Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Review & Pictures

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Review & PicturesI know that this product isn’t as thrilling for you to read about as nail polish, but I’ve been looking forward to reviewing the Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel for quite some time. (At least I’m not reviewing toilet paper…haha! Ew!)

Shaving is my preferred hair-removal method of choice because while the results aren’t as long-lasting as using waxing strips, it’s easy, fast, and virtually pain-free (unless you nick yourself). And I haven’t tried hair-removal creams.

Ever since grade school, I’ve been loyal to using Gillette shaving gel because it lathers well, comes in a bunch of pleasant scents, and doesn’t dry out your skin.

What is your preferred hair-removal method of choice?

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Pictures

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Review & Pictures

Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel Pictures & Review

Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Review & Pictures

Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel Review & Pictures

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Ingredients

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Ingredients, Review & Pics


    √ Moisturizing formula
    √ Leaves skin soft & smooth

Key Notes

  • Name: Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel
  • Amount: 198 g (7 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $2.50 CAD
  • Where to Buy: Many drugstores & grocery stores

Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Review

Shaving Efficacy

Gillette Satin Care shaving gels are my favourite kind to use because they have a gel formula that turns into a thick, luxurious lather. This makes it easy to coat your legs, and it won’t just drip off like water in the shower.

The gel covers your hair and allows your blades to glide over and cut it with minimal effort.

Moisturizing Efficacy

Some brands have thin formulas that leave your legs feeling dry, but all the Gillette Satin Care shaving gels I’ve tried (including this one specifically for dry skin) have been wonderfully hydrating.

After rinsing it off, my legs feel smooth and silky. Plus there’s no residue left behind – it rinses cleanly.

I have to say, though, that the regular Gillette shaving-gel formula does nearly as well of a job as this special Dry Skin formulation. I only noticed a tiny improvement with this version.


The Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel has a mild scent that I can only describe as a generic clean, artificial ocean-water type of fragrance. It’s not offensive, but even after you rinse off the gel, a little lingers on your skin. But, don’t worry, it’s not strong enough to compete with a perfume that you’re wearing.

(My favourite is the Avocado one because it actually smells really fresh and oddly not likeΒ avocados.)


The can isn’t anything revolutionary, but it’s nice. The pearlized cap is sleek and pretty (well, as pretty as a can of shaving gel can be).

The cap has a few thin ridges to make it easier to hold even when your hands are wet, but sometimes it’s still a bit slippery.

Just make sure that you keep the can relatively dry or the bottom of the can could rust.

Starting to Shave

I want to get something off my chest. (No, not hair. Hardy har har!)

Do you know the reason why I first felt the desire to remove unwanted hair from my legs? It was a direct result of a girl who was one year older than me. At school, she made a public comment about how I had hair on my legs. She didn’t say I was hairy. She just said that she saw hair on my legs.

Background info: Most of my friends hadn’t started shaving yet, either. But after that girl’s comment, we all inspected and compared leg hair. Suddenly the tiny, thin, hardly noticeable leg hair we all had seemed like giant, flashing red lights. What had never bothered us before suddenly became the bane of our existence.

I think that this is an important lesson for us all about how sometimes even the smallest comments we make can sometimes have the strongest effect on others. Let’s try to use it to spread confidence instead of insecurities!

Since then, I continue to shave because I’ve become accustomed to the hair-free-leg look. And, part of it is also because I still feel too uncomfortable going out in public with hair on my legs or under my arms.

All the shaving, tweezing, waxing, etc. most women do made me think about how some men can grow hair like a Sasquatch (to a certain extent) and society is ‘okay with it’. And, even I dig men with facial hair and hairy legs.

Sometimes I wish that men could switch places with women for just a day to see what we go through. It might give them more appreciation. Or, it might make them raid our makeup and nail-polish collections! πŸ˜‰


  • Reasonably priced
  • Gel formula produces thick lather
  • Moisturizes & leaves skin smooth & silky
  • Sleek packaging

  • Bottom of metal can could rust

Final Verdict: 10/10

I’ve been using Gillette shaving gels ever since grade school, and I’m still very happy with their products. I think that speaks volumes!

When did you start shaving? How do you remove hair? Would you consider laser-hair removal?


26 thoughts on “Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Review & Pictures

  1. karen


    Your story about the girl at school made me remember the first time that I noticed the hair on my legs. I was 12 and wanted to shave, so my Mom made my older Sis teach me.

    Sis wasn’t in the mood to be ‘helpful’, so she slapped some shave cream on my legs and proceeded to whip that razor around on my leg in a way that was truly frightening. It’s no small wonder that she didn’t cut any skin. Then she handed the razor to me and said ‘there, it’s easy! do the other one yourself!’. I switched to Nair and have been using cream removers ever since.

    Thank goodness for menopause. In spite of the hot flashes, it does have one major upside….the hair on my legs has practically disappeared so I no longer have to fuss with it beyond remembering to remove the one or two that show up every six months or so.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey karen!

