Blog News: My Panda Nails Were Featured on beautylish!

I know that I’ve been bombarding you with lots of blog news. I’ll try to only mention the really cool stuff from now on and not just mere mentions.

I thought this was pretty cool: Yesterday, beautylish featured my Panda Nails! (Click the link if you would like to see the nail-art tutorial I did on this back in July.)

I’ve included the screenshots of the entire post, but to see the original article on beautylish, please click here.

Panda Nails Beautylish

Mine are the nails on the left. The others are so cute! I want to try doing panda faces now, too!


The rest of the article:

Beautylish Panda Nails

Haha, I had no idea that panda nails were a trend. I did them initially just because I was challenging myself to do something more elaborate than what I did up to that point…and also because I got Sephora by OPI Caught With My Khakis Down, which made me think of bamboo and pandas for some reason.


6 thoughts on “Blog News: My Panda Nails Were Featured on beautylish!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Katie!

      Thanks! Oh, I’m sure that lots of others also aren’t sure what beautylish is. It’s a place where beauty lovers can share their makeup looks, nail art, photos, reviews, and videos with others. You can also ‘follow’ other members in the same way as Twitter except instead of with messages, you get to see their uploads (photos, videos, etc.), or you can just browse through the community, leave comments, read beautylish articles on the latest trends, etc. It’s free to join, and it’s pretty inspiring to see others’ creativity! 😀

      I’ve been looking around the site for a couple of years, but I only joined recently. So much fun! 😀


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