Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Swatches, Photos & Press Release

Essie Bridal 2015 CollectionToday’s post features a closer look at the Essie Bridal 2015 Collection with swatches, bottle shots, and the official press release!

I’ll also include some photos that I snapped from the pretty booklet that PR sent me along with the nail polishes.

There are six colours in the Essie Bridal 2015 Collection, most of which are soft shades.

The bold pops of colour come from the red and pink. (It reminds me of my sister-in-law. On her wedding day, she had pink nails with subtle nail art.)

While the rich shades are more my speed, I’m going to give the softer ones a go. (If you have a shade in particular that you’d like me to review first, let me know, and I’ll try to get around to it before the others. So far, I haven’t worn any yet!)

After I met Rita Remark (Essie’s Lead Nail Artist) on Friday night at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, I’m curious to try more nude polishes. I asked her how to choose a flattering nude, and she suggested looking for one that has a bit of pink and that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you go darker, it could look muddy, and if you match your skin tone, it can look like a Band-Aid.

(See my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts for a few photos that I posted during Fashion Week. I may blog about it later, too, because I have plenty more photos and even some video clips.)

Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Pictures

Essie Bridal 2015

Essie Bridal 2015 Collection

Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Swatches

All swatches:

    • Have 3 coats of nail polish (except for Happy Wife Happy Life & Brides No Grooms, which have 2 coats)
    • Are shown (left to right): Happy Wife Happy Life, Brides No Grooms, Hubby for Dessert, Worth the Wait, Brides to Be & Tying the Knotie

Natural Light Photo

Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Swatches

Flash Photo

Essie 2015 Bridal Collection Swatches

Artificial Light Photo

Essie Bridal Collection 2015 Swatches

Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Press Release

Do you take this shade?

I do. Because you had me at Essie.

Introducing the Essie Bridal 2015 Collection

All you need is love. Well, that and a fairytale wedding would do very nicely. The key components? The ideal groom. The perfect dress. And of course, a flawless Essie manicure. With all eyes on the ring, a beautifully cared for hand and the ideal shade of polish is an absolute essential part of every bride’s routine. Because what’s a wedding without Essie color?

Essie is thrilled to introduce the six new must-have bridal shades, sure to be on every blushing bride’s wedding wish list. And this year, we’re doing something differently. In the spirit of something old and something new, Essie has borrowed from our extensive color catalog to present six of our most iconic sheers – among Essie’s most popular bridal looks – along side our newly launched shades. This stunning collection gives every bride – and everyone in her party – the ideal accessory for every occasion and event, and of course, the big day.

Elegant and timeless, Essie’s sheers and creams are the perfect fit for big dreamers and blissful brides who strive for flawless graceful looks. Fit for a princess, the Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton, chose Allure – one of Essie’s most iconic shades – on the biggest day of her life.

In addition to gracing the nails of stylish brides around the world, Essie inspires bridal designers everywhere. With an incomparable selection of nudes, pinks and creams, Essie color puts the chic finishing touch on the most enchanting runway looks. In short order, Essie has become the sponsor of New York Bridal Week and the go-to beauty accessory for both Carolina Herrera and Jenny Packham, as well as, Naeem Khan featuring Allure, Angel Sanchex with Trying the Knotie, and Reem Acra showing Sugar Daddy.

With 12 shades in total, every bride will appreciate an expanded bridal palette that makes choosing the ideal shade for each wedding occasion a breeze. The subtle differences in the sheers allow her to create a dazzling match for any shade of white, cream, vanilla, antique, blush – the possibilities are endless!

From an early age, every woman has imagined her wedding day, dreamt of the perfect dress, the groom, the ring and every detail down to the smallest accessory. Each step of their journey down the aisle should be sheer perfection – from weekend brunch with his parents and bridal shower, to the rehearsal dinner and the happiest day of her life. The perfect mani-pedi is the ideal beauty moment that boosts her energy and confidence, so she can focus on what’s important happily ever after.

The Bridal 2015 Collection will be available starting January 2015 in beauty destinations worldwide. (Note: The press release says January 2015, but I think that was the release date for the United States. Canada is probably just getting the colours now. I’m going to clarify this with PR, and I’ll update the information here when I get confirmation.)

The Essie Bridal 2015 Collection includes these six shades:

Essie Tying the Knotie Bridal 2015 Collection

Tying the Knotie
Sheer floral pink

With her angelic beauty and this exquisite sheer true pink, it’s sure to be a match made in heaven, cloud nine, to be exact.

Essie Hubby for Dessert Bridal 2015 Collection

Hubby for Dessert
Sheer candied lilac

Smooth. Sweet. Rich. However you slice it, this irresistible sheer candied lilac takes the cake.

Essie Worth the Wait Bridal 2015 Collection

Worth the Wait
Coral-kissed pink

Will she? Won’t she? This tender, coral-kissed pink keeps him hopefully devoted, until she says yes, at long last.

Essie Brides to Be Bridal 2015 Collection

Brides to Be
Soft-spoken caramel blush

The guest list. The invite. OMG, the dress! This soft-spoken caramel blush sees you through the gruelling to-do list with style and grace.

Essie Brides No Grooms Bridal 2015 Collection

Brides No Grooms
Bachelorette-bright pink

Love them. Adore them. But watch out! When this bachelorette bright pink is in the mix, brides will go wild.

Essie Happy Wife Happy Life Bridal 2015 Collection

Happy Wife Happy Life
Radiant Red Orange

This radiant red orange holds the key to a long and blissful marriage: if she’s happy, everyone’s happy.

Here are just some of the photos from the press-release booklet:

Bridal 2015 Collection Essie

Essie Bridal Collection 2015 Pictures

Essie Bridal Collection 2015

Bridal Collection by Essie 2015

Essie Bridal Collection for 2015

Essie Bridal Fashion Week

Delicate Swiss Dot Nail Art

Essie Bridal 2015 Photos

Essie Swiss Dot Nail Art Tutorial

Which colour stands out the most to you? If you’re married, what nail polish did you wear on your wedding day? If you’re single, what colour do you think you’d wear on the Big Day? 


11 thoughts on “Essie Bridal 2015 Collection Swatches, Photos & Press Release

  1. Joyce

    I just put Hubby for Dessert and Tying the Knotie on my wishlist 🙂

    For my wedding day I just wore transparent, colorless nail polish. I couldn’t find a color that didn’t clash with my skin tone and my dress so I chose naked… and of course on our honeymoon I found zillions of nudes (two actually) that did look good 😉
    Joyce recently posted: Kind-of-chic floral skittlette

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      Haha, it’s always when you’re not looking that you find what you want. 🙂 That happens to me all the time, not with nail polish, but with clothing or footwear!

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for the info, but I don’t think this collection’s for me. The wording in the press release is a little off-putting (I dreamt of digging up dinosaurs, never of the perfect wedding) and I don’t care for the polish names. While it might be considered minor, there are other polish companies out there that I think understand me and my interests a bit more.

    1. Heather

      I like some of these shades (the non-sheers mostly) but I hear you on the wording! Have I casually thought about wedding things? Sure. Have I been dreaming about it since an early age? Uh, no.

    2. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Jennifer!

      No worries – you don’t have to fall in love with every nail-polish collection. That would be dangerous for your wallet! 😉

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Sasha!

      Kudos to you for being brave to potentially do something very different! 🙂

      If I ever get married, I’d definitely do something loud and “me” instead of wearing something safe and expected.


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