unfortunately, where I’m from (Canada, Québec), the only place that sells RANDOM Milani products is Winners… They sell products in a random package and I just hate it… 🙁 Where do you buy your Milani products???
    Jennifer recently posted: Just watch

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jennifer!

      Yeah, I was so impressed, too! As long as you load up the brush a lot before applying, you’ll get amazing coverage. So, don’t use a thin coat with this. Normally you don’t want to apply thick coats, but this formula dries so fast that it’s okay. And then you don’t have to add multiple coats, which means it won’t be as hard to remove, either, which is a nice bonus.

      I’m in Canada, too, and it’s reallllly hard (or impossible) to find that colour in a physical store. e-tailers are your best bet. I buy mine from Cherry Culture (but only when they have a coupon code sale and only when I’m buying a bunch of other stuff, too, to make the shipping better). Gold Glitz, however, was sent to me by PR, so I didn’t buy it.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marisa!

      I actually think that some golds would look amazing on your skin tone! I can picture one of those caramel-like golds with shimmer would really pop on you!

      I couldn’t believe this was a one-coater, either! After putting on that coat, I put my nails under a bright light in my home and actually inspected my nails to see if there was visible nail line. I was shocked at the coverage when I loaded up my brush before painting the first coat!

      Since I only used a single coat, it was easier to remove than I thought, too! I guess it’s because the coarse glitter particles don’t have as much to grab onto like they do when you use more than one coat.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey PinkGlitter!

      Highly impressive as long as you load the brush up really well before painting! And good thing the formula dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the one thick coat taking a long time to dry!

      I’m the opposite – I have more silver glitter than gold glitter. Although, I find myself not really reaching for my silvers, and now I’m getting into golds.

  3. Carmela

    One coat? Wow, Mary, that’s pretty amazing! I doubt you’d see me sporting full on glitter though as I prefer to layer them over other polishes. I’m not really a fan of gold polishes either. I find that yellow toned polishes tend to make my nails look like I have a fungal infection or something. It just doesn’t ook quite right. The warmer toned or more yellow it is, the worse it looks. So I guess for me, the trick to wearing gold polish is to find the most cool toned one. Or opt to go with rose gold instead. 😉

    Looking forward to see what fun nail art you did with this pretty! 😀
    Carmela recently posted: Nuance by Salma Hayek Beautiful Blends Eye Quad in Neutral 80

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Hahaha, you cracked me up with that fungal infection comment! 😛

      Thanks for the tip! Okay, so I have warm-toned skin with a yellow undertone. Would you say that for golds, I should look for cool golds to best complement me? (I’m confused about picking out golds…and pinks, actually, so any advice from you, I’d soak up like a sponge.)

      The nail art will probably make you laugh. In fact, every time I looked down at my fingers, I laughed, which is why I liked it so much. It’s definitely not something you see everyday. 😉 (I’ll try to get it up tomorrow.)

      1. Carmela

        Hahaha, it’s true though! You’ll see once I get my China Glaze Lighthouse swatches up. 😉

        Well, by the classic color rules, warm toned with yellow undertones should make yellow golds wearable for you as they’re definitely in your color spectrum. But too much yellow might be what’s throwing you off. Maybe opt for rose golds like Orly Rage or blonde golds like Color Club Antiquated. That might also be why pinks are so elusive for you because pinks are generally blue based and that’ll clash so bad with your yellow undertones. Warm reds (OPI Caviar and Vodka is a good example) will look smashing on you. If you really want to wear a pink, I’d say your best bet is one that leans peachy or with a gold shimmer. One of my favorite pinks is Trust Fund Baby from L’Oreal which is a great peachy pink. There’s also this post that you might find interesting ( for a more thorough explanation. 😀

        Complicated business, isn’t it? I have read recently though that color rules these days mean no color rules or going by the opposite of them to create a more modern look. So even after you’ve figured it out, the fashion muses suddenly dictate they shouldn’t be followed anyway! So really, it boils down to personal preference, I guess? Hahaha, hope this helped more than adding to your confusion!
        Carmela recently posted: Nuance by Salma Hayek Beautiful Blends Eye Quad in Neutral 80

        1. Mary Post author

          Haha, you did help more than add to my confusion. 😛 Thanks for explaining that!

          Yes, OPI Vodka & Caviar is a GORGEOUS red jelly polish that I love wearing. Good call on that! 😀

  4. Jacqui

    This looks amazing on you. How funny, I was so close to wearing this today!! I love the Milani One Coat Glitters, they are some of the only one-coaters out there! I have all 5 of them, and they are all phenomenal. My favorite top coat combo over them is: 1 coat of Gelous, 1 coat Barielle Manicure Extender, then 1 coat of Seche Vite. Gives me a nice, smooth almost glass-like finish.

    Oh and Dear Milani (if you’re reading this): please make more colors in these one coat glitters!! I would absolutely love to see a deep forest green and a bright turquoise color =) We need more One Coat Glitters in our lives!
    Jacqui recently posted: Orly Nite Owl & Why I Love the Color Taupe

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jacqui!

      Really? Thanks so much! 😀 I didn’t think that this particular shade of gold was too flattering on me, but, well, you made me feel better about it!

      Lucky you for having all 5 of the One Coat Glitter colours – you must really love them! 😀

      Thanks for the tip about the top-coat combination you use to keep them looking smooth and glassy. I’m sure other readers will find that very helpful.

      And I second that about how Milani should come out with more One Coat Glitter colours, too! (Of course I’m totally ‘rah rah rahing’ for anything green. 😉

  5. Valerie

    Your nails are always so perfectly shaped. I don’t know how you do it and I’m very jealous! Nice polish — I’m wearing a similar gold (though it’s more like gold shimmer) and I feel like it’s not really going with my skin tone, unfortunately. I might try to sell it or give it away.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Valerie!

