Chanel Peridot Swatches & Review

Sunlight Chanel Peridot Swatches, Review & PhotosThis is my first Chanel product ever! *Squeals can be heard all the way up to the highest mountain tops*

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to own anything from that luxury brand, but now I’m so excited to say that Chanel Peridot has made its way into my heart and my Helmer.

It was a little rough introducing Peridot to the rest of my polish children.

My usually well-behaved China Glazes and OPIs were a little snotty and said, “Chanel isn’t everything!” and “More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better!” Some others made cheap shots about the French.

The Nubars tried to stay out of the confrontation, but I could tell from their fond glances at Peridot that they were both impressed yet intimidated by its multichromatic brilliance.

Clarins 230 was nice enough to befriend Chanel Peridot right from the get-go.

“I know it’s not easy being the new one.” It tried to comfort Peridot, who had begun crying. “Listen, when I first arrived, the same thing happened to me. In fact, people often call me Unicorn Pee! Sticks and stones may break my bottle cap, but names will never hurt me. At least you’re named after a beautiful gemstone. I’m quite fond of Peridot.”

From that moment, the two have been inseparable.

Yes, sometimes poor Peridot still gets picked on even by the mini OPIs (who are still young and need to be taught lessons of politeness and common courtesy). But in general, I think that Peridot is making great progress in letting mean-spirited remarks roll off its bottle.

(Warning: This post contains tons of photos of this polish. I tried to capture its personality the best I could.)

Chanel Peridot Pictures

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Bottle Shot

Natural Light Peridot by Chanel Nail Polish Review

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Review

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Pictures

Peridot by Chanel Nail Polish

Limited Edition Chanel Nail Polish Peridot Picture

Chanel Peridot Review Bottle Pictures

Since this was my first Chanel, I was surprised to find out that the square cap is just a cover and this is actually what the brush handle looks like.

Chanel Peridot 531 Bottle Cap Pictures

Top of the brush handle

Chanel Nail Polish Bottle Peridot Review

Inside of the square cover

Chanel Peridot Bottle Cap Picture

Top of square cover

Chanel Peridot Bottle of Bottle Picture & Review

Bottom of bottle

Chanel Peridot Ingredients & Review

Chanel Peridot Swatches

All swatches have:

Sunlight Chanel Peridot Swatches, Review & Photos

Dim Sunlight

Sunlight Peridot 531 by Chanel Review & Pictures

Dim Sunlight

Sunlight Chanel Peridot Swatches & Review

Dim Sunlight

Chanel Peridot Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Flash Chanel Peridot Swatches


Sunlight Chanel Peridot Review & Swatches

Dim Sunlight

Sunlight Chanel Peridot Review & Swatch

Dim Sunlight

Sunlight Chanel Peridot 531 Swatch, Review & Picture

Dim Sunlight

Flash Peridot by Chanel Photos


Flash Peridot Chanel Polish Swatches & Review


Flash Chanel Peridot Swatches & Photos


Flash Chanel Peridot Swatch & Review


Flash Chanel Peridot Limited Edition Nail Lacquer Photos


Flash Chanel Peridot 531 Pictures


Natural Light Chanel Peridot

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel 531 Peridot Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Natural Light 531 Peridot by Chanel Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot 531 Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot 531 Swatches & Review

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Picture

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Review & Swatch

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Review & Swatch Photos

Natural Light

Natural Light Chanel Peridot Review & Swatches

Natural Light

Sunlight Chanel Peridot Swatch & Review

Dim Sunlight

Flash Chanel Peridot Macro Shoot


Natural Light Chanel Peridot Swatch & Review

Natural Light



√ High shine
√ Chip-resistant colour
√ Long-wearing
Strengthens & moisturizes nails

Edit: I wore Peridot for 5 days straight, but then removed it because I wanted to try out some more Hallowe’en nail art. During the 5 days, I didn’t get any chipping!

Key Notes

  • Name: Chanel Peridot
  • Amount: 13 mL (0.4 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $25 CAD
  • Where to Buy: Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom & other places that have Chanel counters
  • Limited Edition? Yes!

Chanel Peridot Review


Chanel really outdid themselves with this – it’s a multichromatic metallic polish that I can easily see becoming a cult classic.

Looking at it straight on, I see gold on the middle of my nail and then a darker, murky green on the edges. But if I curve my fingers towards me and look at them level with my eye (yes, I look funny doing this), I can see a more vivid bluish-green.

But that’s not all!

Depending on the lighting, the green sometimes looks like an anemic green, the gold takes on an antique hue, and the green morphs into more of a teal.

The first day I wore this, I was so fascinated by its numerous personalities that I kept staring at my nails throughout the day. And to think that I was worried that this would clash with my skin tone! It worked out just nicely, and I’m not usually one to wear golds. Greens, however, hehe you know I’m obsessed with ’em.

