Essie Spring 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Spring 2016 Collection Swatches

Officially launching on February 16, 2016, the Essie Spring 2016 Collection is full of beautiful colours that may take your mind off Old Man Winter!

In today’s post, you’ll find my quick-and-dirty swatches (i.e. no base or top coat) of all six colours and snapshots of the bottles.

I used two coats of each colour, and I was impressed with the pigmentation on every single one of these. Yes, even the palest shade was fully opaque!

The formula on all of these is smooth and easy to glide onto your nails. It’s one of Essie’s better creme formulas.

Stay tuned because I plan to wear some of the colours in the Essie Spring 2016 Collection as full manicures. After I do, you can expect to see my usual in-depth reviews with multiple swatch photos of each colour in different lighting conditions.

(Those are my favourite types of posts to prepare because I enjoy showing you all the nuances of a polish, how it wears, if it stains, etc. But I realize that many of you enjoy seeing the full collection in a snapshot, so this post is especially for those who have requested it.)

Now it’s time to whet your nail-polish appetite! 😉

The Essie Spring 2016 Collection includes six shades:

  • High Class Affair
  • Lounge Lover
  • Sunshine State of Mind
  • Off Tropic
  • Pool Side Service
  • Shades On
Essie Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Spring 2016 Collection Preview

Essie Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Spring 2016

Essie Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Spring 2016 Collection Swatches & Bottle Shots

The below swatches all have two coats with no base or top coat. They were photographed in artificial lighting.

High Class Affair

Amorous blush nude

Essie High Class Affair Swatch

Essie High Class Affair

Essie High Class Affair Spring 2016 Collection

Essie High Class Affair

Lounge Lover

Pretty pink peach

Essie Lounge Lover Swatch

Essie Lounge Lover

Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Lounge Lover

Sunshine State of Mind

Blazing coral tangelo

Essie Sunshine State of Mind Swatch

Essie Sunshine State of Mind

Essie Sunshine State of Mind Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Sunshine State of Mind

Off Tropic

Lush grove green

Essie Off Tropic Swatch

Essie Off Tropic

Essie Off Tropic Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Off Tropic

Pool Side Service

Refreshing cerulean blue

Essie Pool Side Service Swatch

Essie Pool Side Service

Essie Pool Side Service Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Pool Side Service

Shades On

Mysterious deep violet

Essie Shades On Swatch

Essie Shades On

Essie Shades On Spring 2016 Collection

Essie Shades On

Below is the colour story, so you can learn what the inspiration was behind creating the Essie Spring 2016 Collection.

Essie Spring 2016 Collection Press Release

Spring Escape to the Sunshine State

Introducing the Essie Spring 2016 Collection

This season, the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris are filled…with jets. That’s right, from Heathrow to JFK, fashionistas and discerning travelers are packing up and taking off to the same place: Florida. With so many luxurious destinations to choose from, Florida offers every shade of fun in paradise. When Spring arrives, it’s impossible to resist the call of the beach – you really only have two options: head to the Sunshine State or if you can’t get away, try to cultivate a sunshine state of mind.

Like the sun, fashion burns hotter in Florida. The six shades in Essie’s newest collection reflect the spirit of Spring in chic retreats like Palm Beach. Striking the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro-glamour, this collection is bold, bright and up for anything. Splurge on a luxe resort? Of course pool side service while you chat up the nearest lounge lover? Yes – that is definitely a do. It’s a high class affair and you’re on vacation, so live in the sun-drenched moment.

The Spring 2016 Collection will be available as of February 16, 2016 in salons, drugstores and other beauty destinations across Canada at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Disclosure: All of the nail polishes in this post were provided by PR.

Which shade in the Essie Spring 2016 Collection are you interested in the most? Has the winter been mild where you are? (Where I am in Canada, this winter hasn’t been too bad. We’re having a mild winter compared to previous years. While I’m thankful for that, I still am looking forward to the spring!)


13 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2016 Collection Swatches

  1. Melissa

    All very nice colors. All though I’ve never been much of a pink or purple kind of girl, the 2 colors calling my name are Lounge Lover and Shades on. Thanks for sharing and as always they look great on you!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Lounge Lover is so perky, and it makes me think of spring and summer because it pops! And Shades On is such a pretty purple. 🙂

      Thanks for looking!

  2. Michaela

    I always have trouble with Essie formulas when I buy them but that Off Tropic and Poolside Service are calling my name! I wonder how Off Tropic compares to Amazon Amaz-off from the OPI Brazil collection

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Michaela!

      This collection features one of Essie’s better formulas, so you should have better luck! (The lightest colour, High Class Affair surprised me the most because I was expecting it to be very sheer and/or streaky. The others also applied well for me, and I didn’t seem to need more than two medium coats for great coverage.)

      Essie Off Tropic is way darker than OPI AmazON…AmazOFF. If the OPI is considered a ‘jungle green,’ then the Essie is ‘the jungle green past the witching hour.’ Not only is the OPI lighter, but it has a very slight grey undertone. The Essie doesn’t have any grey nuances that I could see. It’s closer to being a blackened green, but it’s not so close to black that it’d be confused with a black polish.

      Another thing worth pointing out is that Off Tropic has a glossy finish.

      AmazON…AmazOFF has extremely subtle shimmer, yet it comes across as a shiny creme (but not so glossy like a jelly).

      In case you’d like to compare swatches of both polishes, here’s the link to my OPI AmazON…AmazOFF review from 2014:

      (Note: Back then, I used to take photos of the polish in natural light and with my camera’s flash. Now, I only take photos of polishes for reviews in natural light and in artificial, non-flash light, since I find it to be more accurate.)

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. George Stamas

    Hi Mary,
    I like four of the polishes in your review (Sunshine State of Mind, Off Topic and especially Pool Side Service and Shades On). I can’t believe that the OPI version AmazOff is really lighter than this shade and even looks so much darker than the OPI color. I am a fan of OPI colors but this one is really beautiful. I also can’t believe these polishes are photographed without a topcoat, lol. They look so dripping wet! I need to find these when they come out for my upcoming pedicures, Beautifully done Mary,


    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey George!

      Off Tropic is especially glossy! The shine amps up this dark green. For sure, I’ll be reviewing this in-depth for a future post. It deserves time in the spotlight. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  4. Abbi Crutchfield

    Shades On and Off Tropic are my new beautiful lemmings, but out of all the new colors High Class Affair was the hardest for me to find a match in my stash. I was able to come close with Stones n Roses for Lounge Lover, Going Incognito for Off Tropic, Vested Interest for Poolside Service (but not nearly as blue), and Boxer Shorts for Shades On. I posted it on my Insta!
    Abbi Crutchfield recently posted: Love Wins

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Abbi!

      Wow, great eye for detail – amazing! You’ve just helped many fellow nail enthusiasts rock the nail trend with colours that they already might have in their stash. Excellent! 🙂

  5. Tara

    I really like the Deep Violet and the Pool Side Service. They look like they provide really good coverage. I hope SDM will carry them because I wouldn’t mind trying them.


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