Crown Syntho SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush Review & Pictures

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I’ve had a blast sharing my favorite colors for my eyes, face and nails. Today though, I want to review a brush. Sure, it’s not as exciting. But we all know that a good brush does wonders when it comes to applying makeup. It helps makeup go on smoother, easier and more naturally. To me, that’s as exciting as jumping off a bridge with nothing but a bungee rope tied around my ankles… and wayyyy less risky.

On the brush stage is Crown Syntho SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer. A while back I made a huge purchase of Crown brushes, and this one is my absolute favorite of the bunch. I paid only $5 and some change for this, and never did I expect that the quality be this good. Who says value doesn’t come cheap?

Crown Syntho SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush Pictures & Photos


    Premium synthetic bristles
    Does not absorb oils or products
    Smooth & consistent application

Key Notes

  • Name: Crown Syntho SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer
  • What I Paid: $5.34 CAD
  • Other Syntho Brushes Available: Deluxe Camouflage/Lip, Deluxe Foundation/Camouflage, Deluxe Large Foundation, Deluxe Angle Foundation, Deluxe Medium Foundation, Deluxe Mini Fan, Deluxe Angle Liner, Deluxe Jumbo Foundation, Deluxe Eyeliner, Deluxe Flat Kabuki, Deluxe Chisel Powder, Deluxe Oval Shadow, Deluxe Crease, Deluxe Angled Brush, Deluxe Flat Bronzer, Deluxe Tapered Powder, Deluxe Ultra Soft Kabuki, Deluxe Soft Fan, Deluxe Powder Dome
  • Where to Buy: Crown CA website, Crown UK website, Crown US website

Crown Syntho Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush Review

I was introduced to Crown brushes at IMATS. Unlike this one guy that went around the table four times carelessly putting every brush he touched into his bins, I only picked up a few. After I tried them, I immediately regretted not following that guy’s lead. Thank goodness for online shopping!

I grabbed the Crown Syntho Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush (among many others) from their CA site. The order arrived very quickly – within just a few days. But the place they’re shipping it from isn’t too far from me, which is why it delivered so quickly. I’ve read that the US site ships very slowly. So keep that in mind.

Bristle Pliability

When it comes to brushes, it’s not all about softness. The bristles have to have the right ‘give’ in order to provide a precise application. And that’s exactly what this Crown Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush offers. The bristles are soft to the touch, but they’re not floppy or too flexible.

I previously reviewed the Crown Studio C224 Oval Camouflage Brush and fell in love with it. It’s a great brush, don’t get me wrong. But the Syntho one is even better! The soft bristles have the right strength and bounce to them to literally hug the curves of my face. This allows for an even easier application and blending. Still, both are great brushes.

Bristle Density

There are lots of bristles. Lots and lots and lots. But the brush head isn’t fluffy because it’s all jam-packed together. I love it. The closely packed bristles pick up and distribute my concealer so easily that I end up using less product while still enjoying the coverage I want.


Never streaky. Never blotchy. Never scratchy. Never uneven. The Crown Syntho SS4 Deluxe Oval Concealer makes applying my concealer so much easier, whether I’m using a powder, liquid or cream product. A few strokes is all it takes to distribute and blend the concealer naturally. And it never pokes at my skin, even under the sensitive eye area.


I didn’t expect a brush that cost me $5.34 to be this good. But this was a very well-made brush. I have not had one single bristle shed on me since I started using and washing it. Not one. And it doesn’t look like the bristles are going anywhere anytime soon.


No need for samurai training. This brush measures in at just under 6”, so you won’t feel like you’re wielding a katana or anything. It’s short enough so it won’t hit the mirror if you’re standing close, and it’s long enough to fit comfortably in your hand.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great bristle density
  • Soft bristles with good bounce
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Helps makeup go on easier & more naturally

  • Must buy online

Final Verdict: 10/10

My all-time favorite concealer brush! I love, love, love this. It’s a crucial part of my makeup routine for a flawless complexion.

Have you tried Crown brushes? What are your thoughts? Or do you have another concealer brush you’d like to recommend?


2 thoughts on “Crown Syntho SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush Review & Pictures

  1. Linda

    Thank for this for this review! I was apprehensive about buying Crown Syntho brushes b/c they are so darn inexpensive I was scared the quality would reflect that. But you are changing my mind :))

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Linda!

      Glad my review helped! I haven’t experienced any issues with the quality of Crown brushes. The only line that might not be of as high quality might be the Basic Series, but even that is still pretty good… esp. since it costs less, too.

      When I was at IMATS, some Crown kabuki brushes felt really rough on my hands, so I haven’t purchased any kabuki brushes from their online store, in case I come across the roughies. I suggest avoiding those. 🙂

      Come back and let us know what you think of your brushes if you get them!


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