göt2b & Dial Exclusive Preview Event Recap

got2b Dial exclusive preview eventOn Tuesday February 24th after work, I had the pleasure of attending the göt2b & Dial Exclusive Preview Event! (Thanks to Langton Communications for the opportunity.)

You already got a glimpse of it when I posted photos and a video clip live during the event on some of my social media including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The venue was held on the third floor of the Storys Building, which is 170 years old! It’s located in the heart of downtown Toronto known as the entertainment district, near King Street West and University Avenue.

Although it was a chilly night and there was some snowfall, things were cozy inside because of the social energy and the modern loft decor.

Allow me to tell you about my experience at this event and give you a quick walk-through of the new göt2b haircare and Dial products that launched recently!

Instead of jumping right into the products, I have to first stop and smell the roses…and other flowers. (Kudos to Benny & Viv for the eclectic spring blossoms that accented the window sills, product displays, and tables. They made me think of warm weather!)

I also appreciated the candles, which created a romantic ambiance.

Dial got2b Exclusive Preview Event

Here’s a closer look.

The different vases added a whimsical personality and brought the outdoors inside without missing a chic beat.

Dial got2b Flowers

Large retro-avocado jugs lent a soft, country vibe.

Dial Innovations Exclusive Preview

When I was first greeted by Channy from Langton Communications, she gave me a little tour and offered me a drink. (Although I’ve now grown to appreciate the taste of red wine, I opted for white wine this time.)

She also told me that there was an exciting chance to win tickets to a Toronto Raptors game. (Of course I entered!)

Donna-Lee Langton and I chatted later in the evening about a variety of things including skiing, and she mentioned that the tickets up for grabs would be for a Toronto-versus-Boston game! That’s an amazing match-up!

(Side note: Back in the day, I used to follow basketball games regularly. That was when Bosh, Calderón, Delfino, and Humphries played for the Raptors. I also have an authentic José Calderón jersey that my then-boyfriend bought me, and I wore it proudly!)

Dial Innovations got2bunboring

Peer into the background interior decor, and you’ll see how the space looked lived in. (I can imagine a New York couple living here. The furniture, frames, and brick walls screamed classy urbanite.)

got2b Dial exclusive preview event

Remember the below photo I took with my smartphone? (I posted it on social media.)


On the other end of the room sat two wide chairs with a curved silhouette that was balanced with a rectangular coffee table.

I loved how PR paid such close attention to detail – the göt2b cushions were a cute touch. Great branding!

got2b exclusive preview event

On the other side of the room screamed #HomeDecorGoals to me! 😉 Here’s the photo I snapped and posted on social media during the event:

got2b haircare dial

I spotted Stephanie from Langton Communications and chit-chatted briefly with her. She has gorgeous golden curly locks that are so healthy, it reminded me a bit of Keri Russell’s pretty mane during her Felicity years, except lighter!

At this point, everyone was entertained by Toronto Raptors dancers who performed energetic choreography in cute cheerleader attire.

Maxine came over, and since I haven’t seen her since October 2014 at the OPI Hawaii Collection Media Launch, I was surprised to see her fun hair transformation! (That woman can rock any hairstyle – seriously! This time, she had long braids that took the hairdresser about 4 hours to do.)

She let me know about the hairdresser station where I could get my hair touched up or styled by professionals, if I wanted.

Later on, I spoke with Genevieve Zimanyi, the Sales Director at Henkel Consumer Goods Canada Inc. She walked me through all of the göt2b and Dial products.

I asked her about Triclosan because I saw an antibacterial Dial hand soap on display. (Some people try to avoid that ingredient. Google it to read up the various articles. Although it hasn’t yet been banned by Health Canada, rest assured that Dial stopped including that ingredient in their products since roughly around February 2014, according to Genevieve.)

In the middle of the room sat a tiered shelf with a lavish assortment of göt2b haircare, punctuated with short-stemmed red roses. (Hehe, if you spot the wine glass, yes, that’s mine.)

got2b haircare

Here’s the photo I snapped with my smartphone during the event:

got2b haircare

If you want to see the short video clip I posted on Instagram to give you a better feel of the vibe during the event, click on the link.

This is the göt2b Mind Blowing Collection that promises to make home blowouts a breeze, while leaving hair feeling soft, looking shiny, and frizz-free.

got2b Mind Blowing Haircaregot2b Mind-Blowing Haircare

The three-step system involves the following:

göt2b Mind-Blowing Quick Shape Mousse 227 g ($7.99 CAD)

  • Adds volume & increases shine
  • Leaves hair touchable & soft
  • How to Use It: Apply it onto the roots of damp hair before blow drying

göt2b Mind-Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray 177 mL ($7.99 CAD)

  • Expedite the drying process
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Helps to prevent hair from tangling while blow drying
  • How to Use It: Apply it onto damp, towel-dried hair & blow dry using a round brush

göt2b Mind-Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray 340 g ($9.99 CAD)

  • Utilizes IONIC+ Power & Micro-Diffuser Technology
  • Offers fast-drying time
  • Provides a flexible hold (You can run your fingers through your hair.)
  • How to Use It: Hold it 8-10 inches away and spot spray (Use your hands to create extra volume.) You can also spray it evenly for all-over hold.

The göt2b Mind-Blowing products are new and available as of March at retailers nationwide including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Loblaws, PharmaPlus, Rexall, London Drugs, and Jean Coutu.

Next is what you can call a true game-changer!

The göt2b All-Star Perfecting Cream ($7.99 CAD for 103 mL) is an all-in-one styling cream with 10 benefits that whip your hair into shape in a single quick and easy step.

got2b All-Star MVP Perfecting CreamContaining an optimized blend of Panthenol and positively charged conditioners, it helps to rebuild the hair structure with a combination of emollient, anti-static, and film-forming polymers. They cover the hair to protect it from environmental damage and breakage, while nourishing it with Marula Oil that adds shine and long-lasting style!

