Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection Revealed! Press Release

Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection Create Your Own Stamping Image ContestI took today off work for an appointment, but as fate would have it, I fell under the weather on Thursday, so now I’m not feeling so great. (At least after my appointment, I’ll have the full day and weekend to recuperate!)

It must have been the extreme temperature fluctuations where the mornings and evenings are cool, but the afternoons are hot that really affected me.

Haha, it also didn’t help that a man behind me on the bus kept sneezing up a storm. (Remember, sneeze into your sleeve. It’s the courteous thing to do!)

In any case, I hope that all of you are feeling well!

So, for today’s post, I wanted to keep it short and sweet while I recover.

Back in February, Bundle Monster had a Create Your Own Stamping Image Contest where fans submitted their ideas!

I think it was a really neat contest because it let nail fans have their voices heard, and since several winners were chosen, it made a lot of dreams come true. I love it when companies reach out to ‘the little guy’ and make them feel important because they are important!

Since September 3rd, Bundle Monster has been gradually revealing a new image plate from their brand new Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection on their social media as little fun teasers. (The full set will be released in mid-to-the-end of September.)

Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection Create Your Own Stamping Image Contest

You can click on this image to be taken to the ‘reveal’ page.

Official press release sent to me by Bundle Monster:

Hi Nail Art Lover,

Brace yourself because we have some really exciting news to share.

Bundle Monster is proud to make an official announcement of our “Create Your Own” contest nail stamping plates!  It has been a long awaited process, but after some due-diligence and perseverance this will be a year of firsts – first to release a fan created stamping set as well as the first year to release 2 stamping plate sets! Yes, it has been a very long process to get to this point as we featured this contest back in February, but it will be worth the wait.  We’re so stoked about the newest set because there has never been a better way to appreciate our nail fanatic fans than creating this set and publishing ideas submitted to us. 

This newest collection of plates is set to be released around the mid or ending of September.

The inside scoop is that we are going to be doing a preview session starting September 3rd until the plates arrive, visit: www.bundlemonster.com/nailplates2013 to see what they’ll look like.  Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and to follow us on our Social Media and get involved because we’ll need some audience participation.

Bundle Monster Social Media & Logo

Check Bundle Monster out on their social-media platforms:

I’ve been following the official reveals on Bundle Monster’s social media, and I’m excited about several designs.

My favourites?

  • BM-401 – The full octopus! I hope it fits on my small nails! (You may remember that I did freehand octopus nail art before. Having this as a stamp would make it so much easier!)
  • BM-402 – Hahahaha, the monocle and mustache are perfect together!
  • BM-403 – I like the geometric prints because you can create a lot of edgy manicures with them.
  • BM-404 – The thought bubble is interesting. You could write a word inside or stamp another little image inside for something more personalized. Neat idea!

Which designs are you most looking forward to? Will you be following their reveals up until the release date?


6 thoughts on “Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection Revealed! Press Release

  1. Joyce

    That does it… I want to try my hand at stamping too!
    Where is that darned creditcard and the accompanying husband when I need them?
    Probably shopping for groceries…
    Who needs food anyway? 😉

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      You’ll have fun doing it. You can come up with so many professional and quirky manicures!

      Hahahahaha! Yeah, who needs food? *I say while stuffing my face with a hamburger* 😉


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