What I Wore on My Nails Yesterday for Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day, and I visited my mom, and we spent the entire day walking around the neighbourhood and talking.

Below is what I wore for my Canada Day Nails yesterday. 🙂

The red base is OPI The Color of Minnie, which I previously reviewed in 2012, and the fun glittery top coat is OPI Bearest of Them All. (Both were provided to me by PR in the past.)

Canada Day Nails 2015

My mom and I walked for hours, and when we passed by my old elementary school, I was too curious – had to stop by.

Wow, it had changed completely to the point where the building was reconstructed and looked totally unrecognizable compared to when I used to attend classes there. Plus they got rid of the sandbox and the track.

(I was bummed that the track was gone because back in the day, I was on the track and field team and I also ran for cross country. So sad to see that it was replaced with grass now.)

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a comfortable breeze, and it never felt too hot. The weather was amazing – so much better than what the forecast was calling for days ago! (I remember when I was making plans, the forecast kept saying rain, rain, rain. Thankfully, there wasn’t a drop of rain.)

Then, when I came home, I enjoyed beautiful fireworks in my neighbourhood! (I’ll never get tired of watching them.)

My favourites were the big ones that explode and look like a water fountain. Then, suspended in the air, they twinkle before fading. Some of them changed colour as they twinkled. (Fireworks are like magic to me because I’m still a kid at heart.)

P.S. If you missed my post from yesterday check it out! There’s some exciting news about the collaboration between OPI and Hudson’s Bay that Canadian nailphiles will be interested in!


4 thoughts on “What I Wore on My Nails Yesterday for Canada Day

  1. Melissa

    You nails, as always, look fabulous! I’m so glad that you and your Mother got to have a nice day together. 🙂

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, it was a wonderful day spent with my mom, talking, walking, and great nostalgia. Plus the weather cooperated – YAY!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Sasha!

      Thank you! I didn’t have much time to do any nail art since Canada Day landed on a Wednesday, so this was great for me. The little hearts were exactly the little touch I was looking for. 🙂


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