e.l.f. Essentials Concealer Brush Review (e.l.f. Professional Concealer Brush)

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My first impression of the e.l.f. Essentials Concealer Brush (formerly the e.l.f. Professional Concealer Brush) is that it’s very, very tiny. The brush head measures about 1/4” lengthwise and just over 1/8” widthwise. I definitely had my doubts as to how effective it is.

Overall, I think it’s an OK brush. But I wouldn’t spend the money on it again, even the $1. Let me tell you why.  

e.l.f. Essentials Concealer Brush Pictures

Claims: BUSTED

X Precise cover-up
X Flawless finish

Key Notes

  • Name: e.l.f. Essentials Concealer Brush (e.l.f. Professional Concealer Brush)
  • Amount: 1 unit
  • What I Paid: $0.50 US (was on sale; retails for $1)
  • Other Essentials Face Brushes Available: Total Face Brush; Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush; Foundation Brush
  • Where to Buy: e.l.f. website

e.l.f. Professional Concealer Brush Review

Let’s talk about what I like about the elf Professional Concealer brush first. For $1, it is quite good quality. I’ve washed mine a few times already, and it hasn’t shed at all. The bristles aren’t scratchy, even on the under-eye area.

This elf concealer brush feels good in my hand. It has good balance, and you won’t feel like you’re welding a long sword or something.  And I find that I use less product with this brush than with my finger. It’s able to distribute a small amount of concealer over a large area of the skin.

But distribute, it can. Blend, it cannot. Not very well at least. The brush sort of just pushes the product around on my skin and takes a long time to blend in evenly. I’ve tried two different concealers, and the brush does a better job with the heavier cream concealer than with the more liquidy one. But it’s still kind of streaky, especially for the under-eye area. I suggest using your finger to blend in your concealer on dark circles.

And as I’ve mentioned: the e.l.f. brush is teeny tiny. It’s fine if I’m only covering one blemish. But unfortunately, that’s never the case! Covering multiple blemishes using the tiny brush takes a long time. Add that to the how the brush doesn’t blend well, and it makes applying my makeup a much bigger fuss.

There is a redeeming factor. While I think this is an ineffective concealer brush, it does serve another purpose. It’s a good size as a lip brush, so you can use it to apply lipstick or lip balm.


  • Very affordable
  • Bristles don’t shed

  • Too, too tiny
  • Doesn’t blend well
  • Not good for big coverage
  • Doesn’t easily cover dark circles

Final Verdict: 4.5/10

I don’t think this brush was designed very well for its purpose, but I definitely think it’s small enough that you’ll find some other uses for it. Try it for your eyeshadows, shadow bases, eyeliners, lip color…just not your concealer.

Got a concealer brush that you’d recommend? Let me know please!


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