Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches & Review

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches & ReviewEssie Mint Candy Apple was one of the minty green nail polishes that I recently compared in another post.

Today, I’d like to show it in further detail. It’s quite a popular shade, especially in the spring and summer.

And, surprisingly, it doesn’t give me a bad case of Lobster Hands, so it’s a mint green I can actually wear! (Hurrrrraaaayyy!)

Shades like this are really fresh-looking and make your nails look so clean and crisp.

Have you ever eaten a candy apple before? I haven’t!

When I was little, my parents refused to buy me candy apples at carnivals because they said it was bad for my teeth with all that sugar. (No, they weren’t dentists…hehe! And oddly enough, they bought me cotton candy without blinking an eye. Sometimes trying to figure parents out can make your mind spin its wheels!) 😉

Essie Mint Candy Apple Pictures

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Natural Light

Essie Mint Candy Apple Photos


Mint Candy Apple by Essie

Natural Light

Essie Mint Candy Apple Photos & Review


Mint Candy Apple Essie Swatches

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches & Review

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch

Essie Mint Candy Apple Review & Swatch

Essie Mint Candy Apple Review & Swatches

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch & Review

Mint Candy Apple Essie Swatch

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches

Flash Photos

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch & Review

Essie Mint Candy Apple Pictures & Swatch

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch & Pictures

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches & Pictures

Essie Mint Candy Apple Pictures


Creme de menthe mint

Key Notes

  • Name: Essie Mint Candy Apple
  • Collection: Essie Sweet Time of the Year 2009
  • Colours in the Collection: Mint Candy Apple, Lollipop & Rock Candy
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $4 USD
  • Where to Buy: NailPolishCanada, Head2ToeBeauty & select beauty-supply stores

Essie Mint Candy Apple Review


Although Mint Candy Apple by Essie is a nail polish that I typically bust out more in the spring and summer, I can see this as a great wintry shade because it’s so, well, minty!

There’s enough green in it, so I feel comfortable wearing it. The very pale, white greens are nearly impossible for me to wear without feeling weird because those give me a verrrrry bad case of the Lobster Hand Effect (where your fingers look super red).

Mint Candy Apple is a pale green, but it’s still saturated enough to look more minty and less anaemic, like it’s going to faint.

(Click on this link If you’re interested in seeing my reader-requested comparison post of a bunch of different mint green nail polishes.)


Mint Candy Apple by Essie has a creme finish that’s simple and makes the crisp colour look very minty indeed.

Application & Formula

I only needed 2 medium coats to achieve full opacity, and the formula was easy to control.

This polish may appear slightly streaky by itself, but when you put a top coat on, everything seems to even out like magic.


  • Fresh, crisp mint green that doesn’t look anaemic
  • Very creamy finish

  • Can look a little streaky without a top coat

Final Verdict: 8/10

Mint Candy Apple by Essie is what I would consider a classic colour that will never go out of style. It adds a fresh pop of colour without going super bright, and it really highlights your nails and makes them look crisp.

What’s your favourite minty polish to wear? Which colour do you consider to be a classic? Have you ever eaten a mint candy apple?


23 thoughts on “Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Precious Pearl!

      Thank you so much! This polish had such a creamy finish – very fresh-looking! (I actually think I’d love wearing this polish more in the winter than in the spring or summer.)

  1. Melissa

    Hi Mary, love the polish. Now I’m going to have to buy it, (He He)
    I’ve been looking at this color for a while now and now that I have seen your photos, always love your site. I also thisn this would look good with OPI’s Which is witch over it. I love my giltter polishes. Awesome job as always. keep up the great work you do. Have a great day. :~)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! 🙂 And I’m glad that you’re also digging Mint Candy Apple. It sure is a great shade to have, and surprisingly, it’s different than quite a few minty greens.

      Hope you have a wonderful day, too!

  2. Gelic' nail art

    Your parents rules made me smile. 😀 Spun sugar= okay. Candy apple=no. That’s so not logical, in the apple there’s at least a hint of vitamins in even though it’s warmed up. Just hilarious!

    I love this color, and I agree with you that it’s a classical shade. I almost think about the 20ies or 30ies color wise. The color also make me think about spring and mint candy. Not mint candy apples though. I must confess that I never have eaten any candy apple in my life, maybe they exist in the bigger cities of Sweden, but not where I grew up. Spun sugar and donuts I’ve eaten lots of though! ;D
    Gelic’ nail art recently posted: Kleancolor – Neon Green swatch

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Gelic’ Nail Art!

