Bundle Monster’s 2nd Annual Create Your Own (CYO) Nail Plate Contest

Bundle Monster's 2nd Annual Create Your Own (CYO) Nail Plate ContestLast week, Bundle Monster sent me an e-mail to let me know about some exciting news that I just have to share with all my fellow nailphiles!

Guess what? Starting today until March 31st, Bundle Monster is holding their 2nd Annual Create Your Own Contest!

If you missed it the first time around, well, now’s your chance to get creative.

Out of the submissions they receive, they’ll choose enough to fill an entire set!

I love how Bundle Monster is one of those companies that really goes the extra mile to listen to what their customers/fans want. And a fun contest like this certainly shows it.

Bundle Monster's 2nd Annual Create Your Own (CYO) Nail Plate Contest

Below is the official press release sent to me by Bundle Monster:

Have you ever dreamed about your artwork stamped perfectly on your nails? Well, Bundle Monster is giving their fans the chance to have their own unique artwork etched onto a nail stamping plate! Bundle Monster is proud to announce the continuation of their 2nd Annual Create Your Own (CYO) Nail Plate Contest. For full participation details, visit http://www.bundlemonster.com/createyourown. Designs submissions will be accepted from March 3rd to March 31st, so crack open that nail art notebook of yours and submit your designs today. Bundle Monster is accepting up to 10 one of a kind designs per participant. The winning designs will be featured in Bundle Monster’s 2014 new releases and will receive as many nail stamping sets as images won for that set.

Know any other nail art enthusiast that might want to get in on the fun, spread the love by using the hashtag: #BMCYO2014. There is nothing like seeing your own art work shared among thousands and thousands of eager nail art stamping fans like yourself – so share your luv of nail art with the world!

If you are new to the nail stamping scene – not to worry! Have a glance at the rest of the Bundle Monster nail plate sets to get an idea of what has already been etched on the hearts of nail art lovers around the globe:

Will you be entering this contest? What is a design you haven’t seen in any nail-stamping plates that you’d like to see created? 


6 thoughts on “Bundle Monster’s 2nd Annual Create Your Own (CYO) Nail Plate Contest

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Angelina!

      I don’t blame you! There are so many amazing designs, and how cool that now fans can get in on part of the artistic action!

      Will you be entering a unique design or a few? I would like to, if I have time. I’m in the process of moving, so things are hectic. But, if I can enter something, I will!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Jenni!

      Haha, I can’t really draw, but I’m going to enter the competition if I have time. (I’m moving really soon, so time’s tight, but I’ll try to submit something.) You never know. Even if it’s an abstract design, it’ll work. You should totally submit your entry!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Same – I was so inspired by the previous winners’ designs! All the imagination blew me away.

      Last year, I didn’t participate, but I really want to this time, if I have a spare moment during my hectic move.


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