China Glaze New Bohemian Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

China Glaze New Bohemian Collection Press Release & Promo PicturesIf you’re really into polish, you probably have been eagerly anticipating the release of the China Glaze New Bohemian Collection for quite a while!

I received the press release and promotional picture for it on Friday and decided to share it with you in case there are those who haven’t caught wind of it.

If I get large individual bottle photos of each shade, I’ll be sure to edit this post and include them.

Edit: Right now, Rare & Radiant looks like it’ll be another Chanel Peridot dupe. Since I already have Peridot, I’m more anxious about the other 5 shades!

The display looks really fun. I like how they incorporated so many wild colours – it really captures the new bohemian look they’re going for. It’s gorgeous, and I think the theme is a wonderful concept because, yes, the new bohemian look is a far cry from the old definition of a bohemian.

The only thing is that the model probably should’ve tilted her head down a bit. It’s a little too nasally. See, this is what happens when you’re like me and watch too much America’s Next Top Model – you start critiquing photos as though you know something about fashion and photography! SNOB! 😉

The 6 new shades in the China Glaze New Bohemian Collection are:

China Glaze New Bohemian Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

Here’s the official press release sent to me by PR:


~J.R.R. Tolkein

China Glaze® Introduces Six Radiant Luster Chromes for Fall 2012 

Los Angeles, CA – (June 2012): Say the word “Bohemian” and most people automatically think bell-bottoms and fringed vests. Today’s Bohemian look is refined, feminine and carefree, epitomized by fashion icon Nicole Richie’s modern Bohemian look. China Glaze® gives the free-spirited look a fresh, trendy spin with its latest specialty collection, New Bohemian. China Glaze® New Bohemian will leave you mesmerized as the color shifts and moves across the nail, traveling with the light. The chrome-like finish radiates with high shine and intense color, captivating your senses with every twist and turn.

Push the boundaries of color and fashion with the unconventional collection of six lustrous shades including:

The China Glaze® New Bohemian collection will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in August 2012. Individual polishes retail for $6.99 MSRP.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Twitter (@ChinaGlazeOfficial) and Pinterest ( China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.

P.S. I mentioned that China Glaze Unpredictable might be another Chanel Peridot dupe. If you’re curious to see the original, you can check out my Chanel Peridot Swatches & Review here!

What colours from the China Glaze New Bohemian Collection are you most curious about? Do you have a dupe for Chanel Peridot already?


18 thoughts on “China Glaze New Bohemian Collection Press Release & Promo Pictures

  1. Lauren

    Hey Mary!

    It feels like I have been eagerly anticipating *lusting* after this collection for months. I’m scared it’s going to be a let down (yikes that felt weird to write that – scared of a collection failure – I’ve got this polish obsession thing bad!!). I have the OPI Peridot dupe so I’m with you on really wanting to see the other 4. No Plain Jane is right down my alley so I think that’s a given, we’ll see about the others.. Can’t wait for more info on these ones 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lauren!

      Sometimes the build-up is really intense, and then colours fail to meet the high expectations. I really hope that’s not the case with these, either! *Fingers crossed* Haha, I’m pretty polish obsessed, too, since I know where you’re coming from. (Nailphiles, we’re in this together!)

  2. Kelley

    These remind me of the Sally Hansen Chrome Collection that got me hooked on polish in the first place. I loooooved those polishes. I went through my stash a few years back and threw out the old/used/goopy/unusable polishes, so I only have a couple of the original Chromes left. I’m really hoping that I can replace them with these beauties!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kelley!

      Ooohh, I remember those! Back in the day, I bought the silver one. No idea where it is now, but I remember it being pigmented with a single coat! Did you originally get all the shades in that Chrome Collection?

    2. Sandra

      Oh! hopefully they will be just like the old Sally Hansen Chromes. I never got a chance to get any of those and apparently, the SH Chromes work really well with the Konad stencils! If China Glaze’s latest collection is similar, I’ll be in heaven!

      1. Mary Post author

        Hey Sandra and Kelley!

        Have you heard about the Essie Mirror Metallics Collection? Those are metallic chromes and one-coaters that I think would work well with nail stamping.

  3. Kelly

    I will be buying all of these, because they are amazing!!! I do not have Peridot, but I do have OPI’s Just Spotted a Lizard and that’s another dupe… but I hate the brush in the OPI, so I would rather have CG’s and sell my OPI! 🙂

    Original reports said releasing mid-July… so I was totally bummed that I have to wait until next month! But, my wallet is probably pretty thankful at this point :p
    Kelly recently posted: 365 Days of Color – Toxic Love Collection

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kelly!

      Wow, the entire collection! 🙂 LUCKY!

      Hmm…I wonder if the China Glaze one will have the same formula as the OPI shade. Please let me know if you get to compare them. 🙂

      Yeah, haha, when July was approaching, I was wondering why they weren’t sold anywhere yet…and then I got this press release. I wonder if they delayed it to perfect the formula…We can only hope! 🙂

  4. Amy

    I’m probably going to be buying all of them because I love duochromes so much, but we’ll have to see what my Sally’s gets in.

  5. Angie

    Wow, these look great! I already have OPI’s “Just Spotted the Lizard” and it’s my current favorite polish, so I may need to grab a bottle of the CG one to compare…and to have a back up. 😀

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Angie!

      Good idea to get a back-up! 😉 (I was crazy, and after Chanel Peridot came out, I bought a back-up of it. Expensive! Wish I waited for all these more affordable dupes came out!)

  6. Melissa

    Hi Mary,
    I can’t wait to see this collection. From the look of the bottles I will like 2 for sure. I know that I want to buy 4 of Zoya’s new fall/winter collection. I can’t wait to see what ones you swatch. I always love the swatches that you do. Have a great day. :~)

      1. Melissa

        HI Mary,
        It’s just like ,me to forget to say which 2 lol.
        I really like the Want My Bawdy & No Plain Jane. Blue has always been my fave color, but I’m buying a lot of purples also. Have a great day. :~)

        1. Mary Post author

          Nice picks! We’ll see what they look like in person. *Still excited* 😉

          Hope you’re having a great evening!

  7. Sandra

    I am interested in Swanky Silk and No Plain Jane. Can’t wait to find these at Sally’s. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sandra!

      You’re very welcome! Glad that you liked this press release. 🙂 I’ll keep posting them until the majority of readers are no longer interested.


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