Blog News: I Attended the Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event Yesterday Evening

Inglot Toronto SwatchAndLearnI had the incredible opportunity to attend the exclusive Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event yesterday, and I have so much to tell you because it was chock-full of inspiration up the whazoo! (A makeup Picasso would go nuts at Inglot!)

No doubt you’ve read glowing reviews of Inglot makeup products on many beauty blogs. (I sure did!) Strange thing is that I never dabbled into Inglot makeup before, despite hearing rave reviews. Well, that all ends now because I think that I’m in love!

Haha, I bought stuff on Saturday and then during the VIP Beauty Blogger Event, I ended up buying more. (The makeup addiction is real, people!)

In case you didn’t know, Toronto has a new makeup gem at Yonge-Dundas Square. Yes, that’s right – Inglot’s only store in Canada is in the heart of downtown! How exciting is that? (For those who are local Torontonians like I am, it’s across from the H&M at the Toronto Eaton Centre, near the Hard Rock Cafe. This location is so convenient!)

Yonge-Dundas Square is full of life, and if you ever visit Toronto, it’s the place to go. There are always lots of things to see and cool events going on. Plus in the summer, I’ve seen free music concerts and public movie viewings. Trust me – you can’t get bored here! (If you do get bored, I think you should invest in a defibrillator. Haha!)

Especially after attending the Inglot VIP beauty blogger event yesterday, I feel that the location fits the brand’s image perfectly.

Inglot is a company with products made in Poland that takes it to the next level and doesn’t play it safe. I applaud them for thinking outside the box and for not following the flock. They put out so many different colours, so even if you want bright blue lipstick, you’ll find it here! (Later in this post, I’ll show you photos of blue lipsticks I found at the Inglot Toronto store.)

In the photo above, I’m standing beside the Inglot presidents, Marcin Bielen (left) and Silver Laus (right).

In addition to getting a tutorial by Asha Houghton featuring the new Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation, I also got to speak with Marcin Bielen in-depth about Inglot. (How many makeup company presidents do you know who will give you the time of day and actually chat with you one-on-one, treating you with respect instead of as your superior?) My conversation with Marcin quickly made me realize that Inglot is a company that’s doing things differently and better

Why better? They put customer service first. They treat everyone like they’re VIPs. Even bloggers like me who aren’t makeup artists or who don’t have tons of followers on social media get attention and are made to feel like we’re important and that our opinion counts! (More on this later.)

In this post, you’ll see tons of photos that I snapped during the event of Inglot makeup, and I’ll share my thoughts on everything I saw and learned! (This is a new-to-me brand, so I soaked it all up.)

Also, if you have any questions about Inglot, feel free to leave a comment and ask me. I will be more than happy to reach out to Inglot to get your questions answered!

What a huge honour it was to take a photo with Inglot’s presidents! (Inside, I was jumping up and down. Outside, I was trying to play it cool.) 😉

Marcin Bielen is on the left, and Silver Laus is on the right. (Hey, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how cool Silver is as a name?)

Inglot Toronto SwatchAndLearn

Here’s the same photo, but zoomed in, so you can get a better look at the handsome guys behind Inglot! 😉

Inglot Toronto SwatchAndLearn Closer

And here’s a photo by Inglot of the beauty bloggers who attended, as well as the presidents and Inglot team! (Click here or on the photo below to go to Inglot’s Twitter post of this photo.)

SwatchAndLearn at Inglots Toronto

The Inglot store in Toronto is small, but mighty. 😉 It’s a playground for makeup junkies like myself because everything is displayed out in the open. You can swatch to your heart’s content and feast your eyes on all the gorgeous products!

You’ll also be happy to learn that Inglot makeup is paraben-free and fragrance-free (obviously except for their solid perfumes).

These are what some of the tables looked like:

Inglot Toronto

Inglot Toronto Face Makeup

Hello makeup heaven!