      *Blush* Oh, hehe, I actually am self-conscious about my nail shape, so the compliment you gave me on them realllllly makes me beam! Thank you very much for saying that! Honestly, I always have trouble shaping my ring finger (aka my nail that’s always shaped by nature like a candy corn! Haha!). I shape them very minimally because my nails grow more oval than anything else. Square and squoval nails make me drool way more, but the few times I tried to shape them like that, it didn’t look right, so I guess I don’t actually know how to shape nails properly.

      Which gold are you wearing?

  6. Melissa

    This is a really pretty color! I always look at the one coat glitters whenever I pass them at my Target, but the only one I ever got close to buying was Purple Gleam. I like that they’re nothing but straight up glitter, but it sure seems like it’d be a huge pain to clean up in the end. I’m sure it’s worth it when the color is that pretty. As for the one coat thing, I wish all nail polishes could do that! Thanks for the review!
    Melissa recently posted: Royal Skyscraper

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Purple Gleam is gorgeous, too! If I didn’t already have Nubar Violet Sparkle, I would’ve snatched it up, too. 🙂

      Actually, when I used just a single coat, I found the glitter to be not too bad to remove. I think it’s only when there’s more than a single coat when it becomes exponentially more challenging to remove.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maddy!

      If you get it, just make sure you load up your brush well first so you only need a single coat. (I was really impressed!)

  7. Debi

    Okay, Mary –

    One coat, yes. And I’m excited, because I love,love,love glitter!

    So I have a question for you – once it’s on and dry, before you top coat it, is this polish thick enough to stand a buffing at the nail edges? That’s one of my complaints about glitters and I have two buffer/filers that get a lot of workout for removing glitter at the fingertip.
    But, some glitter polishes won’t hold up to that and they’ll peel. Will this polish hold up to a buffer, so the edge of the nail is also smooth, or will it peel up and ruin the mani?

    Ooh, I think I still have to go get some.
    And I’d love to have at least a rainbow of these!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Debi!

      I’ve never tried buffing the edge of my nails after applying polish, so I wouldn’t know if it can stand up to it. Actually, I usually wrap my tips (i.e. paint the free edge of my nails) with whatever polish I’m using so that the manicure lasts longer. After you’ve applied 2 top coats (1 regular and 1 thick like Seche Vite), I’ve found that it makes the edge smooth, too.

      If anyone else is reading this and has buffed the edge of their nail with glitter polish on, please let Debi know about your experience with that!

  8. Nicole

    I never wear gold jewelry, although I sometimes do bust out some bronze owl earrings that I love! 🙂 I DO like my OPI Gift of Gold polish and somehow I think that the red in it makes it a lot more flattering than the orange. I think this polish COULD look great on someone with a dark skin tone, but for me I just don’t care for it much. I do love that it’s a one coater, though, cuz I’m getting a little tired of dedicating an evening every other day to removing my glitter polish. I never really thought about glitter being harder to remove when there are multiple coats because it provides more grit for the next layers to hold on to, but that totally makes sense. Yay for one-coat glitter!
    Nicole recently posted: My Cult Nails Package Is Here!!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nicole!

      Oh my gosh, wish I could see your bronze owl earrings! Owl jewelry is so much fun to wear. 🙂

      I agree that red in your polish makes it easier to wear – at least for me. Oranges can sometimes have too much yellow in them…or just something that clashes with my skin tone.

      1. Nicole

        There’s something about brassy gold that just isn’t that great all the time. And about the owl jewelery… I have tons! I have several owl necklaces, a few pairs of earrings… and 2 awesome big crazy owl rings! I’m a little obsessed. It used to be hard to find owls but now they’re EVERYWHERE. Some day I’ll do a random post about all my owl jewelry and let you know about it. 😉
        Nicole recently posted: Deep Sea Mica with Sugar Plum Yum over black tips.

        1. Mary Post author

          Oh, you have an owl jewelry collection? YES, I would be very interested in checking out your post about it! (I’m picturing owl earrings now – so darn cute!)

  9. lulu

    One coat glitter… wow I NEED this haha! I’m looking to pick this up during Milani’s cyber monday sale for sure along with some others of theirs… any recommendations? The only Milanis I’ve tried so far is their Jewel FX line.

    Btw if you’re looking for a gold, Orly Luxe and Rage are super super gorgeous! Luxe is a cool toned gold which pretty decent on me (I’m warm-toned) and Rage is a rose bronze which looks pretty gold in certain lighting… it’s very flattering. The swatches online don’t really show how truly beautiful they are, if you haven’t tried them you definitely should. Especially Rage. Though I don’t want to hype it up or you’ll probably be disappointed lol!
    lulu recently posted: Hephaestus & Aphrodite

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey lulu!

      I haven’t tried many Milani polishes, either. But I’d recommend this (if it works with your skin tone), Purple Gleam, and Hi-Res.

      Actually, I have Orly Luxe, but haven’t worn it yet. Oh dear…too many untrieds. :S Rage looks interesting, and I don’t have that one yet.

  10. Marta

    I absolutely LOVE this shade of gold on you!!!! And I truly can’t believe that this is a one coater!… buuuut, I am not a doubting Thomas when it comes to your blog and I will totally take your word for it!
    WOW! very very very pretty!
    Marta recently posted: Day 10 – OMBRE NAILS

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Yeah? I was a little unsure if this gold worked well on me.

      Oh, trust me, I was seriously doubtful of it being a one-coater because I’ve read reviews on the other colours saying that they took more than one coat. So for this one, I loaded up my brush heavily and tried just one. What a pleasant surprise! Plus it was much easier to remove since I didn’t have multiple layers. 🙂


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