MAC Dazzleglass Review, Swatches & Pictures (Date Night, Baby Sparks & Steppin’ Out)

What’s one makeup item I can’t live without? Lip gloss! Not only are dry lips unsightly, but they also are hella uncomfortable and annoying. Wherever I go, I must have my lip gloss – it is to me what Linus’ blanket was to him.

Plus I dig how easy it is to use – there’s no need for a mirror. Just swipe and go. It totally fits into my Always-Rushing-like-the-Flight-of-the-Bumblebee-Song lifestyle.

Yes, lip gloss is more than love – it’s lust, baby! And when you combine that with glitter? Color me orgasmic!

I checked out MAC Dazzleglass for my gloss + glitter fix. The Dazzleglasses are well-known for adding oomph and dimension to bare lips. They’re also great for transforming the shade of your lipstick.

MAC Dazzleglass Pictures:


Top-Bottom: Steppin' Out, Baby Sparks & Date Night


No Flash (Top-Bottom: Steppin' Out, Baby Sparks & Date Night)

With Flash (Top-Bottom: Date Night, Steppin' Out & Baby Sparks)

No Flash (Left-Right: Baby Sparks, Steppin' Out & Date Night)

With Flash (Left-Right: Baby Sparks, Steppin' Out & Date Night)

Blurry to Show Glitter (Left-Right: Baby Sparks, Steppin' Out & Date Night)



Creates a glam look
High shine

MAC Dazzleglass Review

The most attractive thing about MAC Dazzleglasses is the wide variety of colors available. You’ll find everything from a baby pink and a funky purple to a trendy coral and a cool gold. And what’s even cooler? They all have oodles of glitter – some are iridescent while others have tone-on-tone glitter. One thing’s for sure – they have personality! (Cue the Lloyd Price song.)

Here are the three I tried:

  • Date Night: Deep plum with blue & gold pearl
  • Baby Sparks: Pale pink with violet pearl
  • Steppin’ Out: Clean yellow pink with red pearl

They all come in clear hard plastic tubes with opaque black caps. The long wand has a brush applicator. I know that many women love brushes because they allow for more precision and even application, but I actually hate brushes for lip gloss. Even though doe-foot wands are less hygienic, I just find them so much easier to work with especially when I’m on-the-go. With a brush, the goopy formula globs on the brush and just gets messy.

Next, let’s talk about the smell. Heavenly! I’m very picky about fragrances especially when it comes to lip gloss. Your nose is so close to your lips, so a repulsive-smelling lip gloss can literally make you gag. With MAC Dazzleglasses, you don’t have to worry about that! In fact, they smell good enough to eat! Think vanilla cake batter – but not the sickly sweet kind. It’s not overpowering at all and doesn’t give me a headache. It reminds me of yummy frosted cupcakes.

Even though there’s glitter in these, when you press your lips together, you can’t feel grittiness. It is, however, very sticky. (Don’t wear them on a windy day or you’ll have hair sticking to your lips.)

I know many people despise sticky glosses, but I actually like them because usually that means they’re thicker and that they’ll last longer.

If I don’t eat or drink anything, Dazzleglasses usually last 4 hours on me before I have to touch up. They also do a good job at moisturizing my lips. But when stacked against the MAC Lipgelees, they pale in comparison on both counts.

Considering how little product you get, Dazzleglasses are quite expensive. You’re really paying for the diverse color selection and the unique glitter combinations.

I really enjoy wearing them all alone, but Baby Sparks and Steppin’ Out look great over a nude lipstick. You know those shades that make you look corpse-ish? These are excellent for adding drama and depth to flat and hard-to-pull off matte shades like MAC Myth.


  • Smells heavenly (signature MAC vanilla cake-batter scent)
  • Pretty, unique & sparkly colors
  • Versatile (can be layered over bare lips or lipstick)
  • Very moisturizing

  • Expensive considering the small amount of product
  • Goopy consistency

Final Verdict: 8/10

If you love lips that bask in the limelight, MAC Dazzleglasses are right up your alley. The glitter creates enough drama without veering into Drag Queensville. I recommend them to anyone who doesn’t mind paying a little more for a fun luxury you can enjoy every day.


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