      At least your mom asked your sister to teach you. Both of my parents at the time were really against me shaving. Haha, if they could have their way, I would only start shaving at age 80! πŸ˜› So, I pretty much had to learn alone. It was one of those times when I relied heavily on teen magazines.

      Sounds like your sister was a pro…hehe, but I would also be frightened. Not sure if I could trust anyone shaving me! If I’m going to get a cut, it’s going to unfortunately be at my own hands!

      Wow, that’s amazing how your leg hair practically vanished! Hehe, you know, my mom has always been pretty hair-free naturally, even when she was younger. She can literally PLUCK her 3 leg hairs and be done! And she doesn’t have ANY arm hair! LUCKY!

  2. CupK8

    I started shaving for a similar reason – only this girl made fun of me for my hairy legs. She obviously needed to feel better about herself and was using me to do it, but I remember being incredibly embarrassed… started shaving my legs, and even my feet for a while! They just found other things to pick on me about, but whatever. πŸ˜›

    It’s funny… I’m in grad school right now, and I had a classmate point out my furry feet – she called them hobbit feet. She had no idea the can of worms she opened with that one. xD

    I don’t always shave all the time anymore – my hair is light blonde, even though it’s coarse. I like the eos shave cream, but I’m considering trying a shaving bar soap. I remember I used to use Gilette, and the can ALWAYS rusted before I finished using it.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey CupK8!

      Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear that her mean, thoughtless comment made you so embarrassed. πŸ™ I really wish that people would think first and be more considerate before saying something so harsh. There are already enough bruised egos out there – no need to bring everyone else down even more.

  3. Ashesela

    I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to start shaving my legs. I think I wanted to feel “grown up” LOL!! Little did I know how much of a pita shaving is! However, I still shave. But instead of gel or cream I usually just use shampoo or body wash. Though I do love Gilette gel. It smells amazing, and I love when you squirt it out it is a pink gel then turns all foamy! XD Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the telltale round rust stains that can can leave behind lol.
    I also shave my big toes since about 7 or so hairs sprout on them (and about the same amount on my tummy). Hair is weird!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ashesela!

      Hair IS really weird! And there are so many different kinds of products and treatments to remove it. Haha, imagine if women and men just started embracing hair! We would have one less thing to worry about…although summers might be unbearable. πŸ˜›

  4. Carmela

    First off: O.O Did you change your blog layout or is it just me? Spiffy looking!

    Secondly: I’m scared of shaving. I’ve heard way too many stories of how friends leg hair looked nastier (ie, thicker) when they grow back after shaving. I know it’s probably the most convenient way to go about leg hair removal (not to mention, least painful) but I’ve always shied away from it. I didn’t even really feel the need to deal with leg hair until after university. (Is that weird?) My preferred method is to use depilatory cream (the Nair one I’m allergic to but the Veet one works well for me) as I find it’s just as convenient and the hair grows back the same as it did when you first took it out.

    Thirdly: I’ve been wanting to learn how to thread my own legs for the longest time. I feel that might be the best way to get rid of unsightly leg hair with the longest time in between regrowth. Ouch factor might be high but no pain, no gain, right?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Yes, I changed it. It was a long time coming, and what a difficult decision to finally make. (I’m still mourning quietly over here.)

      Hehe, don’t be scared of shaving! As long as you’re not using a knife or a hacksaw, you’ll be fine! Although, it sounds like the depilatory cream works well for you, so you really don’t need to switch methods. πŸ™‚ (You know, I have a bottle of Veet hair-removal cream, but I’m hesitant to try it after my previous Veet experience with the waxing strips…*Bawk bawk bawk*)

      I didn’t even know that people thread their entire legs. I always thought threading was for facial hair. Never looked into it, but if it lasts, I think it’s worth it. (If you take the plunge and try doing it yourself, please let me know how you fare.)

  5. maddy

    I don’t shave cause I naturally don’t get hair on my arms and legs. It’s in my genes cause my mom didn’t get much hair on her arms or legs either.

      1. Mary Post author

        Yup, it changed…big time! I know it’s not as nice as my previous one, but it functions a lot better and I may be able to make more custom changes than my old layout would allow. Hope you don’t think it’s absolutely dreadful. Do you? Haha! (I’m going to try to improve it. It’s a gradual thing.)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maddy!

      YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Those are some pretty awesome genes to inherit! You save so much time, money, and hassle if you don’t have to remove hair. πŸ™‚

  6. Jessica

    I started shaving my legs after a similar incident. A girl remarked that my legs were “so hairy” during middle-school gym class. Up until then, I hadn’t really noticed or cared about my leg hair. Now, I feel like a cavewoman if I let it go for too long. I would never consider laser hair removal, though–seems too permanent and like too many things could go wrong.

