e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream Review & Pictures

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I’ve been on such a shopping rampage recently. Ever feel that way – just want to shop and spend money even though you know you shouldn’t? Whenever I’m like that, I try to direct my shopping rage at elf. Because their products are affordable, it satisfies the shopping itch without sending my wallet into total destruction.

I grabbed e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream because I use lotions for my hands the most. You really should re-moisturize every time your hand touches water, especially warm water! And I got this scent because I cannot resist Bath & Body Work’s Pineapple Mango and hoped this would be comparable.

Honestly, I don’t need any more moisturizers. I probably have enough lotions and creams to last me half a decade. I have a survival stash, just in case there’s a natural disaster… like a moisturizer drought. But I keep buying them anyway. Is it a girl’s fault that she doesn’t want to be stuck with dry, scaly skin that flakes off like it’s snowing? Oh, the horror.

e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream Pictures & Photos

Serious hangtime. This shot wasn't taken mid-drip.

Claims: BUSTED

    X Heals & hydrates hands
    X Soothing formula

Key Notes

  • Name: e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream
  • Amount: 4.76oz. or 135g
  • What I Paid: $4 USD
  • Price Per Unit: $0.84/oz. or $0.03/g
  • Other Scents Available: Peony Petal, Lavender Blossom, Coconut Vanilla, Shea Butter, Cherry Berry, Candied Strawberry
  • Where to Buy: elf website, Target, K-Mart & some big-box stores & drugstores

elf Pineapple Mango Hand Cream Review


Is it comparable to B&BW? Heck no. I don’t like the scent of this at all. B&BW’s Pineapple Mango is refreshing and fruity, with a little tanginess mixed in with the sweet. To me, elf Pineapple Mango Hand Cream smells like Pine-Sol initially. If you let the scent breathe in the air a bit, you get kind of a creamy pineapple fragrance. No mango in sight (or in smell).

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not gross. Some might actually like it. I just don’t.

Texture & Application

e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Hand Cream has a stiff, whipped texture to it. I don’t like thin lotions because they tend to just run everywhere, and I hate thick creams. They feel heavy and take forever to absorb.

This, however, spreads out easily and fluidly without an issue. It glides over the skin for quick application, feels quite lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy film. My skin soaks it up in seconds so I’m not typing with slippery hands.

Moisture Effects

Not the greatest, really. elf Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream doesn’t moisturize very well. It makes my skin feel less scaly after I wash my hands, but not much softer.


Pineapple Mango Hand Cream by elf underperforms by a lot in terms of its staying power. Within 30 minutes, the scent fades into obscurity and you feel like you should reapply for moisture again. What a waste.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comodogenic
  • Brand does not test on animals
  • Stiff, whipped texture
  • Easy to apply

  • Doesn’t smell great
  • Scent & moisture only lasts about 30 minutes
  • Doesn’t really moisturize

Final Verdict: 4.6/10

With most elf products, I would say just try it. You don’t have a lot to lose since it’s so cheap. I know, I know – $4 isn’t an exorbitant amount, but compared to other elf prices, it’s quite high. I would definitely suggest passing on this one. It’s so not worth the $4.

What is your favorite hand cream to use? Have you tried other elf moisturizers and loved them?


4 thoughts on “e.l.f. Pineapple Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream Review & Pictures

  1. Ruthe

    I’m glad I read this review before trying any of e.l.f.’s body products. I was already doubtful about trying them because when it comes to the scents of their products, e.l.f. doesn’t do the greatest job. It totally sucks that this underperformed so much, though. Thanks for the review! 🙂
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    1. Fiona Post author

      Glad I could help, Ruthe! 🙂 I had my doubts about the scent before I ordered, too, but I was just way too curious. Y’know: curiosity killed the cat. Or at least it killed my wallet! 😛

    1. Mary

      Hey Marie!

      I’ve only recently got into elf Cosmetics products – used one of their eye-shadow brushes and then tried the High Definition Powder, which I really enjoyed! 🙂

      Haha, oh my gosh – your cream smelled like RAID? That’s disgusting! Hopefully they’ll rework the formula because I can’t see anyone wanting to smell like that.


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