KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches & Review

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches & Review

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty is the polish that winked at me from across the candlelit room filled with other handsome lacquers in the Fall 2015 Collection. Naturally, I winked back. 😉 Then, we went for dinner and a movie.

I’m in love with KBShimmer Dark & Twisty because you get rainbow glitter contrasted with the black background.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the name “Dark & Twisty” (suits the polish well), if I could rename it, I would call it Dark Humour. Why? My first impression when I saw it? Immediately, the colourful getups that clowns wear sprung to mind, and the black base added a sombre vibe.

This nail polish is a winner in my book, and if you’re in the mood for vampy nails with that ‘something extra,’ this is a great choice!

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Pictures

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Review & Swatch

Artificial Light

Dark & Twisty KBShimmer

Natural Light

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Review

Artificial Light

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Pictures

Natural Light

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches

All swatches have:

Artificial Light Photos

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches & Review

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatch & Review

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Review & Swatches

Natural Light Photos

KBShimmer Dark and Twisty Swatch & Review

KBShimmer Dark and Twisty Swatch

KBShimmer Dark and Twisty Swatches

KBShimmer Dark and Twisty


  • Black jelly (Yes)
  • Fine metallic rainbow glitter (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: KBShimmer Dark & Twisty
  • Collection: KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection
  • Quick Look: Click here to see my Quick Look post on 4 shades from the KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection
  • Colours Available in the Collection: Be Scareful, Such a Vlad-Ass, I Feel Gourd-geous, Open Toad Shoes, I’ve Seen Sweater Days, Talk Qwerty to Me, Teal It To My Heart, Carpe Denim, Breaking Blues, Soul Deep, Fig-Get About It & Dark & Twisty
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • Retail Price: $10 CAD
  • Disclosure: This was provided as a press sample by Harlow & Co.
  • Where to Buy: KBShimmer & Harlow & Co. (At the time I wrote this post, it was already sold out at Harlow & Co., but I left the link in case you wanted to check if they restocked it.)

KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Review


Dark & Twisty by KBShimmer satisfies your dark side, while reminding you to look on the bright side that’s somewhere over the rainbow.

The base is black, and there’s metallic glitter in red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. It’s possible that there are even more colours, but with my myopic eyes, that’s what I spied.


Since the black base has a jelly finish, it’s got a squishy look that I really love because it appears lively. It reminded me a bit of China Glaze Liquid Leather in that it’s jellyish, but it still covers the nail well and appears wonderfully glossy.

The glitter sprinkled throughout isn’t scratchy, which means that the base coats the edge of the glitter very well. It felt pretty smooth on its own, but of course, after a glossy top coat, it reaches a glass-like finish.

Application & Formula

Application was wonderful because you don’t need to dab the glitter on. Just paint as you normally would. Then, you may want to go over some areas to ensure even glitter distribution. It’s easy to get the glitter arranged exactly the way you want.

Also, when it came time to sadly removing this manicure after I enjoyed it for a couple of days, I noticed that it came off very easily. As you know, jelly polishes tend to remove quickly, and even the glitter came off without a hitch.

To get the coverage you see in my photos, I only needed to use two coats. However, if, for whatever reason, you want to use less than that, just lay down a black-creme polish under the glitter.

I enjoy this polish solo, without layering anything underneath, because I think that’s how the black-jelly finish really shines. (Sometimes when you put a creme-finish polish underneath, it doesn’t have the same squishy look.)


  • Vampy, yet full of rainbow cheer (due to the glitter)
  • Squishy-looking black-jelly base
  • Smooth formula
  • Needs only 2 coats to get great coverage
  • Easy to apply & to remove
  • Glitter isn’t scratchy


  • If you don’t shop online, getting your hands on KBShimmer nail polishes can be very difficult

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Dark & Twisty by KBShimmer is a polish that channels your inner goth who has a fascination with rainbows. 😉

I’m totally feeling the edginess of the black-jelly base, and the sprinkling of colourful glitter are like cute sprinkles for your nails.

I’m a fan!

If you could rename Dark & Twisty, what would you call it? Have you worn any polish similar to this? Do you prefer black-jelly nail polishes or black-creme nail polishes?


10 thoughts on “KBShimmer Dark & Twisty Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    I LOVE THIS COLOR! It’s so pretty! I think I’m going to have to get a bottle of this one. Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. ashley

    this was one of the new kbshimmer colors i HAD to have! i just wore it a few days ago and got so many compliments and people were asking me to write down the website where they could order it! it really is so unique! i was a little worried that the glitters wouldn’t stand out on the nail like you can see them in the bottle, but they do show up very well… as you can see by your beautiful swatches!
    i do like to wear black polish, but i’ll only wear it in the fall. love black polish even more when it has a little something extra in there! ;-D

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Ashley!

      I totally agree with you – when black nail polish has something ‘extra,’ it takes it up a notch. 🙂 Sounds like your manicure was really amazing that people wanted to buy the polish! 🙂 Did you snap any photos of your manicure?

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Sasha!

      Fingers crossed that it comes back! 🙂

      By the way, I checked out your CNE Mini Haul blog post. 🙂 Lots of goodies! P.S. I like your glittery background – so cute!


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