Frankening Nail Polish – We Did It! (Sort of)

Hola, fellow nail-polish lovers!

Mary and I got together and tried to create our own unique colors. Her goal was to create a green or purple with iridescent purple or green. Mine was a purple with red undertones.

This was the first time we’ve ever frankened polishes. And even though we didn’t achieve exactly what we wanted, we had fun doing it!

What we learned:

  1. Don’t drink and mix…for obvious reasons. (We didn’t do this, but in case you’re thinking about it!)
  2. Use an empty palette so you can test out colors before creating full bottles (and possibly wasting polish).
  3. Do prep work and protect your work space. We used coffee stir sticks to mix sample colors on the palette. We folded up aluminum foil to guide the glitter into our empty bottle (the polish itself was easy to pour in). Make sure to buy ball bearings! Something we forgot to do.
  4. Work in a ventilated space. Whew!
  5. Use fine glitter, or  it could get really gritty or chunky.
  6. Mix nail polishes first and then the glitter. Glitter will only add slight glimmers of color, so it’s best to create the shade you want using nail polish.
  7. Clear nail polish is your best friend but can also turn into your enemy. It keeps the glitter from clumping, creating a smoother formula. But! If you put too much, your polish turns too sheer (like ours did).

Some pictures of the process…and of the final color that Mary created:

Sample Colors

Our Final Color

Our polish’s color isn’t really unique, and it’s too sheer when on the nails. But we learned a few things for the next time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to create something fun and more like what we want.

Have you heard of Dr. Frankenpolish? She offers great advice and recipes for creating truly unique colors. Before you start your frankening session, it’d be good to read some of her posts. One of the prettiest colors: Flux Capacitor.

If you have any advice for us, we’d love to hear it. Please share. 🙂


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