China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatches & Review (Revisited)

China-Glaze-Blue-Sparrow-Swatches-ReviewChina Glaze Blue Sparrow is my absolute favourite blue nail polish. Ever. In my collection of 600+ bottles of lacquer, that’s saying a lot. And it’s not even hard to find or expensive. Beauty comes at every price point.

So even though I’ve previously reviewed this polish on here back in the day, I decided that it needed to be revisited so that I could show you more photos. My previous post in November 2010 didn’t do it any justice.

This is a polish that is what I like to call the Ugly Duckling. You see, without a top coat, it looks dry like clay or sand, and the texture is lumpy. (All the other nail polishes poked fun at it and called it names.) But then this ‘blue sparrow’ grew up and became a looker. You slick on some top coat, and WOWZA!

I dare you to not to stare at your nails throughout the day! (I couldn’t, so I walked into poles, people, and poodles…Okay, maybe not, but I felt like I should with this on…hehe!)

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Pictures



China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Natural Light



China Glaze Blue Sparrow Photos

Natural Light

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Ingredients

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Ingredients

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatches

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Natural Light Photos

Blue Sparrow by China Glaze

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatch & Photos

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatch & Pics

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatch & Pictures

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatch & Review

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatch

Claim: Half TRUSTED (50% of claims are true), but Product: HOLY GRAIL STATUS


Key Notes

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Review


This is a very cheerful sky blue that makes me happy whenever I see it on my nails. There’s just something about it that brings a smile to my face.

It’s a very flattering type of blue because it’s fresh and full of life! To me, this is the ideal feel-good blue nail polish. It has never failed to perk me up.

Although this was advertised as being a neon, I don’t consider it to be neon, even if it’s a bright blue. In its defence (because I feel like I must defend my beloved blue…hehe!), I’ve never seen a neon blue before. Even the blue highlighter markers don’t really look neon to me.


However, like a neon polish, it does dry matte. And the texture is lumpy – a bit like natural clay. When you first paint your nails with this, you’re going to think, “Mary is Pinocchio!” However, remember, you must wear top coat for this baby to show its full beauty! Slick some on, and you’ll see all the glitter sparkle like something fierce.

This is a glitter-jelly polish. Yes, jelly! The base is this really amazing blue jelly that’s transparent enough to let the glitter shine through. The actual glitter is silver, but, because of the blue jelly finish, the glitter ends up looking like light-blue glitter, which stands out from the base. There’s so much depth that it’s crazy!

I may be the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster, but I would consider having an affair with Blue Sparrow on the side. 😉 Shh!

Also, if you use a good nail-polish remover, this lacquer actually isn’t too difficult to remove. Haha, back in the day, I remember really struggling to remove this because I was using drugstore polish remover. Now that I’m using the one by Beauty Secrets from Sally Beauty Supply, Blue Sparrow is SO easy to remove.

Application & Formula

China Glaze Blue Sparrow is so easy to apply. It goes exactly where you want it to, plus it dries incredibly fast. You can directly apply your next coat once you’re done painting the last finger on your second hand.

You really only need two coats for good coverage, but I used three since jelly polishes tend to shrink when I use Seche Vite.


  • The most awesome blue jelly-glitter polish ever made (Haha, I’m only a little biased!) 😉
  • Dries very quickly
  • Looks stunning with top coat
  • Easy-to-apply formula

  • Finish looks like dried, lumpy clay without top coat
  • Not neon

Final Verdict: 10/10

If I could give it an 11 out of 10, I would! This is probably my absolute favourite blue nail polish like I’ve said before. It’s definitely back-up worthy…and I do have an extra bottle ‘just in case’ China Glaze loses their mind and decides to discontinue it. 😉 (In reality, perhaps I am the one who has lost her mind.) 😛

P.S. For kicks, if you’d like to see my initial review post on this polish from way back in 2010 when I was a newbie blogger, you can view it here. It makes me smile when I see how I used to blog. I’m not embarrassed by it, even though the photos aren’t the best. I think it shows how I’ve changed and progressed.

Is there a polish that makes you go gaga? Do you buy back-up bottles, or do you think it’s behaviour that leads to hoarding? 😉


12 thoughts on “China Glaze Blue Sparrow Swatches & Review (Revisited)

  1. @messy_manis

    Very pretty, I love blue and the glitter jelly is wow! My general rule is not to buy back-ups to keeps my polish addiction in check. However my aunt just sent me 2 bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire which I’m delighted by since they are mini bottles.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey @messy_manis!

      You are more disciplined with polish than I am…haha! I commend you on being able to show self-restraint on trying not to buy back-up bottles.

      WOW – your aunt is awesome to have sent you TWO bottles of Fantasy Fire. You’re going to love that multichrome. Do you know what you’re going to layer it over for your first manicure?

      1. @messy_manis

        I used Maybelline denim dash us the underware for my first Fanatsy Fire manicure. It looked amazing. I have pictures on my Instagram account. I want to try purple and black bases next.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      Haha, I remember the first time I painted with it, I thought, “What the heck is this? It’s so flat!” But, thankfully I added a top coat, and my attitude shifted 180 degrees. 😛

  2. Steve W

    I love this color! I don’t know if I need it, since I already have “Swimsuit.. Nailed It” (major stainer.. 🙁 ), “Blue Years Eve” and “Blue My Mind” (more of a shimmer than a foil), but it looks incredible on you!

    I have backups of colors I reeeeeally like, like BMM, “Sky High-Top”, and MPJ (v.2, 2009). I also occasionally buy a backup of colors from limited time collections – it sucks to like a color and find they don’t make it anymore..
    Steve W recently posted: NOTD – CG "Electric Beat" (fingers), Gradient (toes)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Steve W!

      Heyyy! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! 🙂 It was nice to chit chat about polish with you on Twitter the other day. (I think it’s very refreshing to see men who not only like wearing nail polish, but who also use it as a vehicle for self-expression.)

      Totally agree with you on OPI Swimsuit…Nailed It – what a beauty, but boy does it stain badly! Next time, maybe double-up or triple-up on base coat. Even then, it may still stain…

  3. Janet "The KnitMaster"

    It’s beautiful! I know this probably sounds crazy, but I would’ve loved to see it without a top coat. Just for a comparison, the before and after.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey The KnitMaster!

      Not crazy at all! I was going to take a photo of my manicure before I added the top coat, haha, but then I was so excited and just forgot. This polish distracts me. 😛

  4. Kas

    This is a great looking blue! The only thing I have a back up for is Max Factor Fantasy Fire…well originally I had 3 bottles but my friend saw it and asked me for one so I gave it to her 🙂 I wish I had a back up for OPI’s Rajah Royal Ruby(But I’m sure if I looked I could find it somewhere) and Chanel’s Graphite (it was too $$$ for me to buy more than one bottle). At this point these are the only bottles I have, or have wanted backups for.
    Kas recently posted: Brrrrraaaaiiinnnsss! Zombie Nails: Pt 1

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kas!

      That was SO NICE of you to give your friend a bottle of Fantasy Fire – very generous! 🙂 I bet she loved it!

      Oh yeah, I’m with you on OPI Royal Rajah Ruby – that polish is gorgeous and really vampy. Plus the formula is really nice.


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