My Nails and My Chapman’s Canada Day Cone

Raise your cone!

Happy Canada Day 2016

If you follow me on social media, you saw that last night I shared a photo of the yummy ice cream that I ate. (Also, check out my Snapchat. I posted video clips of the fireworks I watched! You can find me on Snapchat under the username “swatchandlearn”.)

The Chapman’s Canadian Cone was so delicious that I gobbled it up within mere minutes after taking this photo. (Who could ever resist that temptation?) 😉

I’m not sure how long this ice-cream cone has been around, but it’s the first time that I saw it at Loblaws.

How fitting for Canada Day yesterday, right?

It contains vanilla ice cream, and there’s a strawberry filling in the middle that goes all the way down to the tip of the cone.

The sugar cone is lined inside with chocolate, and the top of the ice cream also has some chocolate and cute red sprinkles in the shape of maple leaves! (Nice touch.)

Another awesome thing about the Chapman’s Canadian Cone is that a portion of the proceeds are donated to a charity in support of families of fallen Canadian women and men. I love how I can give back while enjoying a summery treat!

On my nails: Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle.

Disclosure: This post contains a press sample provided by PR. (It’s the nail polish, not the ice cream. Hehe!)


2 thoughts on “My Nails and My Chapman’s Canada Day Cone

  1. Melissa

    The nails are gorgeous and the ice cream isn’t bad either! LOL What a great way to give back to others! That’s so cool! I wish I lived in Canada so I could give back and get a sweet treat too! Thanks for sharing with us!


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