Toronto Inglot Makeup

Inglot Toronto VIP Beauty Blogger Event 2014

Are you there, God? It’s me, Mary! (Hehe, sorry – I couldn’t resist making a Judy Blume reference.)

Bronzers, highlighters, and pressed powders! Oh my!

Inglot Makeup

Inglot Toronto Cosmetics

Check out my short video clip on Instagram that showed you what the store looked like. 🙂

So many gorgeous blushes! 

Inglot Blush

When I spoke with Marcin, I asked him if Inglot would put out a purple blush. (I’ve been trying to find something to complement my MAC Heroine Lipstick, but most of my blushes are pink, and they clash.)

To my surprise (and delight), he told me that if I send Inglot the suggestion, they can manufacture it. (To quote the old Mya song – Like, WO!)

I received the business cards of both of Inglot’s presidents, and it has their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. (Again, how many makeup-company presidents do you know who will give you their direct contact information? This tells me that they care enough to receive feedback from their customers and potential customers!)

C’mon – let’s be real. You know that when I saw this huge nail-polish display, I had to check my heart’s condition. It was palpitating from seeing so many beauties that were organized in what I rarely describe as being perfect! 🙂

And for those who are conscious about the ingredients in their nail polishes, rest assured that Inglot nail polishes don’t have Toluene, Formadehyde, DBP, or Camphor!

Inglot Nail Polish

Inglot Toronto Store

I have never seen any other company come out with breathable nail polish! Inglot’s O2M nail polish features a breathable formula.

When I was speaking with Marcin, he told me that the Inglot O2M nail polishes became a surprising hit among Muslim women!

As you may know, Muslims are required to wash their hands during prayer to purify themselves. Washing their hands (including nails) is done during prayers five times per day. This means that any nail polish needs to be removed before prayers and then reapplied afterwards. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

With the Inglot O2M formula, they can keep their polish on, since the formula allows water and oxygen to permeate the nail.

Also, Marcin told me that the formula is long-lasting and chip-resistant. Even when his wife was in the water a lot during a vacation, it stayed on and looked great!

Inglot O2M Nail Polish

Yup – I think that I’m going to have to go back to pick up some of these Inglot O2M nail polishes to try out. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like them! Have you?

Let’s take a moment to enjoy these purple lipsticks!

I’m a huge fan of purple lips, and some of these are making my heart sing like Mariah Carey in her 1990 prime!

Inglot Lipsticks

Hello! Guess what? These are also lipsticks! *Gasp*

Check out the blues and yellows! Say what?!

Inglot Lipstick

Lipstick? Yeah, Inglot has a “few”! 😉

Inglot Lipstick Lip Gloss

Inglot Store Toronto

Although all the colours are gorgeous, this section really stood out to me! (I bought the two purple lipsticks on the bottom left.)

Inglot Toronto Swatch And Learn

Did you see the incredible Inglot lip gloss that I bought? I posted a video and photo on Instagram because it was so spectacular!

I took a photo of the Crystal Effect lip glosses to show you the range, but it seriously doesn’t do any of them justice. They are multichrome wonders!

Inglot Crystal Effect Lip Gloss

You may remember me swooning over the Inglot Lip Gloss in shade 543 on Instagram! Yup, it’s pretty incredible…like a unicorn doing somersaults! 😉

Inglot 543 Lip Gloss

There are plenty of multichrome lip glosses with the special “Crystal Effect”! Trust me – they’re waaaaay prettier in person!

Eyelashes and eye products? Inglot has plenty of those, too!

Inglot Eye Makeup

I bought two of these gel liners – the black and a purple! 🙂 Super excited to try them out!

Inglot Toronto AMC Eyeliner Gel

Marcin told me that if you use the transformer with these pigments, you can create the look of gel liners! Pretty cool, right?

Inglot Toronto Makeup

I had no idea that Inglot had fragrances! They’re in solid form, and they have a cool lid that slides to “open”.

