Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush Review & Pictures

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A few months ago, I found the Crown Brush website and went a little crazy. Yes, “a little.” Let’s just leave it at that. Everything that I wanted magically appeared in my shopping cart. (OK, fine. I put them there.) I didn’t care since the prices were so great! But I realized I should’ve done more research on each brush that I was buying.

Don’t get me wrong – there weren’t brushes that made cry my eyes out over wasting my money. But certainly, some brushes were better than others. The Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush would be one of the “others.” It’s not a bad brush; I just don’t like the shape of it. Read on for more details.

Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush Pictures & Photos

Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush

Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush

Crown Basic B06 Deluxe Shadow Brush

Crown Basic B6 Shadow Brush

Crown Basic B06 Shadow Brush


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Key Notes

  • Name: Crown Basic B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush
  • What I Paid: $2.34 CAD
  • Other Crown Basic Series Brushes Available: B1 Angle Blush, B2 Blush, B3 Powder Dome, B4 Angle Contour, B7 Small Pointed Contour, B8 Angle Liner, B9 Oval Lip, B10 Camouflage, B11 Oval Fluff, B13 Brow/Lash Gromer, B15 Crease, B16 Flocked Sponge, B18 Foundation, B19 Concealer, B20 Brow Brush, B22 Spoolie, B23 Square Fluff
  • Where to Buy: Crown Brush US website ($1.95 USD), Crown Brush CA website ($2.34 CAD), Crown Brush UK website (£2.14)

Crown B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush Review


For $2 and some change, the Crown B6 Deluxe Shadow Brush will exceed your expectations. The sable hair is super soft, and I haven’t experienced much shedding. It’s only when I wash it that I see a couple of bristles come out, but it’s not enough to be of concern.


Now this is the thing that hangs me up. This Crown Sable Shadow Brush has good bristle density, but the shape gets a thumbs down for me. The bristles are quite fluffy, and the shape flares out at the top. This combination doesn’t work for me as I have a hard time applying shadow to the corners of my eye. I basically have to tilt the brush sideways to do so.

Weight & Length

The Crown B6 Shadow Brush measures in at just under 7 1/4” – it’s longer than my other shadow brushes, but once I adjusted to it, it’s not an issue. It’s a tad light in my hand; I’d prefer it to be a bit weightier and heavier, but that’s just a personal choice.


In my forest of brushes with pink, black and white handles, the Crown Basic Deluxe Shadow Brush definitely stands out. I quite like the polished natural birchwood handle with a contrasting black ferrule. Something about it seems very organic to me.


This gives me a smooth application of my shadows every time, and I wouldn’t expect any less from Crown Brush. However, as I mentioned earlier, the shape of it makes it not so easy to apply to the corners of my eye. It might be because I have smaller eyelids though.


  • No bristle shedding
  • Soft bristles
  • 100% Animal Cruelty Free
  • Even application

  • Shape can make it hard to apply shadow to the corner of the eyes

Final Verdict: 7/10

It’s not a bad brush, and I’m sure some will love it. The shape of it just isn’t the perfect match for the shape of my eyes. Even so, I still use it very often so it’s not money wasted.

What do you think of this Crown Basic Shadow Brush? Have you tried Crown Brushes yet? Share your experience!


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