The göt2b All Star MVP Perfecting Cream offers these 10 incredible benefits:

  • Shape
  • Smoothing
  • Calmer Hair
  • Anti-Frizz
  • Suppleness
  • Shine
  • Volume
  • Flawless Style
  • Shimmer
  • Fullness

How to Use It: Work the cream into towel-dried hair to obtain the best results.

This product is available starting this month at retailers nationwide including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Loblaws, PharmaPlus, Rexall, London Drugs, and Jean Coutu.

Next up is haircare that’s designed for men, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule saying that females can’t also use them. (Yes, they have a stronger, masculine scent, but some women enjoy that, too. No need to discriminate! Use what you love, I say!)

The göt2b PHENOMENAL line was designed to provide fresh-from-the-barber-shop style. It contains styling polymers and a patented powder technology to leave hair looking noticeably thicker with just one use!

got2b Phenomenal

According to the press release I received, the göt2b PHENOMENAL Thickening Styling Cream ($7.99 CAD for 170 g) has a lightweight formula that’s scientifically proven to increase hair’s thickness by 10 percent for hair that looks fuller!

How to Use: Work it into damp or dry hair. Easy peasy.

Then there’s the göt2b PHENOMENAL Moulding Paste ($7.99 CAD for 99 g), which is a shaping pomade that provides thickness, hold, and style. (You use it the same as the product above.)

These two products are new this March and are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Loblaws, PharmaPlus, Rexall, London Drugs, and Jean Coutu.

On the left when I entered was a table set up with a bunch of new Dial products.

Dial Innovations

There was a basin with some products sandwiched between two vertical posters.

Dial Moisture

The Dial Miracle Oil with Caring Marula Oil products are the first-ever to be formulated with micro-oil technology that leaves skin feeling soft.

Marula Oil nourishes and deeply hydrates skin while protecting it from damaging, age-accelerating free radicals.

Providing a luxurious lather that leaves skin feeling restored and moisturized, the Dial Miracle Oil with Caring Marula Oil has a Blue Lotus scent.

These products have been available since February at retailers nationwide including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws.

  • Body Wash ($6.99 CAD for 473 mL)
  • Hand Soap ($3.49 CAD for 221 mL)

You’ll notice little shot glasses. This was a cute way that PR displayed the hand soaps and body washes, so you could smell them and see their consistency.

Dial Miracle Oil Dial Omega Moisture

Dial MIracle Oil

Dial Miracle Oil with Caring Marula Oil

The Dial Omega Moisture Body Wash and Foaming Hand Wash hydrate the skin while rinsing clean. They contain sea berries to keep skin feeling soft.

(Interesting fact: Sea berries contain 190 nutrients and high levels of omega lipids to help nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier for healthy-looking skin. This advanced moisture-attracting formula provides lasting, lightweight hydration.)

The Dial Omega Moisture line has been available since February at national retailers including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws.

  • Body Wash ($6.99 CAD for 473 mL)
  • Hand Soap ($3.99 CAD for 221 mL)
  • Bar Soap ($6.99 CAD for a 3-Pack / 113 g)
Dial Omega Moisture

Dial Omega Moisture with Sea Berries

If you’re a fan of coconuts, you’ll love the new Dial Coconut Water & Mango line! It harnesses the power of coconut water with a tropical-mango twist.

Found in young, green coconuts, the coconut water is known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that help provide replenishing hydration.

It also boasts the fresh scent of juicy, ripe mango, which not only leaves your skin feeling hydrated, but also clean and fragrant.

The Dial Coconut Water & Mango line has been available since February at retailers nationwide including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws.

  • Body Wash ($6.99 CAD for 473 mL)
  • Hand Soap ($3.49 CAD for 221 mL)

Dial Coconut Water

Over to the right was another table decorated with beautiful flowers, pitchers, napkins, and another pretty starfish.

This display presented the baby, kids, and men’s products that recently launched in February.

Dial for Men & Babies

I’m not a kid, but foaming soap is always fun even to a “dinosaur” like me who rode the original Titanic. 😉

The new Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash ($3.99 CAD for 221 mL) features bright colours and a fruity scent that’s sure to be a hit among the young and the young at heart!

  • Creates soft, foamy bubbles
  • Gentle formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH balanced
  • No artificial dyes

Dial Baby Dial Men

Along with Paediatric Dermatologists, Dial created the Baby Body + Hair Wash ($6.99 CAD for 355 mL)

  • Mild enough for baby’s skin
  • Effectively remove environmental dirt for a head-to-tiny-toes clean
  • Specially designed to be used on kids up to 2 years old
  • Fragrance-free
  • Tear-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH balanced
  • No artificial dyes

Dial Fresh Reaction Body Wash for Men

Dial for Me Fresh Reaction Body Wash for Men ($6.99 CAD for 473 mL)

  • Micro-infused scent technology
  • Energetic fragrance that’s refreshing & lingers after showering
  • Available in two trendy scents: Sub Zero & Alpine
  • Non-drying & moisturizing

Time flew right by, and when I got ready to leave, Channy handed me a swag bag full of awesome Dial and göt2b goodies that I’m looking forward to trying! (Haha, the bag was heavy, and I joked about getting a good arm workout on the way home carrying that.) 😉

If you are curious about any of the above products, please let me know, and I’ll consider doing an in-depth review on here.

Stay tuned because I’ll be heading to another little event, which I’ll share on social media and perhaps a blog post.

Let me know if these type of blog posts interest you, I really appreciate your feedback!

What’s your favourite drugstore haircare or body product? Do you have a favourite body-wash fragrance? If you could design your own haircare product, what would it be?


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