China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & Review

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & ReviewThere are probably a lot of people who feel ho-hum about neon polishes because they’re everywhere and there aren’t too many unique shades.

But…my love for them hasn’t died down even slightly. Neon nail polish is one of my go-to colors when I’m not sure what to wear. Every time I look down, my eyes burn. What’s not to love? Haha!

Today I present to you China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, which is part of the Poolside Collection that I absolutely adore.

This coral-pink lacquer is so neon that it looks like it glows in even dim light! And because of that, it freaks my camera out, but I did try to capture its essence the best that I could. Hope I did it justice…

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Pictures

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Review & Swatch

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Ingredients

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches

All swatches have:

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & Review

Direct Sunlight

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Review, Swatches & Pictures

Natural Light

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatch & Review

Natural Light

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches, Review & Pictures

Natural Light

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Flip Flop Fantasy China Glaze Swatches & Review

Natural Light

Flip Flop Fantasy Review & Swatches China Glaze

Direct Sunlight

Flip Flop Fantasy Swatch & Review China Glaze

Direct Sunlight

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy China Glaze Review & Swatches

Natural Light

China Glaze Nail Polish Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches Flash

Flash - See how it made my camera go crazy? In person, there's no duochrome. That was just my camera freaking out because it's so neon!

Flip Flop Fantasy China Glaze Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & Review China Glaze

Direct Sunlight


    Neon coral

Key Notes

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Review


Flip Flop Fantasy is a blazing coral-pink neon with a lot of orange. My photos make it seem bright, but in person, this baby’s even brighter! It’s like the obnoxious guy at the party who wears a Hawaiian-print shirt and tries to get all the ladies’ digits. 😛

Interesting thing I noticed: In my 400+ polish collection, I don’t actually have many coral polishes. I used to think that coral just doesn’t look good on me. I forgot how much I love Flip Flop Fantasy, and I really don’t care if it isn’t the most flattering hue on me – if a color makes me smile when I look at it, I’m a happy camper! Think I’ll have to get more coral polishes – they’re so cheery! 🙂


Like any other neon polish, Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze dries to a matte finish. There are downsides and upsides to this.

The upside is that each coat dries super fast. By the time you finish painting the last finger on your second hand, the first finger on your first hand should be nearly dry.

The downside is that it applies a little streaky, so you’ll have to use about 3 coats to achieve good opacity. Also, it doesn’t look right without a shiny top coat. The top coat actually seems to make the color pop more and appear more opaque.


Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze goes on smoothly and easily, but as I mentioned before, it is a bit streaky (which is common for neon polish).


It doesn’t contain any Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP, so you can click your heels together for this Big-3-Free polish!

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy vs. China Glaze Pool Party Comparison

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy China Glaze Pool Party Comparison

China Glaze Pool Party is another great neon pink polish in the China Glaze Poolside Collection. I thought that you might want to see the differences between the two in case you were on the fence about which one to get.

I love them both. Pool Party shows up redder on my nails and Flip Flop Fantasy comes off as more orange on me. Both are crazy-bright neons that are so fun to wear!

If you want to know more about Pool Party in-depth so you can really compare it to Flip Flop Fantasy, please click to see my China Glaze Pool Party swatches and review here.


  • Shockingly bright neon coral-pink polish
  • Looks neon even in dim light
  • Makes a huge statement
  • Dries quickly
  • Readily available
  • Big-3-Free formula

  • Dries matte (requires a top coat for shine & to make it look decent)
  • Needs 3 coats to achieve opacity

Final Verdict: 10/10

I could never get tired of neon polish even if they’ve been done before and beaten to death. Neon polish fo’ life! Flip Flop Fantasy is amazing, and be prepared to get a lot of looks when you wear this. People will notice your nails first because this color screams at the top of its lungs for attention! It’s not for the shy violets.

Do you wear neon nail polish during the summer or all year long? What’s your favorite neon polish to wear? Why is it that neon blues never actually look neon and just appear to be bright?


18 thoughts on “China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Katie!

      Yes, you do! It’s the perfect summer colour, but it looks great any time of year. I’ve even worn this in the winter – it’s actually waaaay brighter in the winter because of all the snow around. Flip Flop Fantasy is one of the brightest neon polishes out there.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maribeth!

