Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon Swatches & Review

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush HoneymoonPretty packaging makes me swoon like a hopeless romantic in some 60s flick. And if I can buy something real purty without making my piggy bank squeal, then I’m game, Mr. Monopoly!

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon came into my makeup life because it was a looker. Plus when I saw the price tag, it was a no-brainer! It was coming home with me fo’ sho’.

I rarely shop at Wal-Mart (which is where I snatched up this beauty). Was actually just in there to buy my Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. But boy am I ever glad that I noticed this Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon!

It’s simple, affordable, and pretty. This has earned a spot in my makeup rotation.


Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon Pictures

Note: All photos were taken with flash unless stated otherwise.

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon

Hard Candy Baked Blush Honeymoon

Hard Candy Baked Blush Review Honeymoon

Hard Candy Honeymoon Blush Review


Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Review Honeymoon

Hard Candy Blush Review Honeymoon

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon Swatches

Hard Candy Blush Honeymoon Swatches

Applied dry (Sunlight)

Hard Candy Blush Honeymoon Swatch

Close-up: Applied dry (Sunlight)

Hard Candy Honeymoon Swatch

Applied wet (Flash)

Hard Candy Honeymoon Swatches

Close-up: Applied wet (Flash)


    Soft & delicate look when applied dry
    Intense, dramatic color when used wet

Key Notes

  • Name: Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon
  • Amount: 8 g (0.28 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $6.98 CAD
  • Colors Available: Honeymoon, Living Doll, Pin Up & Bombshell
  • Where to Buy: Wal-Mart

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Honeymoon Review

I was so excited to try this because the way the product was shaped reminded me of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I’ve never been able to wear that because all the ones I’ve seen contain bismuth oxychloride, a known allergen (and an allergen that unfortunately I am allergic to!).


In the packaging, it looks like a pearly peach with some pink hues mixed in. It’s a very natural-looking color, so those who want a blush that adds a lot of definition or a pow-in-your-face color should look elsewhere.

When applied dry with a brush, it’s the perfect cheekbone highlight for me. I don’t see any pink, but the champagne pearl really comes out and looks lovely and very natural.

When applied wet with a brush, the peachy-golden sheen came out a little stronger. Personally, I’m not comfortable wearing this wet because it’s just too much for me. I like the way it looks when applied dry much better – more natural and easier to blend.

If you’re looking for a rosy blush, pass on this! This is way better as a highlight than as a blush.


I noticed that when I swept my brush on this blush to pick up the product, it left a considerable amount of fallout or powder. This doesn’t really bother me, but if you want a blush that doesn’t leave loose powder on the actual blush itself, then this isn’t for you.

On my cheeks, it glided on smoothly and perfectly. It was exactly what I was looking for – a slight golden sheen. I don’t have any cheekbone-highlight products, but I’m gonna use the Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon for that purpose.

When you apply this blush wet, that part changes in terms of appearance. It dries to the point where you can apply it dry again, but it will never have the same appearance as it did when it was originally dry. I suggest that if you want to use it wet, just use a small section of it so you don’t ruin it aesthetically.

Lasting Power

Unfortunately, the Hard Candy Honeymoon blush fades away by the end of the day when I applied it dry with a brush. It lasted for about 4 hours before I noticed it significantly fading…and eventually I couldn’t even tell that I put it on. (This may just be because I have combination skin and my, uh, ‘natural sheen’ may have competed with the blush.

Perhaps it would last longer if applied wet, but, I didn’t try it out this way because the color was too intense for me with that application. If you’ve tried it, please leave a comment to let our readers know!


The Hard Candy Honeymoon blush comes in a round compact-like container with a clear lid. It’s made of plastic and feels very sturdy in your hands. Along the circumference of the lid is a silver ring that features black swirling accents and the brand name. The blush itself is dome-shaped and is very reminiscent of MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, as I mentioned earlier.


  • Inexpensive & good value (get a lot of product for a low price)
  • Provides a natural sheen when applied dry (good for cheekbone highlighting)
  • Intense golden sheen when applied wet
  • Pretty & sturdy packaging
  • Can be applied dry for a soft look or wet for a dramatic effect
  • No bismuth oxychloride (a known allergen)

  • Only available at Wal-Mart as far as I know
  • Color fades by the end of the day & wears away completely if worn dry

Final Verdict: 8/10

Although there was major fading, I still really love the Honeymoon blush by Hard Candy because it’s the perfect cheekbone highlight for me and it’s very economical.

Have you tried any of the Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blushes? If you use a cheekbone highlight, which one would you recommend? Do you like applying blushes wet or dry?


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