Chanel Peridot is a colour that I consider back-up worthy. Unfortunately, the crazy price tag is the only thing preventing me from buying another bottle of it.


Peridot has a metallic finish that shines and really catches the light…even in dim light!

Application & Formula

I’ve heard about how crappy Chanel’s formula usually is, which is why I was hesitant to make this major splurge. But I’m pleased to report that the formula’s pretty awesome!

The formula is very easy to work with – not too liquidy and not thick at all. It’s also highly pigmented – just needed 2 thin coats for full opacity. That’s good news because the last thing I’d want from an expensive polish is to have to use a bazillion coats per manicure that would put a dent in my bottle.

Now, because this is metallic, you will get faint brushstrokes. Not a lot, but you can see them slightly. I noticed that when I applied thinner coats, it was less noticeable. Normally I despise brushstrokes, but these aren’t too bad, and I can overlook it because of Peridot’s multichrome and ease of application.

Brush & Handle

The brush isn’t really big like OPI’s, but it worked well enough for me. Pretty much I can use any brush because my nails are quite small.

What surprised me was that the square cap on top of the bottle is meant to just cover the real brush handle. Hehe, this was my first Chanel polish, so I didn’t know this. I tried to turn the square to unscrew it, and then it popped off. At first I thought I had broken it! (Imagine the horror?)

The actual brush handle is much easier to use because it’s rounded, it has grooves, and it’s smaller. You get better control with it than if the handle was actually the large square one.

Limited Edition

Why are all the best colours limited edition? Companies could make a killing if they made it a permanent colour.

Hmm…so if you like this, you should try to get it ASAP before it’s gone. This is definitely the kind of polish that eBay sellers go nuts selling at ridiculous prices right after it’s been discontinued. Better to buy it now for a normal price than to pay double or even triple the retail price. Hehe, of course, with Revlon’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try their hardest to release a dupe of Peridot. Still, I won’t hold my breath…


I can’t talk about Peridot without mentioning the astronomical price! A polish for $25 USD is outrageous to me, and that’s why I’ve never bought a Chanel polish before.

Yes, I bought Clarins 230 (Unicorn Pee) for a little over $50 CAD, but that was a long-discontinued fairytale in a bottle. Buying super-expensive polish isn’t a habit of mine or I’d go broke in a week.


  • Unique metallic multichrome featuring greens & golds
  • Catches the light even in dim light
  • Excellent formula is easy to apply
  • Great opacity (needs just 2 coats)

  • Extremely expensive (this is one of those luxury splurges)
  • Limited edition

Final Verdict: 10/10

Despite this costing so much, I didn’t dock any marks and decided to give it a perfect score because the colour is highly unique, the formula was great, and I felt like it was money well spent. Unlike NARS Zulu, I don’t regret this purchase at all!

If you’re able to, I highly suggest getting this colour. It’s one of the more unique golden multichromes. And if you’re a green lover like I am, this is a must-have! 😀

Have you bought a bottle of Chanel Peridot? What’s the most expensive nail lacquer you’ve ever bought? Do you think that $25 USD for nail polish is plain robbery?


24 thoughts on “Chanel Peridot Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Louise!

      I took a look at OPI Simply Smashing from the Glam Slam Collection – that one looks more sparkly and like a vivid greenish tennis-ball-like colour. There’s no multichrome at all. Chanel Peridot definitely has a multichrome and is full-on metallic with an antique feel. While the colour and the finish are very different, I can see how they could be distant cousins! Never even thought to compare them! 🙂 Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  1. Carmela

    Oh my! It looks gorgeous on you! *swoon*

    Poor Chanel Peridot. I’m sure the other polishes are just feeling a little shook up and wondering how the ranks are going to change with the fancy newcomer on the block. Polishes are known to resist change. 😉 I love how the Nubars tried to stay on the safe side. Not that they could be intimidated by the multichromatic awesomeness as they share that in common. 😀

    I’m really thinking about this polish now. It’s soooo pretty! But so pricey..! *sigh* Will just have to live vicariously through you. 🙂
    Carmela recently posted: Revlon Facets of Fuschia

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Thanks! Haha, I was so glad that it didn’t clash with my skin tone, or this would’ve have been a very expensive mistake. Actually, because of this, I think I’ll venture out and try more golds. Didn’t know I could wear them before, and they always look fancy on other people. I think these kind of colours look especially festive during the holidays.

      Hehe, yes, polishes definitely resist change. A different base coat and all bets are off. 😛

      And I think the Nubars were also checking out Peridot’s silhouette. Err…look at the corners on that one. 😛

      I debated for a full 2 weeks before pulling the trigger and purchasing this. There’s no denying that this is very expensive for the amount you get. But, it is extremely unique and a limited edition. It gave me a little glimpse into the luxurious life (hehe, which I realllllly don’t get to see). Plus I’m on a self-imposed No Buy for a little bit to compensate for my splurge, so it balances out.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jacqui!

