Crown Luna BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow Review & Pictures

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Putting on makeup can be like a movie production, even if you’re only applying a few products. We mostly remember the colorful performances of star players and forget about the behind-the-scene hard workers. They’re important! After all, could you imagine if Jack Sparrow’s vest were hot pink (he’d still be drool-worthy)? Or what if The King’s Speech was done at a voice-editing level of an English-dubbed anime?

We give credit where credit is due when it comes to pretty eyeshadows, lip colors and awesome blushes. But what about the brushes? They play such a big part in applying makeup! Have you ever tried Crown brushes? I first experimented with them from IMATS last year and really liked the quality for the price.

Today I’ll be reviewing Crown Luna BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow. I purchased this during a shopping spree online at Crown. I was actually looking to buy back-ups of this awesome shadow brush I got at IMATS, but I couldn’t find it. Too bad for me. 🙁 Come see why.

Crown Luna BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow Pictures & Photos


    High grade
    Densely packed bristles

Key Notes

  • Name: Crown Luna BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow
  • What I Paid: $2.87 CAD
  • Price Per Unit: $2.87 CAD, $5.98 US, £2.76 UK
  • Where to Buy: Crown CA, Crown US, Crown UK

Crown Luna Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush Review

Bristle Softness

The sable hair on Crown Luna Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush is incredibly soft, but they’re not so pliable that they just flop around and fluff up shadow everywhere. It has just enough stiffness to allow even application.

Bristle Density

Holy moly. Crown BK 14 Deluxe Oval Shadow has a lot of bristles. It’s jam-packed with bristles that pick up a good amount of product for smooth application.

Brush Size

The original brush I got from IMATS is from the same Luna Series, but it’s much smaller. It wasn’t available on the Crown CA website, so I got Crown Deluxe Oval Shadow instead. Mistake for me. I don’t have large lid space, and this deluxe brush’s size is way too overwhelming for my eyes. It’s really hard to get into and apply shadows to the corners. I’m not sure if anyone’s lid space could be big enough to handle this brush though.

Brush-Head Thickness

A similar situation goes for the thickness of the brush head. It’s way too thick for me, making precise application difficult. And I’m really not sure if anyone has that much lid space to allow for such a huge brush!


If your eyes can handle the size of Luna Deluxe Oval Eye Shadow Brush by Crown, then it’s actually a really good tool. I haven’t experienced much bristle shedding. A few bristles have shed when I was washing it. It wasn’t made my lids look like they’re randomly growing extra hair because of shed brush bristles.


I think this Crown sable oval eyeshadow brush looks sleek and chic. It’s glossy black all over from the handle to the ferrule.


  • Good bristle density
  • Little shedding
  • Soft sable hair
  • Good bristle pliability

  • Brush size is too big
  • Brush head is too thick

Final Verdict: 6.9/10

I would definitely stand behind this brush if it were useful to me. As it is, it’s not. It doesn’t fit my lid at all! Have you seen a brush head this big?

Which brush is your trust eyeshadow tool? Do you have a favorite brand of brushes you use?


4 thoughts on “Crown Luna BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow Review & Pictures

  1. Ruth

    I have this brush and it’s one of my favourite crown brushes. I use it for blending down from (or up to) my eyebrow from the lid with a matte colour (makes blending a dream, especially with darker colours), or highlighting the brow bone in one easy sweep. This was such a bargain!
    I love your nail posts btw, will be following x
    Ruth recently posted: Mushu inspired EOTD

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Ruth!

      I love the quality of this brush, as I do with most Crown brushes. I think it’s just my tiny eyes – it doesn’t fit! I have a much smaller version of this (I think less than half the size), and I love it for the lid. I also have a similarly shaped Crown brush from another series, but again much smaller. I love using that almost like a stiff dome brush to create the outer V and blend in.

      It is an incredible bargain though! I really like Crown brushes because of the quality and affordability. 🙂

      Thanks so much for following us! We really appreciate it.

  2. amarock

    This brush looks suspiciously like a larger version of a Coastal Scents brush I have called “Divine medium eyeshadow brush”. The site also offer a version called the “Divine large eyeshadow brush” which I think is the exact same (both brushes cost the same: $2.49). Why I’m mentioning this is because I find the MEDIUM sized brush too big for my eyes. I really like the density and shape of the bristles but not the size – I hardly ever reach for this brush mainly due to its size. Do you order Crown brushes from the Canadian site? I’ve been tempted but I find their flat rate shipping of $10 has deterred me from ordering from them, so I’ve been order from Coastal Scents because their rates are usually less than $4 (however, they don’t offer the huge range of brushes like Crown does).

    1. Fiona Post author

      Y’know… a lot of the Crown makeup I’ve seen look kind of like Coastal Scents palettes, too. Hm. One must wonder.

      Yes, I ordered mine from the Crown CA website. I think I ordered around 20 brushes (yikes, I know!), which is why the $10 shipping didn’t scare me away. It’s really just an extra $0.50 on each item. (I do “stupid math” in order to convince myself to buy stuff. :))

      I find the medium-sized of this brush too big for the lid as well. But I’m using it for the outer V almost like a stiff dome brush, and it’s working out great for me! This deluxe version, however, is just way too big.


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