MAC Dazzle Lipstick Digi-Dazzle Collection Review, Swatches & Pictures

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Digi-Dazzle CollectionIf you’ve ever dived into the wonderful, addictive world of MAC Cosmetics, you know where I’m coming from when I say that you feel like a kid in a candy store. The color range is impressive, there are several finishes available, and you can really play around like a makeup Picasso.

MAC Cosmetics offers many lipstick finishes including Amplified Cremes, Cremesheens, Glazes, Lustres, Mattes, Satins, and Frosts. The Digi-Dazzle Collection introduces a brave new finish – Dazzle! It’s super sparkly and glittery.

I’m more into lip gloss than I am into lipstick, but when the new limited-edition MAC Digi-Dazzle Collection came out, I couldn’t resist placing an order. I bought 7 of the 13 MAC Dazzle Lipstick shades.

MAC Dazzle Lipstick Digi-Dazzle Collection Pictures:
Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Digi-Dazzle Collection


Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Ingredients Digi-Dazzle Collection

Ingredients are the same for all 7 shades I bought

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Digi-Dazzle Collection

Left-Right: Liquid Lurex, Sweet Bits, Glaringly Hip, Snazzy, Smash Hit, Win-Win & Hellraiser

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Digi-Dazzle Collection

Same color order as above

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Liquid Lurex, Sweet Bits & Glaringly Hip

MAC Liquid Lurex, Sweet Bits & Glaringly Hip

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Smash Hit, Win-Win & Hellraiser Digi-Dazzle Collection

MAC Smash Hit, Win-Win & Hellraiser

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Win-Win, Hellraiser & Snazzy Digi-Dazzle Collection

With Flash (Left to Right: Win-Win, Hellraiser & Snazzy)

Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Hellraiser Digi-Dazzle Collection


Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Win Win Digi-Dazzle Collection


Mac Dazzle Lipsticks Snazzy Digi-Dazzle Collection


Mac Dazzle Lipstick Swatches Digi-Dazzle Collection

Top to Bottom: Win-Win, Hellraiser & Snazzy (No Flash)


High-shine lip color
Dramatic sparkle w/multi-sized pearl pigment
X Rich color
Glam-rock effect
X Long-wearing

Key Notes

  • Name: MAC Dazzle Lipstick
  • Amount: 3g
  • What I Paid: $17.50 CAD
  • Price Per Unit: $5.83 CAD
  • Colors Available: Hellraiser, Win-Win, Snazzy, Smash Hit, Liquid Lurex, Sweet Bits, Glaringly Hip, Hot Sass, Naughty You, Troublemaker, Infused with Glam, Baby’s On Fire & Wham
  • Where to Buy: MAC Cosmetics (Canadian site / US site) & some department stores

MAC Dazzle Lipstick Review

I ordered from on Wednesday and received my order on Friday! Very fast shipping especially considering it was free shipping. I’ve purchased from them a few times and have had the same quick service, so this isn’t an isolated incident.

What appealed to me about the MAC Dazzle Lipsticks is that they can be worn alone on bare lips or layered. By pairing it over other lipsticks or under a lip gloss, you can completely breathe new life into an old color. And I like how with these you don’t get full, in-your-face color like you would with a matte red shade for instance. This provides extremely subtle color, which is great for me because as I mentioned before, I’m more of a lip gloss wearer than a lipstick wearer. For those of you who like full coverage and aren’t buying this for layering, you won’t like this finish.

A main reason why I don’t usually wear lipstick is because I find it drying even if I put chapstick on underneath. The Dazzle Lipsticks surprisingly aren’t drying – they feel relatively smooth and don’t emphasize the natural lines on my lips. Even though they’re smooth, if you press your lips together, you’ll still feel the glitter slightly, but it’s not super gritty or very noticeable.

These smell divine – they’ve got that signature MAC scent of vanilla cake batter that I really enjoy. Haha…Honestly, I think I sniff them too much! Love, love, love!

Even though they’re supposed to be long-wearing lipsticks, on me they wear like any other lipstick. Around the 4-5 hour mark, there’s noticeable wear. And when these wear away, you’re left with the sparkles on your lips. That doesn’t bother me because I regularly touch up with lip gloss so I don’t have to worry about the sparkles migrating to other parts of my face.

  • Glamorous multi-colored sparkle effect
  • Micro-glitter doesn’t feel gritty
  • Vanilla cake-batter signature MAC scent
  • Versatile (can be layered or worn alone)
  • Doesn’t feel dry
  • Gives you the sparkle of a gloss without the stickiness



  • Expensive (compared to drugstore lipsticks)
  • Sparkles remain on lips after lipstick has worn away
  • Limited edition (buy backups of your favorites before they’re gone for good)

Final Verdict: 9/10

These are fun to wear and give me the effect I want like a glittery lip gloss but without the goopy, sticky consistency. For people who are less concerned with opaque color and care more about the sparkly glam effect, this is the perfect product. But you’d better snatch them up quickly because these babies are limited-edition!


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