Frankening Nail Polish – It’s Alive & Underway!

As if you couldn’t already tell, we looooove to review beauty products.

Now we’re taking it to the next level by frankening our own nail polish. That’s right – we’re going to create our own color concoctions, and it’ll be our first time!

We’ve purchased some empty nail polish bottles from a salon and fine glitter from Michaels. Now we’re ready to roll.

Coming Soon: How-to-Franken-Nail-Polish Post

Visit us again for a special how-to post on frankening nail polish. We’ll dish tips, tricks, and recipes we learn along the way. We’ll also tell you about any mistakes or problems we encounter so that if you try frankening, at least your experience may be smoother.

The Bob Ross of Nail Polish?

Our goal? Fiona’s is to whip up a purple with red. Mine is to design a purple with iridescent green or a green with iridescent purple. But when we start mixing (and smelling those fumes!), we may change our minds and make something completely different.

And wait for it…

Our one-of-a-kind creations can be yours! (Now you’ll never have to worry about Ms. Snooty Nose showing up at the same function as you with the same nail color again.)

We’re planning a giveaway in the near future for our readers. Check back for more information and how you can win!

Have you mixed together your own colors? Got some advice for us newbies? We’re all ears!


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