I smelled them all, and they were really nice! I may have to buy some to wear soon.

Inglot Fragrance

The display was cool because it was magnetic. Each fragrance square snapped into place!

Inglot Fragrances

This was part of the window display:

Inglot Display

These are the new makeup arrivals!

Inglot New Arrivals 2014

I had to take a photo of the Inglot Winter Warrior 2014/2015 model because her makeup is hella fierce! 🙂 Love it! (The stripe down the lip makes such a strong statement!)

Makeup Inglot Toronto

There were larger posters hung above some of the makeup sections that I just had to share with you:

Inglot Lip

Inglot Lips

After the tutorial by Asha Houghton, I got colour-matched with the new HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation. 🙂

(In case any of you are wondering, Asha matched me to #75 for foundation and #77 for contouring.)

It felt lightweight on the skin, and it provided excellent coverage – pretty full coverage, in my opinion!

Inglot Cosmetics Toronto

Left-Right: Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation #75 & #77

Another cool thing that made me feel like a true VIP is that they handed out this unique cube with two different lip shades.

It’s not for sale, and they told us that only the presidents’ wives have this product! 🙂 It made me feel really special to have something so collectible and exclusive! (You could tell that Inglot put a lot of thought into preparing for this blogger event.)

Inglot Beauty Blogger VIP Event 2014

Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event 2014

Inglot VIP Exclusive Lip Products

I snapped a few photos with my smartphone during Asha Houghton’s tutorial:

Asha Inglot Makeup Tutorial

Asha Inglot Makeup Tutorial 2

Asha Inglot Makeup Tutorial 3

Haha, the below photo was a hoot! We were all laughing about it ‘going viral’! 😉

Asha was showing us a cool trick for how you can figure out where to contour. Using your hand in this placement, that’s where you want your contour to be. You can also use a pencil and line it up from your ear to your mouth. Good tip!

Asha Inglot Makeup Tutorial 4

She also said that when she contours clients’/customers’ noses, it’s “not your nose, it’s the shape” that she’s altering. I think that’s a wonderful way to think because everyone is beautiful and unique. There’s nothing wrong with anyone’s physical attributes. With makeup, you can just contour to enhance the shape.

Asha has been a makeup artist for 8 years. She worked for MAC Cosmetics for 4 years prior to being at Inglot. And while she did this makeup tutorial for Inglot, her official title according to her Inglot business card is Public Relations Manager. She is very friendly (like all the Inglot staff), and I loved how the vibe at the store was very welcoming.

I posted short video clips on Instagram during Asha’s tutorial:

Another thing I picked up during this event is that Inglot doesn’t believe in having limited-edition products. I’m so happy about this because we all have fallen in love with a limited-edition product, only to find out that it has been discontinued! I love how Inglot believes in lasting products that defy trends – they’re in it for the long haul!

More exciting news? Inglot is going to be coming out with online shopping for Canadians! There’s no set date, but it’ll be soon, and it’ll be at! That’s pretty exciting and dangerous because I have a feeling that, if I don’t head to the store, I will buy lots from the website. (When I was at the Yonge-Dundas Square store, I pretty much wanted one of everything!)

(Edit: The Inglot Canadian online store is now live. You can purchase products at! Plus their current offer is free shipping on orders of $100 CAD. No coupon code required.)

When I spoke with Marcin, I asked if Inglot would be expanding their stores in Canada, seeing as now there’s only one. He said that there were definitely plans to expand. I asked if it would be another store in Toronto or elsewhere, and he said that it would probably be Montreal. 🙂

I also asked what some of their best-selling products were, and Marcin pointed out the gel eyeliners and O2M nail polishes, among others.

He also informed me that other makeup companies don’t use as high a percentage of pigment as Inglot does. This means that with other makeup, you have to layer the product and use more of it to get the desired effect. But, with Inglot makeup, I think he said that there’s 75% pigment, which means you can use less and get better colour payoff! Good to know!

