China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches & Review (Layered Over Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights)

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches & ReviewThe China Glaze Glitz Bitz ‘n Pieces Collection officially comes out in February, and my oh my does it look like such a fun concept!

It was hard to pick which one to try first (yeah, Nailphile Problems!). Eventually, I decided on layering China Glaze Mosaic Madness over a fun yellow – Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights from the Selena Gomez Collection.

As you know, I love bold, in-your-face manicures, so I was going for a high-contrast look here.

The layering possibilities are endless. You could do a tone-on-tone look or even put a metallic underneath for two completely different effects.

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Pictures

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Glitz Bitz n Pieces Collection Pictures


Mosaic Madness China Glaze Glitz Bitz n Pieces Collection Pics

Natural Light

Mosaic Madness China Glaze Glitz Bitz n Pieces Collection Photos


China Glaze Mosaic Madness Glitz Collection

Natural Light

China Glaze Mosaic Madness

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches

All swatches have:

Flash Photos

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches & Review

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches

China Glaze Glitz Bitz n Pieces Mosaic Madness Swatch

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Review & Swatch

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Review & Swatches

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatch & Pictures

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatch

Natural Light Photos

Mosaic Madness China Glaze Swatches Glitz Collection

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Photos

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches

Mosaic Madness China Glaze Glitz Collection Swatches

Mosaic Madness China Glaze Swatch

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatch


√ Deep blue glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces

Key Notes

China Glaze Mosaic Madness Review


Mosaic Madness by China Glaze has black and blue glitter suspended in a clear base.

(Whenever I think of black and blue, I’m reminded of the old Backstreet Boys album by the same name. I wasn’t a fan of theirs, but in high school, my best friend was obsessed with them. On the back of her bedroom door, she had an almost full-size poster of Nick Carter, and she’d usually be playing one of their albums. It was funny how I wasn’t a fan of the boy band, yet I pretty much knew the words to all their songs because of my best friend.)

There are small and medium blue hexagons. I also saw small, medium, and large black hexagons as well as black bars.

Collectively, it really does look like bits and pieces. It’s like you went to the arts-and-crafts room and had a glitter fight!

I don’t have any other nail polish like this, so it’s pretty unique. Then again, I don’t have many indie polishes. If you have tons of those, chances are that you have many with hexagons and bar glitter.


The glitter has noticeable texture. When I put on a thick coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, it smoothed it out nicely at first, but the next day, I could feel subtle texture resurfacing. It didn’t bother me because it wasn’t really sharp or annoying.

Keep this in mind: The more coats of this glitter polish you use, the harder it will be to remove.

I used 2 coats, so when it came time to remove this polish, I spent quite a long time scrubbing. It’s not the easiest glitter to remove, but it also wasn’t the hardest.

Application & Formula

While I really like the unique appearance Mosaic Madness by China Glaze gives my manicure, I’m not crazy about the formula or the brush.

Normally I have no problems using any sized brush. However, when you have so many different-sized pieces of glitter, and the formula is so densely packed, I feel like the skinny China Glaze brush actually made application much more challenging than it needed to be.

If they included an extra-wide brush, it would be simple to pick up all the pieces and apply them. But, because the brush was thin and some of the glitter was so large, I found that I had to sometimes dab on some glitter, and I had to re-dip my brush into the bottle several times per nail. This definitely slowed down my manicure-painting time.

Also, I noticed that sometimes even when I got the hexagons and smaller glitter to transfer onto the nail, sometimes the large hexagons and the long bar glitter would remain on the brush. To coax them onto my nail, I had to use the dabbing motion I mentioned earlier.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to painting your nails, or you just have trouble even applying a simple creme, I would not recommend Mosaic Madness because it might frustrate you.

If you paint your nails often and don’t mind putting in the extra effort to achieve a special manicure, then I’d say give this one a shot. The look is really fun, and I think it’s worth the extra application time.

It’s also worth noting that the polish dried quicker than usual.

Sometimes, I found it tricky to get the same density on every nail. You just saw photos of my left hand. (I’m right-handed, so I prefer holding the camera with my dominant hand.) On my right hand, I had one nail that had more glitter than the rest. You may run into this as well because the glitter can be tricky to control. And occasionally the bar glitter will want to hang over the free edge of your nail. You can push it back with your brush or wait for it to dry and then file it off.

Also, I noticed that the largest hexagons tended to curl verrrry slightly, but they were still wearable and not too obvious.


  • Black & blue glitter in different sizes
  • Has black bar glitter
  • Creates a unique bits & pieces effect
  • Dries quickly
  • Can be layered over so many other colours because the base is clear

  • Skinny brush can make it harder to apply the glitter evenly
  • Some glitter will need to be dabbed on instead of just painted on like normal
  • Bar glitter can sometimes stick out over the edge of your nails

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Mosaic Madness by China Glaze is a fun, quirky glitter that can refresh your existing manicure or give a boring polish you own some spice!

While it’s not the easiest polish to apply, I still think the overall effect it creates is worth the extra effort.

What would you layer China Glaze Mosaic Madness over? Are you a fan of having so many different sizes and shapes of glitter in a single polish?


12 thoughts on “China Glaze Mosaic Madness Swatches & Review (Layered Over Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Charlotte!

      Thanks! Hehe, you know me and my love for bold manicures. I have immature taste in polish, I guess, but it just makes me happy seeing playful colours when I look down at my nails. It’s a nice pick-me-up that you can take everywhere. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Hahaha, sometimes I misread things, and when I do, I always seem to misread something extremely funny. Case in point: When you said that you were “waiting for the money to come in to get them”, I didn’t read it as “money” first. Guess what I read it as…MONKEY! Haha, so I had to re-read that sentence because at first, I was picturing a lacquer-loving primate grabbing all the polish! HAHAHA! Oh man…the way my mind works sometimes is so silly!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Laure!

      Glad that you’ve been enjoying them and reading them! 🙂

      Hmm…I think it would be much better if you put a twist on it to make it more you…y’know, your style. 🙂 It would be more authentic, and I’m sure that you can bring an interesting spin on things with your personality. It’d be better than just using the same formula.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sincerely Stephanie!

      I really love yellow nail polish in general (even when some of them stain). They’re so cheerful, and you don’t see too many people wearing yellow. (Maybe that’s why I like it.)

      Do you have a favourite yellow to wear?

  1. another Cristina

    Yikes! I’m going to be a dissenting voice here- I hate this color combination! I think the brightness of the yellow is too much with the flashiness of the blue hex glitter. It’s definitely not a combo I would try, though of course, tastes vary. Anyway, I like the look of the Glitz and Pieces collection and the color of Mosaic Madness, so I might still pick it up.

    On a side note, I don’t usually notice brush differences, either. I actually had never given brushes a moment’s thought until my friend asked me if the skinny ChG brushes bothered me months into my obsession. It’s still not an issue for me, even in mini bottles. Maybe it’s because I have narrow nails, or maybe I’m just oblivious! 😉
    another Cristina recently posted: Chic in 18k gold-Commander in Chic with Sephora by OPI gold topcoat

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey another Cristina!

      That’s okay. We’re all entitled to our polish preferences. 🙂 This was one of my favourite manicures because it was so flashy…hehe! Sometimes I like subtle looks, but sometimes I like the diva manicures, too. 😉

      Yeah, it must be because we have narrow nails, so we can usually use any brush. It must be frustrating for those with really wide nails because then the thin ones like in China Glaze and Essie must make it harder for them to paint.


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