e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Nail Polish Review & Swatches

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Not going to keep you waiting on what I think about e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Nail Polish. It’s awwwesome! I usually like nail colors that are darker and more saturated, and this one’s right up my alley. But it’s not a plain purple color. No, siree. It’s got a glittery finish to it that adds a bit of interest.

However, it’s not just the pretty purple hue that wins me over. I mean, even if the color is gorgeous, the polish doesn’t land on my good side if the formula is crapola. Not to worry – elf’s formula is surprisingly amazing. If you’re looking to try Party Purple, I say Nike it. Come see why.

e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Nail Polish Swatches & Pictures

*~* 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light *~*

e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Swatches

e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Swatch

elf Essentials Party Purple Swatches

elf Essentials Party Purple Swatch

*~* 2 Coats with Top Coat in Flash *~*

elf Party Purple Swatches

elf Party Purple Swatch

elf Party Purple Swatches

elf Party Purple


    Chip resistant
    Long lasting
    Quick drying
    X High shine
    Glides on effortlessly

Key Notes

  • Name: e.l.f. Essentials Party Purple Nail Polish
  • Amount: 0.35oz. or 10 ml
  • What I Paid: $1 USD
  • Price Per Unit: $2.88/oz. or $0.1/ml
  • Other e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Collection Colors Available: Clear, White, Pearl, Nude, Pearl Pink, Blush, Champagne, Bubble Gum Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Coral, Mod Mauve, Berry Pink, Royal Purple, Light Red, Medium Red, Mint Cream, Lilac, Desert Haze, Smoky Brown, Innocent, Burgundy, Chocolate, Plum, Dark Navy, Fuchsia, Fire Coral, Hot Pink, Punk Purple, Sunset, Mango Madness, Passion Pink, Purple Pleaser, Rosy Raisin, Red Velvet, Cranberry, Metal Madness, Teal Blue, Golden Goddess, Twinkle, Glitter Glam, Purple Dream, Copper, Black, Dark Glitter Purple
  • Where to Buy: e.l.f. website

elf Party Purple Nail Polish Review


I would describe the color of elf Party Purple Nail Polish as raisin or grape juice. (I’m all about food.) It’s got a saturated hue to it that makes it look super regal.

However, I don’t know if this color makes me want to p-a-r-t-a-y really. It’s pretty, but it’s not a party color since it’s not stand-out enough. It’s got a glittery finish, but it’s really subtle. I think if elf wanted the glitter to be the “Party” in Party Purple, they should’ve made it more apparent.

Formula & Application

elf Essentials Party Purple applies like a dream. Seriously. The consistency is thick enough to cover the nail with color, while it’s thin enough to spread and set evenly. You won’t find any goops, lumps, clumps or clunks with this polish.

It’s not completely opaque, even with 2 coats. I thought it was, but as I took pictures, I could see some sheer spots under the harsh flash. So I suggest 3 coats if you want perfection.

Applying a 3rd coat won’t mean spending a lot more time on your manicure though. elf nail polishes dry and set in just over 5 minutes – easy peasy.


The other elf polishes I tried gave me an incredibly glossy finish. But Party Purple by elf didn’t. Don’t get me wrong – you still get some shininess, but it’s not glossy like glass. Not really an issue for me since I always finish off my manis with a top coat. I applied Sephora by OPI Top Coat on top and got the glossiness I wanted.


Good wear, really. e.l.f. Party Purple nail polish is comparable to higher-end brands. It lasts about the same amount of time as more expensive brands. I’d say about 4 or 5 days before I see any chipping.


Great color + great application + good wearability = how much? A dollar. That’s incredible value in my books. This is math that I can definitely cheer for. Hurrah.

  • Good consistency
  • Easy to apply
  • Very affordable
  • Dries fast
  • Infused with vitamin E
  • Free of DBP, formaldehyde, toluene

  • Glitters not very apparent
  • Not very shiny
  • Might need 3 coats

Final Verdict: 9.4/10

Instead of a party purple, I think this color is more of a staple shade. It’s both gorgeous and easy to wear, but it’s not super special that you feel like you have a party on your nails. Even still, it’s a Good Buy!

Do you like this purple? What’s your favorite purple nail polish? Share your thoughts!


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