      Thank you so much! This colour is incredible all by itself. Whenever I wear it, I feel super vain because I keep admiring my fingernails. 😛

      Aww…thanks for saying that about my nail shape and length. I’m kinda all over the place with those. I’ll grow them long and then cut them down to nubbins. I think it’s because I like all different nail lengths. It depends on my mood. But they’re always ovalish. Actually, I prefer square or squoval nails, but they just never seem to look ‘right’ on me…so I have to go with the natural oval shape.

  1. Marta

    I have this shade and your natural light photos are very colour accurate! It’s a tough one to photograph. You need to get your hands on L’Oreal “mango get-em” you’d looooove how awesome the coral is! It’s a must. LOL to your burning-my-eyes happy and Hawaiian-floral-shirt descriptions! Hope you have a nice and quiet/relaxing weekend 🙂
    Marta recently posted: Stained Glass Mani

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Yes, it is tricky to photograph! I took so many pictures of it, so I’m glad some were accurate. 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll keep my eyes peeled like a banana for that L’Oreal one. Corals are so pretty, and I feel like I’m the last one to jump on board!

      I’ve been so exhausted lately, but this weekend doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down. Perhaps next weekend! Hope you have a great one, too! All the best! 😀

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nicole!

      It sure is – sometimes when I talk with strangers, it seems like they’re paying attention more to my nails than to me! 😛

      Yes, Poolside was one of my favourite China Glaze collections. I bought all of the colours in it except for the blue, but I may get it later…

  2. Carmela

    Not too big on neons; bright colors scare me! 😛 But so pretty on you, kind of makes me want to try it. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Yeah, seems like some people either love them or don’t – not much in between.

      If you really want to try it, maybe you can work your way up to a neon by trying gradually brighter and brighter polishes. I really think anyone can wear neons. Years ago, I didn’t think I could and I also found them to be intimidating, but then the first time I tried it, I was hooked! You might be the same way. 😉

      But even if you don’t try bright colours, that’s okay. Besides, the fall will be here before we know it, and the fall has some GORGEOUS deeper shades. Fall collections are always my ultimate favourite. And I love the fashion that comes out in the autumn, too!

  3. Sabine

    I also love the Poolside collection but sadly Flip Flop Fanatsy and Pool Party were the ones I couldn’t get my hands on until now because they were sold out 🙁 But now that i’ve seen your swatches I definately need to get Flip Flop Fantasy at least!
    Sabine recently posted: Poll: Book of the week

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sabine!

      Hmm…if you click on the etailers I mentioned in the Where to Buy section, they still have Flip Flop Fantasy in stock. Of course, that’s assuming that they ship to you and you don’t mind paying for shipping. I live in Canada and actually buy most of my China Glazes from Trans Design and the other etailers. The prices are pretty good if you order a bunch at a time and not just one bottle.

      I hope you’re able to get your hands on those 2 colours – they’re worth owning. If you can only get 1 of the 2, I suggest Flip Flop Fantasy – it’s a more unique neon than Pool Party.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amber!

      Yes, you’re totally right! I’ve never tried it on my toenails, but it would be perfect for the summertime especially. I’m going to try that soon. It’ll be nice to look down and see a cheerful color. 😀

      Do you usually wear neons on your toes in the summer?

  4. Ruthe

    This is an awesome color on you, Mary! You totally inspire me with your neon polishes; I bought my first bottle of neon polish the other day, and I can’t wait to try it out!
    Ruthe recently posted: Revlon Gold Coin

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ruthe!

      Thank you – I think neons are easy to pull off than most people think! I’ve never seen them look bad on anyone yet.

      Oooohhh…you’re going to just love wearing it. Which neon polish did you get? And…please come back after and let me know how you liked wearing your first neon!

        1. Mary Post author

          Hi Ruthe!

          Oohhh…that’s a neon yellow I don’t have! Yes, I’d love to hear what you think about it after you’ve worn it. I’ve heard from others that it’s best layered over white. Let me know if you agree or not…again when you try it. 🙂


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