News for Nailphiles: Essie at Paris Haute Couture 2015

Paris Haute Couture Mabille EssieI came home from work this evening and found an interesting e-mail from Essie’s PR with a recap from Essie at Paris Haute Couture 2015!

Nail polish is very exciting to me, but seeing it in action in the fierce fashion world? I love it!

In this little post, I share with you the information I was sent, as well as photos of the models in their Jean Paul Gaultier, Loris Azzaro, and Mabille designer apparel with Essie manicures.

Valerie Banino was the talented nail artist who led the Essie team to deck the models’ tips with style for the runway!

They used many different Essie nail polishes, but the photos in this post depict just a few. Enjoy!

Below are the pictures and text provided to me by PR:

Paris Haute Couture Mabille Essie 2

We are pleased to share with you the #essielove coming from Paris Haute Couture, where as always, the brand was a designer favourite. Led by nail artist Valerie Banino, the essie team painted the tips of models donning three of the hottest runways this week. 


For essie’s first show Mabille, the designer could not pick just one shade because in his own words, “they’re all perfect”. He ultimately chose 23 different essie shades, and had each Couture look walking down the runway outfitted with its own unique hue from blanc to licorice.

Paris Haute Couture Mabille Essie 3

What I Think: The simple sophisticated manicure is very cohesive with the whole look. I love the combination of texture from the accents in her hair and the lace to the classic, structured bustier. Her angelic makeup and wide-eye expression has a fairytale charm.

PR also sent me the below small image. I much prefer the image above because it looks like the photographer captured a magical moment, and I like the artistic angle much better in the above photo.

Paris Haute Couture Mabille Essie

Jean Paul Gaultier

At Jean Paul Gaultier – ‘l’enfant terrible de la mode’ picked five iconic essie hues aperitif, blanclicoricetwin sweater set and the lace is on. 

Paris Haute Couture Gaultier Essie 3

What I Think: I am swooning over the dress in the above photo! Like Jean Paul Gaultier’s other looks (see below), it has a roll-and-roll attitude! Plus I love the strong brows!

Essie at Paris Haute Couture Gaultier

Loris Azzaro

And last but not least, for its grand return, the Loris Azzaro house proved it is  not just a pretty face when they chose the essie shade of the same name for their runway. 

Paris Haute Couture Azzaro Essie 4

What I Think: Love her brows and the peachy blush. The jewels on the chin are an interesting editorial touch.

Paris Haute Couture Azzaro Essie

What I Think: Her hairstyle is fierce. I like the pose and the way she’s giving attitude through her eyes.

Essie Paris Haute Couture 2015

Paris Haute Couture 2015

Which is your favourite fashion look? Have you ever been to a fashion show? If you could paint a manicure inspired by any of the above designer clothes, what would you do?


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  1. Shawna

    Great post! It’s funny that we both do Essie posts on the same day 😛 My fave look is Jean Paul Gaultier. Edgy, kind of architectural, and pleasing to the eye.


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