      Me neither – it has so many personalities to keep your interest.

      Hehe, thanks! This one was definitely calling my name even though my grouchy wallet kept telling me to plug my ears.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Miss L!

      Yes, very expensive. It’s the closest to the luxurious life that I’ll ever get…hehe! Sometimes it’s fun to splurge as long as you keep it in check. 😉

  2. Marcia

    I’ve seen This swatched a lot and it didnt wow me, but seeing it here in your pics with your cool skin tone… Wow! Dreamy! So maybe you are a better swatcher hahaha!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marcia!

      Thank you so much for saying that! 😀

      Y’know, I always thought that I had a cool skin tone because cool foundations look fine on me, but then I read about how if your veins looks green, then you have a warm skin tone. My veins look green, so I guess I’m warm after all. But the mineral foundation I’m using now says that it has a neutral undertone…and it works fine for me. Haha, skin tone is confusing!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey imfeelingnail-venturous!

      For sure – so glad I splurged this time. And I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed my review and photos of it. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Emily!

      Yeah, the $25 price tag sure is scary. But…it is a very unique colour and if you’re able to, this is definitely a Chanel polish worth splurging on. Hehe, just maybe don’t splurge too often or your wallet will be giving you the Evil Eye.

  3. Marta

    Oh my goodness this colour is stunning on your nails!!!!! I agree with you… despite the $$$ this is a 10/10…
    Lady! The way you wrote about this colour makes me want to wear it again … like today! 😀
    You have such a knack with words… I swear reading your stuff is a treat for me… that is why I don’t leave a comment right away because I digest it throughout the day… I smile about it… and then I try to write something half-coherent to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

    I’ve said it before, you need to write a book!!!! In fact, I want to hear more about the “Helmer” inhabitants… do the little OPI bottles finally grow up to fit in? Do they learn their way? Does Peridot fall in love? With who? 😉

    Yeah Lady! You have SKILL! (I’M SPEACHLESS)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Oh my goodness – you really know how to flatter me! 😀 My ego just can’t freakin’ take it anymore. I’m scared that it’s going to go to my head and then I’ll become some sort of monster…a monster who will still do nail art, though. And that’s what’s important, right? Haha 😉

      Seriously, I am so grateful that you appreciate my writing so much! Above polish, writing is my first passion. It’s one of my life goals to write a book, actually. Of course at that point, I would love to get it published…even if I have to self-publish, I’d be cool with that.

      I have tried writing several books. Most were fiction. There was one story that I worked the longest on – after about only 25,000 words, I felt that it became really stale and not very believable, so I abandoned ship reluctantly.

      My latest attempt is a humourous office-politics book. I need to chip away at it slowly each day in order to get it done. That one still doesn’t feel stale to me, so I may be able to finish it! 😀

      Hehe, if there was a good book about nail polish, I would certainly read it. I think it would be so cool to read up on the history of polish and the changing trends…and what it says about women finding their voice and handling modernity. I really feel that the colour selection has drastically changed even within the past 10 years and it speaks volumes of women’s empowerment and society’s openness to self-expression despite economic setbacks.

      1. Marta

        Okay… When you write the book (notice how I wrote WHEN not IF) I reserve the right to an autographed copy!!!! You know, you could always start with short stories/ a book of short stories… You are amazing with words… You NEED to make this happen! (one of your characters could have a nail polish obsession 😉 … I’m ok if her name was Marta… Just saying) 😉
        Marta recently posted: One Week re-cap

        1. Mary Post author

          I love your strong faith in me! I’ll also have to include an autographed bottle of nail polish…haha! (See? Going to my head. *tsk tsk*) 😛

          Hehe, I’ll see what I can do about adding a Marta in. 😉

          And thank you again encouraging me to continue writing!

    1. Mary Post author

      The inside of the cap should read “Haha!” I’m sure we’re not the only ones to get freaked out when it popped off.

      Yeah, I like the square cap better, too. It just looks more in proportion to the rest of the bottle.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amber!

      I’m sure that the creative team at Revlon are already considering it. They’ve been really great lately. From other people’s swatches, it seems like they’re following the trends better than before.

  4. Ruthe

    I am sooooo tempted to go out and buy this!! After seeing the first swatch of this awhile ago, I’ve fallen in LOVE!! And after your review, I KNOW I have to go get this, even if it does make my wallet cry… ;D

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ruthe!

      This is one of those colours that, while terribly expensive, I feel is totally worth the price tag. So far I haven’t seen a dead-on dupe of this, and the multichrome truly is magical on your nails. Every time you move your hands, the colour shifts, and the multichrome is strong. Plus, I was impressed that it was so pigmented and lasted a good amount of time without chipping. (I only removed it because I was itching to try something else…but I wonder now how long it would’ve lasted…)


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