LA Splash Golden Seahorse Review & Swatches

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

I’m in trouble. If you’ve read the Haul of Shame I posted two days ago, you know that I have no self control. I have nuclear shopping capability, able to destroy my wallet with one single blow. LA Splash Golden Seahorse was the first nail polish I wanted to try from my haul – it just looks so different in the bottle!

Now I’ve tried it. And now I love it. And now I want more LA Splash nail polishes. I didn’t expect to like this polish so much, but I don’t own anything like it. Sometimes it reminds me of the ocean – a blue/green sea that glistens and twinkles under the sun. Sometimes it reminds me of a mermaid – its tail encrusted with jewels stolen from fallen pirate ships…

I may have inhaled too much nail polish…

LA Splash Golden Seahorse Swatches & Pictures

*~* 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light *~*

Dimmed Sunlight

*~* 2 Coats with Top Coat in Flash *~*

Gritty Nitty


    Quick drying
    Long lasting
    Glistening shade

Key Notes

  • Name: LA Splash Golden Seahorse
  • Amount: 10ml
  • What I Paid: $3.99 USD
  • Price Per Unit: $0.40/ml
  • Colors Available: Over 170 shades! Please see LA Splash’s website.
  • Where to Buy: LA Splash, Cherry Culture

L.A. Splash Golden Seahorse Review


L.A. Splash Golden Seahorse has a pretty base color – it’s a minty sea-foam green with a very slight tinge of blue. But it’s not all about the color. Check out the gold glitter on this bad boy. The combination of dense gold glitter with the green creates such an interesting sparkling effect.

You could probably recreate a similar color effect on your own though. Just choose a light green (maybe OPI Mermaid’s Tears or even elf Mint Cream?), layer a gold glittery top coat, and voila!


Golden Seahorse by LA Splash goes on completely opaque in two coats. No surprises here. Nothing unusual.


This dries gritty. I’m wearing Golden Seahorse with just 1 layer of top coat, but it’s still not smooth like I’m used to from my normal polishes. If grittiness bothers you, 2 applications of top coat would probably do.

Consistency & Application

The consistency is just a little weird. It feels thick because of all the glitter, but actually it’s quite thin.

This made the first application awkward. If you tend to go over the nail a couple of times in the first application, sometimes the brush would sweep the applied polish off the nail leaving bald spots. But I didn’t worry too much about this since I knew I was going to apply a second coat, which evened out the application and created complete coverage.

Drying Time

No surprises here, either. Since it’s a glittery polish, I expected Golden Seahorse by L.A. Splash to dry quickly. And it did. Takes about 5 minutes or less.


At first, I really loved the shape of the bottle. I think it’s cute and different – it looks more like a lipstick or lipgloss than a nail polish! But I soon found the tall shape wobbly. It didn’t topple over when I was dipping the brush into the polish, but it did wobble and make me fear that it would. It’s nothing really since it didn’t tip, but I just wish it were more stable.


Just looking at the ingredients, and formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP and toluene aren’t listed on the bottle of LASplash Golden Seahorse or the company website. So I’m going to say this is Big-4 Free.


  • Dries quickly
  • Pretty shade with glitter!
  • No formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP & toluene
  • Opaque & even in 2 coats

  • Gritty finish
  • Feels like the tall bottle might topple

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

This isn’t a color that makes you ogle shamelessly. It’s a polish that catches your eye unexpectedly. I don’t stare at this color, but I do find myself pausing to admire the color whenever the glisten of the glitter catches my attention.

For other polishes and makeup I purchased on my Cherry Culture mega haul, please see this post.

What do you think of this color? Do you think you’d try to recreate it with a green color and a gold glitter top coat?


12 thoughts on “LA Splash Golden Seahorse Review & Swatches

  1. ImperfectPaint

    I really love this shade, and other LA Splash glitter polishes. They make some really great ones. The only thing about these is they are not the easiest to work and the gritty finish which you mentioned. To add fuel to the fire some of my favorites are Ocean Sprinkles, Ocean Fairy, and Terra Beach, & Glitz n’ Berry. Sorry for enabling!

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Maribeth!

      This is my first try at LA Splash, and I don’t think it’ll be my last. 😛

      Haha. I think the grittiness won’t bother you too much, at least I hope. It’s not as bad as Milani One-Coat Glitter, but you might need a couple layers of TC on this if the grittiness really is an issue. 🙂

    1. Fiona Post author

      Thanks, Ruthe! I knew I’d like it, but I still was surprised at just how much I loved it! Have you tried LA Splash nail polishes before?


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