Haul of Shame: Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

Bath & Body Works Haul Hand SoapOn Friday, a couple of my friends and I met up at the mall after work and did a little shopping.

Of course we couldn’t resist heading into the Bath & Body Works store! 😉

I picked up a bunch of Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps – most of them were new fall scents. It helped that they were having the best deal I’ve ever seen on their soaps: 8 hand soaps for just $25 CAD! (Not sure how long that deal was on, but it’s no longer running. Sorry!)

And I was extremely tempted to buy the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster mini candle holder! It would totally go with the one I bought last year of Frankenstein’s Monster! But…I didn’t leave with it…partially because I had tons of other heavy shopping bags to carry already and partially because I may just wait for it to inevitably go on sale.

I also was looking for the Pumpkin Cupcake candle that’s new for this fall. It sounds like it could be really yummy-smelling because it combines two of my favourite scents. However, my local store didn’t have it in stock yet. Hopefully it’ll be out for the Labour Day sale! I want to get that and the Bonfire Maplewood candle!

Come see the soaps I got in greater detail! Feel free to request reviews on the ones that interest you most, and I’ll try to use and then review those ones first.

Here are the anti-bacterial hand soaps I got. All are the Deep-Cleansing formula unless stated otherwise.

Bath & Body Works Haul Hand Soap

Left-Right: Orchard Walk, Orchard Walk (Foaming), BrewBerry (Foaming) x 2, Fresh Picked Blackberries (Foaming), Fresh Picked Blackberries, Fresh Picked Pears & Tropical Sorbet Float

Bath & Body Works Haul Hand Soap Pictures

Edit: I reviewed the Orchard Walk foaming hand soap in this blog post since a reader requested that I review this one first. 🙂

Another Edit: Click here to see my Brew Berry foaming hand soap review here!

Bath & Body Works Haul Hand Soap Photos

In case you’re curious, I’ve already tried and reviewed the Fresh Picked Pears foaming hand soap. Click the link if you’d like to read the details and see more photos. (It’s a great scent!)

Yet Another Edit: Click here to see my Tropical Sorbet Float Deep Cleansing Hand Soap review!

Are there any from this haul that you’d like me to review first? Did you pick up any of the soaps on sale? What’s your all-time favourite Bath & Body Works fragrance?


10 thoughts on “Haul of Shame: Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      I almost picked that one up, too. But the BrewBerry was so scrumptious-smelling, I had to get two of them. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey The Lacquer Tracker!

      Yeah, so good, right? Usually the best deal I’ve seen is 7 for $25 CAD, but for this sale, they added an extra soap. I almost got 14, but I was already carrying other bags and they were sooooo heavy.

      Do you ever order from the online site? I’ve done it a few times last year when I found a 20% off coupon code. That pretty much knocked off the shipping. Sometimes the deals on their site are cheaper or different than the ones in Canadian stores. And sometimes when something sells out in the Canadian store, the website will still have it.

  1. Alex C

    I’m off to the states in a few weeks and need to know what to pick up to bring home, so I think I will definitely be getting a fair few of these!! x

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Becca!

      Okay, your wish is my command. That’ll be the first of the bunch that I’ll review. No, haven’t tried that cider one, but it sounds delicious!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sarah!

      My scrawny arms can’t carry a huge bag, so usually every few months during a sale, I just go back and buy 6-7 soaps (because usually their sale is on 6 or 7).


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