Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Review & Pictures

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash ReviewWhenever I go shopping and want to pick up yogurt, 9 times out of 10, I get Greek yogurt because I love how thick it is.

In the summer, I occasionally get frozen yogurt as a treat and for something different than ice cream.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because Dial has come out with a new body wash that’s both intriguing and that’ll have you smacking your lips. Seriously, it sounds like it’s good enough to eat – but don’t be tempted to try a mouthful! ­čśë

It’s called the┬áDial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash, and the┬álabel looks mighty delicious! (No, I didn’t have a test taste of body wash!)

Interesting Thing:┬áSee on the label? It’s spelled as “yogourt”? Since in Canada, bilingual packaging is needed for legal reasons, “yogourt” is the common spelling. But “yogurt” is the popular Canadian spelling of it in general that even the official press release about this product uses it.┬á(I genuinely find stuff like this interesting. Is it just me?)

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Pictures

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Review

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Ingredients

Dial Frozen Yogurt Body Wash Review


  • Cools skin on contact (Yes)
  • Keeps skin hydrated (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash
  • Amount:┬á473 mL
  • What I Paid:┬áNothing! (This was provided by PR.)
  • Where to Buy: Mass retail locations like Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, etc.

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Review


Be forewarned that when you start showering with the Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash, you may begin to crave the cold treat! (You may even be tempted to taste the body wash, but don’t do it!) ­čśë

When I began lathering up, I immediately thought it smelled delicious, exactly like the dessert it’s named after.┬áI could smell the creaminess, and the fruit.

For the fruit, I mainly smelled raspberry, because there was a distinct tartness.

This aroma bursts in the shower, but it’s not so potent that you’ll have to be worrying about it clashing with your eau de parfum after you’ve rinsed and dried yourself.

These are the type of body washes that I prefer – explode in the shower with fragrance, but it won’t linger long after.

Cooling Effect

Before I tried this body wash, I never heard of cooling body washes, and I didn’t think that it’d work.

Well, I’m glad to have been proven wrong!

It’s such an interesting feeling to lather this up and feel your skin getting cool. (I didn’t feel my skin tingling, but it still felt cooling. To the touch, my skin didn’t feel any different in temperature, so it’s a neat sense experience!)

I always like hot showers (except for in the summer), so when I tested out this product, I wasn’t so sure I’d feel the claimed cooling effect. To my surprise, I noticed that my skin felt cool…as if your skin is wet and there’s a light breeze blowing.

Haha, when the weather’s chilly like it is now, I don’t recommend it. However, in the summer, I think this product will be awesome because it has that extra-refreshing feeling!

When I looked at the ingredient list, I noticed that Menthol was on there. That most certainly explains the cooling feeling. (Menthol is commonly used in lots of soothing skincare like foot creams.)


After showering with this, my skin felt clean, but not striped of the necessary natural oil. My skin was soft, so the moisturizers in this definitely worked to keep my skin in good condition. (And I didn’t feel any gross film of product left on my skin.) This is due to the fact that the body wash contains real yogurt proteins!


The Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash retails for just $4.99 CAD, which is excellent because an entire bottle lasts for such a long time! This product is proof that you don’t have to skimp on shower products, even if you’re on a budget.

This bottle could easily last for several weeks, and if you broke down the price, it would come to just pennies per day!

Press Release

Below is the official press release sent to me by Dial’s PR, which gives you more detailed information on the new Dial yogurt products!

A Healthy Treat for Your Skin:

Dial® Introduces NEW Yogurt Body Care!

After years of success with Yogurt Vanilla Honey body wash, Dial is taking it to the next level with more healthy treats for your skin! Packed with real yogurt proteins that deliver long-lasting moisturization for deliciously soft skin, Dial introduces two new body washes and a new lotion!

Enriched with protein-packed yogurt, Dial® Greek Yogurt Body Wash contains a clean-rinsing formula that provides ultimate moisturization. Developed with an advanced moisture-attracting formula, your skin will be its healthiest and softest yet, with the same Vanilla Honey scent you already know and love from Dial!

Another option to keep your skin just as hydrated, and still containing the natural skin conditioning benefits of yogurt protein, Dial also introduces their brand new Frozen
Yogurt Cooling Body Wash. Featuring a refreshing tingle that gently cools skin on contact, this innovative body wash is great for the warmer months, or just as a fresh kick-start to wake you up in the morning! Your skin will lightly come alive as you lather, and feel incredibly smooth and supple!

But donÔÇÖt stop the moisture there! Retain even more┬áhydration when you follow your shower routine with┬ánew Dial┬« Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion. This┬áfast-absorbing, non-greasy lotion contains 7┬ábionutrients plus yogurt and honey extract for touchable skin, and
promises to keep skin soft for up to 7 days!

NEW Dial® Yogurt Body Care products retail for a suggested price of $4.99 (473 mL) each, and are available at mass retail locations nationwide beginning March 2014.

For more information about the Dial® Yogurt product line visit www.facebook.com/DialCanada.


  • Smells delicious
  • Doesn’t strip skin of moisture
  • Cooling effect (due to menthol)
  • Fragrance doesn’t linger & overpower an eau de parfum
  • Good value (inexpensive for a product that lasts several weeks)


  • The aroma will make you crave fruity frozen yogurt (Haha!)

Final Verdict: 8/10

I really enjoyed using the Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash in the shower. Not only does it smell like dessert and whisk me away when I’m getting clean, but the cooling effect is very different than anything I’ve ever tried. It’s going to be fun to use this more in the summer!

Do you like frozen yogurt? Have you tried any beauty products that have a cooling effect? Are you tired of the long season of cold weather, and are you looking forward to the warm weather to arrive?


12 thoughts on “Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash Review & Pictures

  1. Fedoraharp

    Oooh this sounds fun! I’ve seen shampoos with cooling effects before and I love the tingly feeling. Also the tingly feeling in certain lip balms. So it must be really nice on skin. They don’t sell dial around here but now I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something similar!
    Fedoraharp recently posted: Review: Laline Face

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Fedoraharp!

      I can imagine how amazing it would feel when you come back from the gym and shower with this cooling body wash! It’s a really neat concept!

  2. Kelton

    I assume by your post you only tried the product above the waist. Better have some other product for the more sensitive areas……unless you like washing with Icy Hot.

  3. Denise

    I used this body wash and was Irritated the first time I used it in my private parts. I didn’t think it was thee wash until my daughter used it and without me saying anything to her, she said that new body wash you got me set me on fire. It has been three days since I used it and I am still irritated. I don’t know if this product bothers men or not but I would warn women that it sure bothered my daughter and myself.. stopped using it immediately !!!!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Denise!

      Wow, you’re not the only one who mentioned that. How strange! Yes, if you are irritated by the formula, don’t bother using it and suffering. YIKES!

    2. Brye

      I used it below the waist and I am irritated as well. How long did it take for it to cool down? I have been hurting for three days now and I haven’t been very happy ­čÖü

      1. Mary S. Post author

        Hey Brye!

        Oh my! ­čÖü It sounds like so many people are having the same issue with this body wash. I had no idea, as I never used it directly down there.

        I hope that you’re okay now and that you found a solution to your ailment.


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