      Haha, yeah, they had funny rules. Another one was no sugary cereals like Lucky Charms. They were ‘forbidden’. Haha, and you want to know what the first box of cereal I bought for myself when I moved away from home was? LUCKY CHARMS! 😉 Oh, I’m such a rebel, aren’t I? Hahahah!

      Now that you mention the 20s and 30s, yeah, this colour DOES remind me of that time period. Good observation!

  3. lawren

    So glad to hear it’ll be a classic! I still have the same bottle from when it first came out a couple of years ago. It was actually my FIRST essie nail polish too now that I think about it 😀

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lawren!

      Hehe, well, I’m calling it a classic. I don’t know if Essie has called it that. But, I really think this shade can never go out of style because it’s so clean and crisp. 🙂

      Hey, how cool that this was your first! You know, I wanted this colour for a long time. And then I think I only got around to buying it…hmmm…over a year ago when I found it on sale! (Gotta love sales!) 😉

  4. Lizzy

    I think the logic behind spun sugar being okay is that it pretty well dissolves whereas the candy on the apples will stick in your teeth ALL night. 😉 Regardless, I can’t say I’ve ever seen even a minty candy apple quite that color. Perhaps it’s my monitor settings, but it looks blue. Pretty! Just, blue… lol
    Lizzy recently posted: Milani: Shady Gray

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      You’re a smart cookie! That actually makes what I thought was illogical, logical! Heyyy…wait a minute. Mom, is that you posing as a reader? Hahahaha! 😉

      I’ve actually NEVER seen a mint candy apple before. Are they actually green?

      Yes, there’s a bit of aqua in Mint Candy Apple. I think that’s why it reads a bit blue.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jasmine!

      Okay, so looks like I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen a real mint candy apple before!

      The ones with sprinkles look so cute. But, to this day, I haven’t eaten ANY form of candy apple yet!

  5. Chris

    I recently bought WnW MegaLast Nail Polish in I Need a Refresh-Mint. It’s a dupe for China Glaze For Audrey (which I also own, haha). I am really tempted to get MCA, but I fear that’s too many minty shades in my stash. 🙂
    Chris recently posted: Blog Sale #2

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lynette!

      Hahaha, I’ll take full responsibility…GLADLY! Makes me feel like a proud nailphile! (Do I get an honourary pin or something to show for it? Hehe!)

  6. Frosso

    Your parents probably just didn’t want you to break your teeth on it cause that’s pretty much what it feels like. The one time I tried to eat one I felt like the candy was going to rip the teeth out of my mouth. Candy apples always look so good, but in reality they’re impossible to eat lol. I’m jealous you posted this! I don’t have mint candy apple because its one of those polishes I always manage to forget about when I’m out polish shopping. Then last weekend I finally remembered when I was at the beauty store and the slot was empty! Bah humbug :((

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Frosso!

      Oh wow! I had no idea they were that difficult to eat! But it makes sense, especially if there’s a thick layer of caramel/candy on the outside.

      Maybe next time you check the store, they’ll re-stock it. Keep those fingers (and toes) crossed!

  7. another Cristina

    Lovely color, and it looks great on you! I love pastels and like greens, so I am always attracted to this one. I always keep myself from buying it because I already own ChG I Need Refreshmint. They are close enough that I won’t let myself get MCA, but your beautiful swatches are making me want to break out my China glaze. *shifty eyes* Uhh… and also the Revlon Jaded I just bought tonight for $2.
    another Cristina recently posted: China Glaze It’s a Trapeze layered over pastel purple

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey another Cristina!

      Yes, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint is a gorgeous shade, but *sniff sniff* it sadly gives me Lobster Hands. I’m glad that it has been working out well for you, though. I really love seeing it on others!

      Wow, great deal on Revlon Jaded! I hardly ever see it go on sale, and you got it for $2? Excellent! 🙂

        1. Mary Post author

          I’ve never been to a Big Lots, but after hearing about what a great deal you got, I totally want to go! 🙂

          Royal is VERY beautiful! I don’t have it, but every time I see swatches of it online, it looks verrrry pretty. Great picks!


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