    Satin Care has been my go-to gel for the past few years. I reached for it initally because of price (where I shop it is only about 1.10 USD) and then realized that I was getting a lot of bang for my buck. I like the dry skin formula, but I also like the ‘fun’ scents, like lavender .

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jessica!

      It’s really alarming me now how a lot of people are saying that the reason they started shaving was because someone pointed out the hair on their legs and made them feel self-conscious about it! That’s not right. We were happy and carefree before…Now I want to go dig up research studies on this issue.

      Wow, just $1.10 for this shaving gel? What an amazingly low price!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Makeup chic!

      Yes, doesn’t it? I’ve tried maybe one or two other shaving gels, but they didn’t foam up nearly as well as this one.

      Thank you for saying that about my new blog layout! πŸ™‚ I’m going to be tweaking it more to make it better.

  7. Lawren

    I definitely prefer shaving as well, but I’ve actually had bad experiences with using any kinds of shaving creams/gels (even this one included. eep) There has been several occasions where I’ve actually taken out chunks of skin from my legs/ankle area! Extremely painful. I usually just stick to soap and water or even conditioner! I’ve also heard that shaving cream causes ingrown hairs too, but I can’t really vouch for that.

    As for why I started, I think one of my friends was talking about how she shaved her legs and I mentioned that I didn’t, we were around 12 at the time and I thought it was to young to do so anyways! She said I was gross for not doing it, but I didn’t really care because I have blonde hair. Eventually I did start about a year or 2 later, merely out of curiosity haha. Fortunately my hair is light and it actually doesn’t grow that fast either on my legs so I don’t have to shave often πŸ˜€

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lawren!

      OUCH! I’ve done that a few times, and I know how extremely painful it is! And I’m not one of those people who’s fascinated by blood. Heck, if I never have to see it in my whole lifetime, I’d be a happy camper.

      Have you tried changing your razor? Some brands have ones that help you shave more confidently along those curved areas like ankles and knees. I have one of the old Venus razors from Gillette. (Geez, I really am loyal to that brand!) But when I first started shaving, I tried all sorts of brands. The razors that have handles that don’t move much are usually the trickiest for me to use and manoeuvre around the rounded areas.

      1. Lawren

        It was actually a fresh razor! And it was one of those Gilette Venus ones too (because I love how they conform to curves!)
        It may be a while until I can try shaving cream again though haha

  8. ChristineN

    I started shaving when i was 12, that would mean i was in grade 7. i prefer to shave with a razor, tried waxing once, didn t work. Ive too have used hair conditioner in the past, kinda made my legs soft after that. But now, i think ive found my new best friend-Gillette Fusion Pro Glide razor (it s kinda expensive even the refills) but soo worth it. It s virtually nick proof, you have the option to use it manually or u can use the power one, just requires 1 AAA battery i think. Cool thing about it, is that you can take it in the shower with u. i was skeptical at first, but i gave this product a 2 thumbs up. You can find it at Shopper’s Drug Mart or any where they razors. Grocery stores, probably not.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey ChristineN!

      I’m still using my old Venus razor. Been thinking about updating to a new version. Maybe I’ll try this! Thanks for the overview. πŸ™‚

  9. Erica

    I don’t remember how old I was when I started shaving, I’m going to say 11-12ish. I was camping with my cousin, aunt, uncle and my cousin’s Nan and Pa (on the other side of her family). I went to have a shower in Nan & Pa’s trailer and my aunt asked my cousin if I wanted to shave my legs.. I had NEVER shaved my legs before or even thought about it. But, being the shy girl I am, I just took the razor and shaving cream and showered, then learned how to shave my legs all by myself in my cousin’s Nan and Pa’s camper trailer shower, lol!
    I have light blonde hair so I don’t worry about it too much. It’s when I can actually feel the wind in my hair when I’m walking with shorts or a skirt on that I think about shaving them πŸ˜‰
    I do know that my sister in law shaves her legs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.. I know I couldn’t do that, I don’t have enough patience for that, lol!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Erica!

      Wow, haha, that’s pretty funny (and impressive!) how you taught yourself how to shave your legs in a camper trailer shower!

      Did you knick yourself the first time? I remember that I did, and it was at the back of my ankle, so it killed! Haha, but you live and learn as they say.

      1. Erica

        No, I didn’t actually, but I have knicked myself many-a-time since then, lol! The side of your ankle (right on the bone), the back of your leg by the heel where the tendon (or bone?) really sticks out, and the back of the knees are the WORST to get knicked!! I am usually super careful but the front of my knees is where I knick myself the most. It’s hard to shave around all the bumps in a knee, lol! I usually lose a layer or 2 of skin on my knees every few times I shave, lol!

        1. Mary Post author

          Haha, I remember the very first razor I bought. It didn’t flex at all and was just completely solid – lots of little cuts!


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