They also gave me a press release, thanking me for attending the Inglot VIP event. That was really nice because it solidified my perception that Inglot is a personal company. They care about your opinions and about improving their products. To me, that speaks volumes!

Here’s the information they included in their press release:


HD Perfect Cover-up Foundation

We would like to thank you for attending this VIP evening made specifically for you, our favourite beauty bloggers. We’re proud to present to you Inglot’s brand new HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation. Inglot Toronto is currently the only store in North America which carries this new and spectacular product and we wanted to tell you all about it before anyone else. Along with this exclusive sneak peek we are also sending you home with facts which are usually only supplies to our Inglot artists.

HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation was created to provide long lasting superior coverage. HD pigments glide over the skin to conceal and blur imperfections on. While it is categorized as a full coverage foundation with a natural finish, all levels of coverage and different ranges of texture can be achieved depending on the method of application. Once HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation is applied it instantly begins shade adjusting to the exact skin tone of the wearer.

Not only is this foundation created to make your skin look flawless, it’s made to take care of the skin it’s being put onto as well. White truffle extract provides moisture balance of the skin to keep skin moisturized and promote longer wear with the skin looking and feeling healthy. This moisture balance also sustains the skin enough to prevent the skin from becoming excessively shiny. This product is also categorized as hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

At this event, there were only a handful of beauty bloggers/YouTubers invited. Here are some of them:

It’s an interesting story how I got invited to this Inglot event.

Zenorah (beauty blogger and YouTuber) and I have been hanging out on Saturday and Sunday. We connect on so many levels. (I’ve met some bloggers who I get along with because of our love of makeup and nail polish, but Zenorah and I will be friends for life. It’s amazing how we only met for the first time at IMATS Toronto this year, and I feel like I’ve known her forever!) 🙂

On Saturday, Zenorah and I hit up Inglot, and I purchased some items.

Julia was the salesperson, and she mentioned how there was going to be a beauty blogger event the next day. We were really quick to give her our e-mail addresses because we were interested in attending the event. (Many thanks to Julia for getting us involved in this incredible opportunity! Also, if you stop by the store, you’ll probably run into her. She is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to pick up several makeup tips from her!)

This is a little glimpse into Inglot. You can bet that it won’t be the last you hear about it on Swatch And Learn. 😉 I bought so many items, and I’ll be testing them out. Expect a review or two!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post – You can probably tell that I was extremely excited about this event, and I’m so happy to see that Inglot is taking a personal approach to encourage customers for life, rather than just trying to grab quick cash. To me, that says so much about their company, and the fact that they value the opinions of bloggers and customers means that Inglot is going to continue making their indelible mark in the beauty industry! I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Have you tried any makeup by Inglot? If you live in Toronto, have you swung by the Inglot store at Yonge-Dundas Square? What’s your favourite makeup brand, and why?


6 thoughts on “Blog News: I Attended the Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event Yesterday Evening

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      I had such a blast! It was really refreshing and inspiring to see a makeup company with a personal approach and amazing products.

  1. Zenorah

    Hi Mary!! Your recapt was spot on!!! LOVED IT!! And we are such kindred souls – friends for life indeed!!!! We have so much in common <3 And I am so happy to see your beautiful face in photos on your blog! You looked absolutely stunning at the event! I am really happy you love Inglot as much as I do! They're our gem in the city <3

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Zenorah!

      I was so happy to be able to share this experience with you! 🙂 Haha, it’s really funny how since I met you, I’ve had more photos taken of my face instead of just my nails. Within the past two months, I’ve had more photos of my face taken than I have in years! (Good opportunity for me to update some of the profile pictures in my social-media accounts that were from 2010! *Gasp*)

  2. Kaitlyn

    Aww it was so nice to meet you too! And you’re not the only one that thinks I resemble Kat Dennings 🙂 Glad that you fell in love with Inglot. My Inglot collection is slowly growing and I love it all!


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